Car Seat Headrest – “Vincent” Official Video

Will plays guitar while a guy has a bad time. From the new album “Teens Of Denial”, out this spring.

Directed by Quinn George ( – video credits below

“Vincent” lyrics annotated at Genius:…

“Vincent” at iTunes:
“Vincent” at Spotify:
“Vincent” at Google Play:
“Vincent” at Amazon:

Video credits:
Directed by Quinn George
Written by Brandon Schneider and Quinn George
Director of Photography Ryan Malehorn
Assistant Director Ryan Featherston
Art Directors Molly Lazar and Brandon Schneider
Gaffer Griffin Louis

Starring Magnus Af Sandeberg

Edited by Quinn George
Colorist Maxwell Miranda

Special Thanks to Autumn Hanna and Colin Hatch

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  1. I don’t know but I sense a bit of "Modern Lovers" influence

  2. I guess no one’s done disillusionment of the privileged so right, since The Strokes hit it with Is This It.

  3. why are you such geniusus? i’ve known you for such a long time now and i had no idea you guys had videos… f-me!

  4. Is that jacksfilms?

  5. first song by them i’ve heard. nice.

  6. Intoxicado

  7. deafheaven vocalist party denial?

  8. 4:20 reminds me of the viral video where a guy that looks exactly like this sprays diarrhea on the other guy

    what the fuck

  9. weezer ? is dat u ?

  10. que es eso?! que es eso?!

  11. Jeez, having gone from being incredibly familiar with the album version to watching this video…the near 50% cut of the runtime is jarring!

  12. Que es eso :vv ques eso :v ques eso xdxd

  13. Jimmy fallon brought me here.

  14. A waste of 4:25…

  15. You guys fucken rock!

  16. ohhh.. i really like indie music

  17. Decepticons

  18. I swear I’ve watched this video 17 times in the past two days

  19. Did Cake and The Strokes have a love child?

  20. It me.

  21. They are on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight.

  22. …franz ferdinand?

  23. This kid knows how to write songs.

  24. i only listen to the album version so i got so confused lol

  25. My favourite song of 2016.

  26. he looks like lip’s college gf from shameless

  27. weezer ? is dat u ?

  28. I would prefer the actual unedited song.

  29. Excelente!!!

  30. Very intriguing. Like the experimentation of the 60’s is being reborn. Somewhat reminds me of Ray Davies (Kinks). Keep refining the art.

  31. Damn this is really good, great Melody and hooks, lyrics and love that distortion, especially at the beginning… There’s so much depth to this song I didn’t absorb on first listen a year ago, props

  32. Over rated mopey indie rock bullshit. Go home already, then, and stop whining about it. Try to open your eyes when you speak, it makes you look less like a dumb teenager.

  33. this really should have been the album opener

  34. I do like this song. Even though it does sound like, some post-punk song I’ve heard before.

  35. holy shit, this songs sucks ass!!

  36. I’m here, I’ve been here. 16-1/30/17

  37. They remind me of a mix of strokes, killers, weezer and a touch of the pixies since almost every sound is quiet loud quiet dynamic

  38. Very good.

  39. This video taught me that drinking straight from the shaker is not unusual.

  40. Starts shitty then gets gritty

  41. vincent just needed to pet a cute kitty and then he was ok

  42. Radiohead – ‘bloom’ in to Radiohead – ‘blow out’

  43. I wanna know the reason behind the band’s name.

  44. Thought this song sounded familiar, but that buildup near the end is so alike to Blow Out its creepy

  45. Hearing slow night so long by KOL

  46. This is my shit.

  47. Holy Shit!!! I just decided to watch this again and I noticed it was posted exactly 1 year ago!!!

  48. Disappointed it wasn’t a Don McLean cover, but a good song nonetheless.

  49. getting very serious strokes vibes

  50. It’s just Blow Out…but an indie version. It’s good though.

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