Caught in Providence: Car Clock

These are real people, not actors. Please keep that in mind when you comment. They don’t deserve negative scrutiny. Thank you.

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  1. Jjajajajjajajajaja

  2. Yes, fortunatly the humour is a great escape, the lawyers say : Remember that the law is not fair ! Recently i have been accused for something that i haven’t done, i had to be judged for a crime that i did not commit, first judgment declared me gulty, i appel, but the second judgement also declared me gulty, There was no proves because they simply couldn’t be ! The judges relies only on words from an asermented witness ! Now i’am 34 years old, my file were blank until now, i always believed in justice, even now my file is not blank anymore, i still believe in justice and i forgive the judges for making that mistake and condamn me for a fact i haven’t done and could never ever do. If you have read this comment until the end, and you want to know who am i, see it on my channel, and tell me please if you think a person like me could ever be a criminal. Many thanks for reading this.

  3. Only on the EAST COAST! 💩💩💩💩

  4. "10 o’clock means 10 o’clock. Justice demands 1,907 Lashes. Use the rusted barbed flog."

  5. This is cringy

  6. Wonder how much this whole thing cost the state?

  7. Whoever thought this was worth taking this to court on behalf of the parking company for should’ve been fined for at least the court costs and the costs that this lady needed to spend to attend.

  8. 8f


  9. I don’t care I want to go back home and the silver is on sale under my name. I wanna get married to an Arabic language own

  10. I’m going out on a limb: she’s lying. She parked way before 10. No way did a police officer watch her park then write a ticket 1 minute before 10. She saw the time of the ticket and decided she could get away with it.

  11. ugh, typical pussypass. If this was man, he would alreayd be in prison

  12. Still gotta pay that court fee though.

  13. If only she held that yawn at home for another two seconds

  14. Now, who is the idiot who is responsible for giving the ticket?

  15. I would have given the death penalty by gas chamber.

  16. Last I checked, 9:59 is between 8:00 and 10:00. That’s the problem. People will always take advantage. If you let them off for parking at 9:59, then they’ll start showing up at 9:57. "It’s only three minutes". How about 9:50? "I really had to go pee, it was an emergency, and by the time I got back it would have been 10:00 anyway so I just left the car parked there".

  17. another example of white male privilege in the US court system

  18. what a god

  19. typical bullshit excuse lock her up and forget her

  20. Thanks for keeping us safe officer 👮

  21. What dries up the humor in this is that the woman still spent what is reported to be 90 dollars to get clear of this…The judge should have summoned that parking enforcement person and asked about this..

  22. Our tax dollars at work, this went to court. Smh

  23. They need to take the court cost out of the salary of the person who issued the ticket.

  24. What a great Judge.

  25. this was a good thing to watch :))

  26. They’re already planning a protest.

  27. It’s kinda cool that I live in Providence

  28. This obviously isnt america

  29. This is why there is no real justice in this country. And people really think anyone is going to prison over PIZZAGATE what a fucking joke.

  30. Lucky this wasn’t Kangaroo Court, would of been a different story.

  31. Name a more iconic duo than Inspector Quinn and Judge Caprio… I’ll wait

  32. I think it’s about time that the people who are given these powers, are also expected to answer for how they use them. She was given a ticket that she clearly should not have. She was forced to come to court. She was threatened with violence if she did not. This is a serious matter.
    What penalty does the judge, or the officer, or the prosecutor face for this violent affront? There is no justice without accountability.

  33. Tap on the 3 key come back and press like on this comment.

  34. the bigger joke is that we have to pay for parking. we pay for gas, insurance, monthly payments, we pay for the fuckn car, and we have to pay 6$ to park for one hour on a street. crazy, the government is a leech

  35. This is staged, the judge knew about the camera etc.

  36. "And you were there at… oh no…"

  37. this.is.whisper.knight


  38. Technically the cop is right but it’s so close it should be overlooked.

  39. Thug life.

  40. Great Judge, really cute defendant.

  41. Should’ve given her a 50c fine.

  42. the time on the ticket is not the time that she parked there, it is the time the cop issued the ticket meaning that she was parked there well before she was allowed.

  43. I could imagine if this was in England.
    ‘You were early, it doesn’t matter by how much, the fact remains you were still early.. here’s a £1000 fine, make sure it doesn’t happen again or you’ll have a criminal record’.
    This guy seems like a legend.

  44. Should have been 2 years in prison, 10 means 10 not 9:59. One minute means a lot, in the Millay army it means life or death

  45. pure racism. if this was a black or Muslim or transgender minority, they would be in jail for 40 years!

  46. This was no joyful laughter. This was the nervous laughter of a slave, begging for mercy, before those ready and able to do violence against her.

  47. More judges need to be like this guy

  48. Im the Judge, Jury and executioner.
    Sentence 20 years in Iso Cubes.

  49. Now that was an asshole cop to give a ticket for one minute!

    Talk about wasting tax payers money!

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