CES 2015 First Look: BMW Self Driving i3 Electric Car at CES 2015 – Autonomous demonstration

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BMW was showing off its new electric car at CES 2015, but with a twist: the cars were driving themselves. It’s still early stage technology, but the autonomy is coming from hardware that’s already being mass produced and is presently in BMW vehicles. The car can also be summoned by a smart watch.

It might be awhile before we see this technology out in the wild, as the vehicles need to be proven very safe before governments will allow usage on the roads.

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  1. That’s cool

  2. Unfortunately sceptics will always find reasons to say its not safe. So much thought went into this design. Even in bad weather or snow it can drive safely regardless of what sceptics say, these things are great. The sooner we implement new free energy and technology the better. There will always be risk like with anything , so what you can’t go around in life with your head in the sand. Nothing good has ever happened to anyone who want willing to take chances. As far as hackers are concerned, tell that to the government with our drones that are being landed safely from us by the Iran. Shit happens. With an over ride button we will always take control should a hacker try taking over!

  3. Hey Lon, so glad to see your channel doing amazingly well. I remember not too long ago I subscribed and you were at 5K subs, now close to 30K! Anyway, I find this so freaking cool. How did it feel "driving" in the car?

  4. The future is here 😀

  5. Thanks for sharing this video. We added it to the "Top 12 Cars of CES 2015" collection.

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  6. wow the Future!

  7. That looked scarey

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