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  1. Neekelbækk!


  2. 😂 åh helveta

  3. mjusikk

  4. "SHUT UP!"

  5. Dere var på amerikasnk tv idag lolll

  6. MJUSIK!

  7. *i always think of tord yelling at it and tom laughing in the background*

  8. Where is this guy from

  9. how bout just speaking english correctly, not hard to ditch your accent.

  10. I want to see him try to use an Amazon Echo.

  11. Så dere på "Top 20 Funniest" på tvnorge. Lo meg i hjel haha

  12. Hi Jordan Hiiii

  13. Okay I have watched this so many times just to hear "NEI"

  14. nei


  16. That one is amazing GPS Navigator and camCoder

  17. Me: "CD"
    Voice recognition: "Airconditioning off"

  18. If you live in Sweden and your accent is as terrible like this then it’s NOT a problem of the voice recognition software, idiot! You probably should drive an ugly VOLVO 😄

  19. "Navigation" – me
    "Deflating tires" – car
    "No! Do not deflate the tiers!"
    "Disabling brake pedal"
    "Wait what, why is that even an option?!"
    "Setting car on fire"

  20. NEI


  22. jvæli bra , æ dør😂😂😂😂

  23. Kniev

  24. Poor guy, All he wanted to do was listen to nickelback..

  25. That car is an asshole lol

  26. he’s German guyssss.. . it nein! means no

  27. hvorfor vil den ikke dele på face ????

  28. Here about Outrageous Acts of Science. This episode is called Epic Fail.

  29. talk like a fag

  30. Dam Map

  31. Ikke rart det ikke funker når engelsken din er legit KREFT.

  32. He is Norwegian😂 noen andre norske her?

  33. He is like…awww Naw Naw…I know I have 2pac on my playlist 😂

  34. What the fuck are you even saying

  35. what if the audi says ejecto audi is active 10 sek

  36. Your accent is funny. But I do get where you are going with this.
    Even if you sound native, voice recognition systems in cars still have some trouble understanding you. 

    Look at an old TG episode, where Jeremy tries to put in a phone number in a Mercedes S-class.

  37. So hilarious!!

  38. LOL

  39. Legends says, that this dude is still talking with the vehicle…

  40. I feel so bad for him but this is funny.

  41. nordmenn…..

  42. Your English sucks mate

  43. I want music !!!!! :'(

  44. LMFAO

  45. I feel like Ylvis was following him around in an unmarked car and messing with him.

  46. It can only understand English


  48. Lol det er morsomt

  49. learn English first


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