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  1. MA

  2. My PE coach at school made us dance to this song

  3. Brooklyn nine-nine anyone?

  4. I listen to this when I go through Russell speeders

  5. Klazzik ✌🏿️

  6. Homegoods brought me here

  7. eine der besten aufnahmen wo gibt^^

  8. I heard this song in futurama

  9. see you do not get the

  10. lol poop

  11. Steve-O Human Car wash.

  12. Awesome music

  13. I was washing my car a few days ago and bumping this sing while I was washing it some others was nodding their heads too

  14. love this song I be jamming to this when I’m driving in my car

  15. The only song everyone can dance to.

  16. Love this song. 😉

  17. mis sedon!

  18. This film should have been shot in Detroit not Los Angeles.


  20. car wash sing it

  21. Strolling through the bot wash strolling through the robot wash

  22. Loved this song… then saw the movie, I played this cassette until it died in my car. Great movie and I am white.

  23. my science teacher played this during class

  24. i am a teacher and this my clean up song for my kids


  26. foo!

  27. Bender brought me here

  28. "This song pisses me off!" -Tourette’s guy

  29. i’ve been workin at the carwash for 18yrs!


  31. The best beat ever!!!!

  32. Get down and funky at the car wash, you dig?! Solid! Link, from the Mod Squad! Groovy!

  33. "THIS SONG PISSES ME OFF!" -Tourettes Guy.

  34. Just started working at a carwash and I’m constantly dancing around having fun. I have this on my appropriate CARWASH PLAYLIST! Some music isn’t for all ears!

  35. While in the army, we had to clean the kitchen in the mess hall, everyone hated it, we had 14 guys helping out, i was pissed off. Then someone kept playing this over and over on a large chrome boom box, next, everyone slowly started to dance, within a few minutes every one was dancing. The mess hall was gleaming. The perfect song to listen when dong menial work that u hate. The song was the long version and played over and over, it was the most fun I had in Basic Training………Thanks rose

  36. Love this song and Rose Royce. Listening to it I can’t help but think of the movie and how funny it is. Never get tired of watching it.

  37. weather channel anyone?

  38. Shark Tale And Sing Brought Me Here

  39. sitting in the automatic car wash with my kids rocking to this song.

  40. Working at a Carwash sucks

  41. My school plays this when recess is over.

  42. alphonso wird das ding rocken!

  43. This song came on when I was driving thru a thunderstorm. Made my day

  44. Any one else come from Rachel ballinger

  45. working at the carwash yeah

  46. My favorite song when I was 7 years old!

  47. They play the clapping part at NBA games, or a similar version of it.

  48. The Wa-Wa is strong with this song!

  49. Bender and The Simpsons bring me here

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