Car football – Volkswagen Fox vs. Aygo – Top Gear – BBC

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond captains his car football champions Aygo and battles against James May’s VW Fox team in a new Car Football World Cup Final. Which small smart car will win in this free racing auto game?

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  1. GTA 5 online ??

  2. The original Rocket League

  3. 144P Oo

  4. When you get an ad for The Grand Tour on a Top Gear video…

  5. vocês estão falando englis

  6. We need this is the next Olympic games.

  7. would be nice to have soccer matches with cars like this.

  8. What a save!
    What a save!
    What a save!
    chat disabled for 3 seconds

  9. it would be fun if someone would make football with karts or smth 🙂

  10. FOX is for old slow people… How could they win……..

  11. wow nice

  12. why arent they doing frontflips

  13. 3:58
    Nice shot!
    No problem

  14. SAVAGE!

  15. Én is kipróbálnám

  16. I love the aygo

  17. In Indonesia Aygo is Agya

  18. 4:41 literally unplayable. Psyonix fix it

  19. This is so awesome

  20. 5:26 Song plz

  21. In Brazil, where it is actually produced, it costs around 12.000 pounds the basic one… Houston, we have a problem

  22. does anyone know where I can find the aygo review

  23. now all the world know how a brazilian car looks like (vw fox)

  24. Looks like we need this kind of sport officially, and rocket league esport

  25. Who’s watching in 2016?

  26. Nice shot! Wow!

  27. This looks fun.

  28. This is better than the real world cup and the best part is that contact is allowed!

  29. Only rockets away from rocket league

  30. Czech Republic :))

  31. Lol rocket league ftw

  32. GG

  33. me’ t’zian xo sicao

  34. Aygos are best 😡😡😡😡😡

  35. rocket leuge is tsubasa this is real football.

  36. 6:35 Why is the Van Helsing movie soundtrack playing in a Top Gear show? It works I guess.

  37. "Suddenly the Hand of God intervened …….."
    a classic football reference

  38. this is by far the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen people do with cars but I kinda did expect American football, then it’s more like demolition derby. Nonetheless, this was pretty entertaining

  39. makes a football joke that really didn’t have to be made because two of the best football teams ever are the Germans and the Brazilians.

  40. Neger this video is top gear way soccer

  41. Играли в рокет лигу еще до того, как это стало компьютерной игрой.

  42. I used to own a VW fox and I can honestly say that it is one of the greatest cars I’ve ever driven

  43. using custom made bumper cars would a lot less costly in terms of reapairs. more money up front but less down the line. cover the cockpit so the ball can roll on the top and boom.

  44. Wat it’s just like Man U and liverpool

  45. in forza 4, the vw fox is an f101, the Toyota aygo is an f100

  46. Now that’s what I call a sport!

  47. what a free kick

  48. Why can’t Volkswagen make interesting interiors? Lol xD

  49. +Nuclear Gaming 02:00

  50. damn! that’s so crazy

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