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  1. The Castrol evaoprated more while the Bmw had still quite a bit left, in the end.

  2. хороший трек

  3. use  Castrol Longlife 3 5w-30 in my lupo 3l never had any problems with that oil and i have driven up to 50000 km on it, but in that distance i have filled aboat 1.5 liters in between changes

  4. BMW even recommends Castrol 😄

  5. That’s almost twice as hot as your engine should ever run.

  6. Think with your dipstick, Jimmy!

  7. Bmw original oil destroys the Electronic oil level sender to.

  8. I think the unanswered question here is what’s the difference between Castrol Edge Professional and regular Castrol Edge? I’m glad you did the experiment @ 400 degrees because the main issue is how the oil breaks down over time under extreme high temperature(and I doubt this experiment would have been done at all in real time). I, also, think the issue is what oil grade/viscosity meets the requirements of your particular BMW (LongLife-01, LL-04, etc)? I would suspect that the BMW brand named oil is actually produced by Castrol or perhaps Pennzoil today since Pennzoil received the honors of being BMW’s NEW recommended oil brad in America. The real question is: What in the "Professional" line of CAstrol Edge that sets it apart from other BMW LL-01 or BMW LL-04 certified oils.

  9. why you dont show everything on cam!

  10. I change my oil in my 2007 Volvo S40 around every 5,500 miles. I currently have always used Castrol EDGE Gold 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. I have always kept up on my oil changes and the car dives like the day I bought it.

  11. bmw öl = castroll 😀

  12. anyway most of the time the piston crown is cooled by the reciprocal movements of the piston as well..its the fuel mixture and movements cooling the piston and preventing the crown the hottest part exposed to the constant thrashing and explosive thrust from the hell chamber, if you really want to control the heat at full throttle might as well get a tiny wiper wash inlet into the engine manifold for water super cooling, works beter than any snake or cat oil

  13. nothing beats motul

  14. If your oil reaches that temp in your car your gonna need a new one. This test proves nothing.

  15. can you do liqui moly review like that

  16. Useless test.

  17. I really hope EDGE is beter than Magnatec, cause that stuff although offering protection initially turns to heavy sludge when it starts breaking down. I’ve seen the inside of engines run on Magnatec and it’s a disaster :/

  18. one second….. you filled up bmw oil in the left glass….

  19. weird, my bmw oil cap says to use castrol

  20. the backgroud song name please

  21. so Castrol wins? I notice that the engine cap of my 2002 BMW 325ci says"recommended to use Castrol oil"

  22. So! Whats about the swap at 1:21?? it is a lie and confuse the public, BMW is better?

  23. wow, castrol!


  25. why 400?

  26. castroll is the shit

  27. How do Mannol extra 10W40 diesel BMW E39 to go?

  28. Castro makes, or at least used to make, BMW’s OE oil….

  29. This test means nothing, why not bring oils to operating engine temps and show them lubricating an engine? The 1 with more residue might have more additives in it making it better. You aren’t going to have your oil hit 400 degrees and have to worry about the oil.

  30. try royal purple

  31. It’s right, he swapped the glass around at 1:21 to match the bottles in
    front as not to get confused later. Through me off as first, thinking he
    got them the wrong way after moving the glass containers. He should
    have swapped the bottles around or had the cam zoomed out a little more
    so we could see more.

  32. both are shit oil

  33. I just bought a BMW that used nothing but castrol edge , the engine looks a little gummy.

  34. smdh

  35. They do switch but if you look carefully, the BMW oil is moved to the right. Castrol EDGE has less residue

  36. test on POLYTRON LUBRICANT next…..please

  37. Why did the guy switch the samples around? Makes me wonder if the temperature was set differently on each.

  38. Sranje

  39. It’s no wonder Castrol makes TWS oil for BMW M cars.

  40. neo di Nea

  41. What is the proof of this test? overheating 2 brands of oil for way much above the operating temperature shows you nothing.

  42. thats why i always buy the castro oil 😚

  43. bmw having a hard time making a cup of coffee

  44. test on POLYTRON LUBRICANT next…..please

  45. แปลว่ายังไง

  46. I use Valvoline anyways.

  47. castrol is rubish!

  48. Fuck castrol use bardahl

  49. That wasn’t a fair test. Lol. The bmw oil was boiling much longer than the castrol oil.

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