Car Wash (2/10) Movie CLIP – “Car Wash” Theme Song (1976) HD

Car Wash movie clips:

The “Car Wash” song plays while the employees at the car wash get to work.

Michael Schultz directed this kinetic, hyperventilating comedy (scripted by Joel Schumacher) concerning the crazed events that go on within a single 10-hour period at a Los Angeles car wash. The cast of colorful car-wash employees includes Lonnie (Ivan Dixon), an ex-con; Duane (Bill Duke), a militant black activist; and Lindy (Antonio Fargas), an obnoxious homosexual. Sully Boyar plays Mr. B, the frazzled car-wash owner who has to deal with his screwball employees along with his over-educated slip of a son, Irwin (Richard Brestoff), who quotes Mao and wants to radicalize the workers. Also along for the wash and wax are Miss Beverly Hills (Lauren Jones), with a wild assortment of wigs; Marsha (Melanie Mayron), the distracted car wash secretary; a mad bomber (Prof. Irwin Corey), who is terrorizing the neighborhood; and Daddy Rich (Richard Pryor), the founder of the Church of Divine Economic Spirituality, who sports a gold limousine. Danny de Vito, Brooke Adams and others were originally in the cast but their scenes were ultimately deleted.

TM & © Universal (1976)
Cast: Richard Brestoff, Otis Day, Ivan Dixon, Antonio Fargas, Darrow Igus, Jack Kehoe, James Spinks
Director: Michael Schultz
Producers: Art Linson, Don Phillips, Gary Stromberg
Screenwriter: Joel Schumacher

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  1. and to think they blast this in Cars land in Disneyland now…

  2. They filmed an up to date video of car wash on Foulness Island but can’t seem to find it anywhere

  3. My favortie movie of all time

  4. hate this song

  5. Awesome classic

  6. Car Wash theme song movie clip. #carwashMovie

  7. Shouldn’t these inmates be under guard? :O

  8. can any one remember the movie that played before carwash at the movies in the uk about a group of youngsters in the usa racing in there cars it was based on a true story i would like to watch that again?

  9. Why isn’t there a "Where are they now?" video for this movie? I’d be curious to see where a few of the lesser known actors/actresses are or have done after this movie.

  10. Great Movie Here!! I Love The Car Wash!! Big Thumbs Up!! 🙂

  11. LOVE IT………

  12. What kind of car was that they ran through the was, a chevy Malibu.

  13. Rampart and 6th Street, Los Angeles…..Car Wash is gone replace by a strip mall, gas station is gone too…..wish there’s a time machine that can send me back to the 70’s…Good Weed plus Funk, Disco and Soul what more do you want.

  14. Das Lied mussten wir am Fasching bei uns in den
    Schule singen

  15. "We five the best handjob in town" just ask for lindy

  16. I MISS THE 70s !!!!! so much fun and freedom back then.

  17. LOL,…check the pot head sneakin’ a joint in the mens’ restroom,…ain’t that a portrait of Chairman Mao on his t-shirt,….smokin a joint?!!! Hahahahaha…..XD

  18. super godt musik..

  19. Nice

  20. Remember as a youngster, i taped this on sky one evening (before all that categorized channel bullshit) and would watch it religiously, to the point where I knew the shit line for line. Great 70s gem

  21. 1:54-2:01 when you and the homies gettin’ it

  22. The world needs more Ivan Dixons.

  23. I used to love listing this song when I clean my bedroom. Great classic song & movie "carwash" (1976)

  24. Great tune. Great movie!

  25. We need something like this now a days, that would be totally fun to have a real live version of this, acting out this entire scene lol i know it would never work and go over well but hey i think it would be cool!

  26. Elaine loves this movie, especially when Richard Pryor does his cameo.

  27. The best era – 70s rocks man

  28. rachael ray should play Marsha, jay leno as the car was big boss, ice cube as the supervisor of the car wash movie. jameel white as the fly, Tracey Morgan as hippo, Rupaul as Lindy, Zac Efron as Irwin, Kevin hart as Duane Ryan Reynolds as Kenny Marshas dream crush and Steve Harvey as daddy rich remake must be in new York. don’t forget Morgan Freeman plays fan of the daddy rich radio show in new York location. if Ghostbusters was great this will be too

  29. As a teen I saw this on a double bill – with American Graffiti – at the ABC theatre on brodaway Bradford – it was just before Golum & Globus – didnt pay their taxes allegedly – and had the whole abc cinema network shut down – after seeining it i went back and saw it over and over – it was amazing – that music of whitfields & Rose Royce was amazing – when i’m fed up i still pop my dvd on a reflect on things – its one film that chhers me up ! – I have got myself a couple of tickets to see Rose Rose in Leeds Yorkshire UK end of July cannot wait !

  30. Man I love this movie and song.

  31. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…The Fly

  32. car wash movie

  33. Beautiful Plymouth

  34. Qui est la grace a "Bloqués"?😂

  35. George Carlin: "Did you happen to see a tall, blonde, black lady walk by here?"

  36. Ben elle est où la renoi-chinoise-indienne qu’est bonne ?

  37. @Donald Ray…the closest thing to a part 2 was "The Wash" starring Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre.

  38. classic….

  39. thats me the hitter on the head

  40. #COOL TBK JAM👏👏👏👏

  41. The best

  42. The Car Wash, where the boss don’t mind if you sometimes act a fool. Sounds like a good boss ..

  43. GRAN PEZZO !!!!!!!!!! 

  44. That’s it. I’m leaving my high paying Wall Street job to work in a Car Wash. That place is so Cool.

  45. Did any of you guys see a blonde black chick around here?

  46. Love this movie….and DC Cab, haha.

  47. I Just Started Working at a Car Wash and I Had This Song In My Head All Day.

  48. I love car wash song make e move .

  49. Summer, 1977…i was stuck on an Army Base in Italy and the mail run used to bring us out movies that we’d show on a projector in our Day Room. Must’ve watched this 20 times in 3 days…love it…lotsa good memories.

  50. What is the name if the original song?

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