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  1. mdx does not compare to the cayenne

  2. The best part of this review was the last 15 seconds…

  3. easily resent able? only if you can’t afford it.

  4. i prefer the infiniti fx50s 2009 is better in the interior

  5. والله شاز

  6. I love this guy, he tells it like it is! – this car is a piece of crap!

  7. why the fuck are poor people making reviews for expensive cars?
    my dear redneck – that’s a refined car. but when you get out of a silverado – it’s pretty hard to figure out the differences.

  8. @Azcova an expensive piece of crap! lol

  9. I know this was a few years ago but hahah wow 1,700 bucks for a rear view camera when they come standard on a honda fit xD

  10. great review and the truth…love this guy!!

  11. I would gladly burn fuel at 10 mpg while driving this.

  12. Over Priced garbage

  13. Only in fuel economy and emissions…

  14. I didn’t know that they even offered a 6-speed manual for the Cayenne

  15. thats the first manual Cayenne i have ever seen in my entire life !

  16. No excuse me not car but PORSCHE is ahead of the gamer SUCKERS

  17. overpriced garbage. mdx is far superior

  18. What was Porsche thinking?

  19. Don’t hate SUCKER ! This car is pure perfection

  20. lol i really like this guy reviews

  21. Just ugly as hell….thank goodness they fixed it up ALOT since then.

  22. A high performance 4×4 with a manual gearbox is as rare as hen’s teeth. That alone automatically takes it from Toorak tractor to cool car.

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