Car and Driver: Tested : 2013 Tesla Model S – Review – CAR and DRIVER

Contributing Editor Csaba Csere takes an in-depth and technical look into the 2013 Tesla Model S on the latest episode of Car and Driver: Tested.


CAR: Tesla Model S
LOCATION: Ann Arbor, Michigan
MAG EDITORS: Csaba Csere

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  1. Today with incentives and everything they somewhat got it back down to 50,000.

  2. Hope you don’t forget who the real Tesla is!

  3. @ 12:00 "you can actuality drive with your right foot alone.." wow, so I dont have to use my left foot any more? finally! i was getting tired of using both my feet to drive…

  4. Is it safe to have the battery right at the bottom? I mean is it shielded? Because running on some rough object might pierce through it.

  5. Does it have airconditioner for summer?
    If yes than how much mile does it travel when ac is on

  6. Is it ironic that this video has "no mature content" written in the description?

  7. So much for road trips

  8. You find it hard to believe that they beat bmw and mercedes on drag coefficient? These guys send rockets into space. They’re a pretty smart group of people.

  9. Best Review

  10. Until the day comes when it can recharge in 2 minutes and have a charging station every dozen miles this won’t catch on. It’s not that I hate electric cars or clean energy, but this technology doesn’t fit my needs as a daily driver just yet

  11. So sweet…you guys in the us can’t test this car how it s needed to be tested 😀

    We in Germany can test the performance of this car in the full spectrum;)

  12. This is awesome.

  13. Kids in Africa could have eaten that old man.

  14. You are by far the best reviewer I’ve seen sir! I hope you can make a review about the model 3 asap.

  15. Dear Santa…


  17. Not being able to travel more than 100 miles from home limit its use but would work just fine for going to work during the week. Still would need a second car for vacationsfamily trips.

    My only other concern is long term battery life.

  18. Tesla Can put another coupling Dc Generator to generate electric when Tesla is running & it’s give more KM Range.Tesla can Improve his roof by putting solar panel to charge the car in running condition also.If all Test Done it’s Range may increase.

  19. two thirds of early model s drivetrains may fail…so much for "fewer moving parts means better quality"

  20. Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez'

    I want one so bad :(( im only 14 so im planning on becoming rich lol. Im never going to buy a car which runs on fuel, I am just not going to do that. I will only buy a electric car.

  21. My suspicion is that if the computer that controls everything is faulty, it will cost you a fortune to fix it or replace it. How long can one drive when the car is fully charged?

  22. I would invest in this if they could only improve the battery life and shorten the charge time

  23. please use kilometers :C

  24. currently that best car on market i think ..

  25. i love tesla model

  26. Tesla car

  27. Has anyone who owned this for a long time and reviewed it?

  28. The Price is a bit much, for the average person. Basically, they are moving in the right direction. Good Luck "Tesla"!😉

  29. Did he say his name is Chubba Cheddar?

  30. Piece of crap

  31. I’m surprised Elon hasn’t been assassinated yet..

  32. You’re only 5’11”? lol

  33. does the home outlets post  comes with the car?

  34. "Great, so you have to have gas to make it work which means you’re stuck in town. We all know they’re not going to build a gas station every ten miles, my horse can eat any grass it see’s and keep going, come visit us on the corner of broadway and 3rd, we have a wonderful lineup of horse and buggies for sale" -Some DumbAss from 1890

  35. I don’t have much faith in this guy’s ability to review cars. He kept comparing it to BMW and Mercedes but this car outclasses those over hyped manufacturers by a longshot both in technology and design.

    I’m sorry you don’t know how to use sat nav but don’t give the car negative marks for it. You can’t unhinge the screen from facing north because a very large rotating screen would be distracting to the driver.

  36. Welp time to get my learner’s permit…….But my goodness is that a beautiful car

  37. Dear Csaba, What did you say? When you step on the what? Step on the gas?

  38. under 50,000 dollars? your having a laugh!

  39. Awesome vid 😀 make sure your check out my vids and subscribe! Thanks 😛

  40. Does it work when the roads are flooded?

  41. Jól beszél angolul 🙂

  42. the model s starts under 50k?

  43. IzzyNobre

  44. Lol if someone hacks the center console os wirelessly and send a signal to open the sunroof while its raining.

  45. What place it is? itz beautiful

  46. "Tesla" just means "adze" in Serbo-Croatian…

    If you don’t know that’s a woodworking tool, kind of like an axe.

  47. I really love the look of the Tesla however I don’t enjoy watching this reviewer so I think more research for me

  48. I aint sitting on a 1300 pound battery and neither is my family. No engine up front, good luck in a head on collision. That thing will crumple up like a beer can. Keep trying hosebags, this aint worth a crap to me.

  49. What happens if the touch screen gets damaged by kids hitting it? Can the car work without it?

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