Carvana – Car Vending Machine

Introducing the world’s first fully-automated, coin-operated car vending machine, from Carvana.

Soda machines had a good run.
Check out Carvana’s car vending machine, stocked with the most delicious four-wheeled rides. Hungry?

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  1. Sammidulard10 shut up biatch

  2. One word: WHY!?!?

  3. Убивай кацапа по утру ! (с) первая заповедь библии написанная кровью рюзкогавкающих младенцев !

  4. Wow so cool.  So once the car comes out can you drive it and then bring it back to the vending machine? 😀

  5. Lol that’s so cool

  6. Maybe you’d have more customers if you didn’t put ugly Bmw shitbox in front row, just an advice;)

  7. can I just tie a string to it and take it out again

  8. If the cars were mini cars and this were a rental place I could actually see people using this on the regular. interesting, japanese style concept

  9. This would’ve been a lot cooler as a parking structure rather than a new car sale

  10. Only had 3 Lexus Ls 460”s for sale, so it has a long way to go.

  11. Now they have set the bar so high you all know what has to happen next…. House vending machine!

  12. "No you can’t shake it for a free one" *Earthquake happens* Ok maybe you can…

  13. what happens when it eats the token? a bit different than losing a bag of chips.

  14. SERIOUSLY?!!!

  15. This is brilliant. You’d save money cause there is no dealership salesman. Also most people who buy a new car already know what they want.

  16. I guess this is simply to ‘replace’ a Car Lot, not for public use as in…a soda machine haha. Pay for car than dealer hands you a specific coin? meh

  17. Please watch & subscribe to my channel thank you 😀

  18. I’m in that weird part of YouTube again…

  19. Вот он "загнивающий" Запад о котором твердят в наших Российских СМИ.

  20. Austin has One

  21. I think the claw machine would be fantastic not so much economic

  22. Use referral code 2216815 to get $500 off your car purchase

  23. Should have been a parking lot.

  24. This is all bullshit. They only said that "people have already made transactions, these cars are all sold" so that way it can seem like its in demand and start a bandwagon effect. (that’s old hat marketing).Its just fucking annoying that everyone wants to do everything through an app, there is all this damn "social" media , yet people are scared to socialize with others and do face to face transactions or even talk on the phone. I am in my mid 20’s, tech savvy, but this shit is really annoying. Its like society is imploding in on itself thanks to all these idiotic ways of synthetic interaction. Plus Japan had this shit over 5 years ago.

  25. This will never catch on. I worked at BMW dealership and people can’t wait to start negotiating prices just to feel like they won something in the end. There’s a lot of factors to buying a car. Even the basic concept of not having the right exterior or interior will come to mind. This machine can’t possibly have every option on hand. And then there’s individual orders where the dealership will construct a car according to the customers desire. This video was made for views, not advertising.

  26. I don’t have quarters that big lll

  27. You mean japan wasn’t the first to make a car vending machine? Ha, Take that japan!

  28. А у нас на Украине, России открыли еще 1 документ для покупки авто и еще +1000$ к растаможиванию

  29. So can I 3d print a silver coin?

  30. Use it enough times and it will evolve into Sharpedo….. I’ll show myself out.

  31. I don’t cray

  32. how much is it … it is expensive i guess..

  33. this makes me horny.

  34. fuck we can shake it for a free one dam it hahaha

  35. Yeah, imagine inserting the coin, and then the car getting stuck on the very edge of the shelf, and not getting out

  36. ok….? So how do pay for: Car Tax, Insurance, Tags, and Registration? Also how does it know if I’m of legal age to drive?

  37. they claim innovation yet use flash on their site. what is this, dark ages of internet explorer?

  38. bad music

  39. Buy a used car sight unseen. What could go wrong?

  40. You’re unlucky if you get a Ford.

  41. Why would people want to know anything about the car they are buying

  42. its all fun and games, until the car gets stuck

  43. fantastic….. this should be at the AIRPORT!! Doh, on Caty Frwy I10?
    Put it at the airports! or at least downtown!

  44. When does it become Sharpedo?

  45. will you guys be selling motorcycles as well in the near future?

  46. Mide blowed

  47. So what? are the tokens 30k$ each?

  48. i wonder what happens when you have change for extra amount you paid, do i get a full bag load of coins in return just like ordinary vending machine or in exchange for some extra car parts?

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