Challenge the city – The new BMW G 310 R

“People have cars because you need a car to get places. You don’t need a bike, people have bikes because they love bikes.” The G 310 R is the essence of pure riding pleasure. Read the full story and find out more about the G 310 R here: http://bmw-motorrad.com/g310r

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  1. Is this motorcycle coming to the Australian market?

  2. Nice bike and beautiful video! The big city that we see here is São Paulo, the biggest City in the Southern Hemisphere of the Planet, a rather fitting choice to show the bike. Well, if the bike’s price in Brazil is the same as in Germany, 4.750 EUR converted to BRL, then the Japanese brands will have a really hard time beating this. Can’t wait to ride one!

  3. Cuando estara disponible en Mexico?

  4. Dear Ricardo, we hope it is fine to respond in English. The launch is planned in 2017. Please follow our newsletter to get relevant information first: bmw-motorrad.com/newsletter_g310r
    All the best,
    Joerg of the BMW Motorrad Team

  5. we r waiting for it in Delhi..

  6. A very well made film I thought with a strong message, good job BMW!

  7. launch it fast we Indians r waiting

  8. Hi Jkandi, yes. You would find all relevant information about this bike here: http://www.bmwmotorrad.com.au/au/en/index.html?content=http://www.bmwmotorrad.com.au/au/en/bike/urban/2015/g310r/g310r_overview.html&notrack=1

    All the best
    Joerg of the BMW Motorrad Team

  9. BMW should produce a little ADV with that motor, not a naked… Honda is yet producing noticeable (and cheap) 500cc two-cylinders bikes in that segment.

  10. when is it coming out in India ?

  11. Dear BMW,

  12. 자막감사합니다

  13. I would buy a 300 cc BMW Sportsbike, in a heartbeat! But, I guess I will have to get this one for now, since there are no announcements about the same. *Sighs*

  14. I am pretty eager for this bike to release in India
    Can u plz let me know the appropriate month is it in this year or next year just let me no that now

  15. Waiting for India launch

  16. BMW Motorrad, when this bike will arrive in Brazil?

  17. This bike, is it going to be launch on Peru, South America? Price? Date? Is it already being sold in some countries? TY

  18. wow ! Both Of My Passions In Single Video. Longboarding + Bike + My Only Favorite Org. BMW… Living My dreams😤😄

  19. For the capacity of this bike in india, should be priced between 1.85 to 2.15 lakhs for non-abs. If it is more then that people will move for KTM bikes.

  20. the bike is amazing, excellent bmw tri colour scheme, love the proportions. But the exhaust looks awkward. Is der any option from bmw to change the exhaust , so that it meets the emission and traffic norms?

  21. +Aakashpsvs Hi, right now we have no concrete launch date, but we would let you know as soon as possible when we have one.
    All the best
    Joerg of the BMW Motorrad Team

  22. Hi Matej, please be prepared for the start of the next season in 2017. Get the news first and sign for our newsletter: bmw-motorrad.com/newsletter_g310r
    All the best
    Joerg of the BMW Motorrad Team

  23. imagine if BMW made a 400 or 250 4 cylinder bike at an afordable price or with good finance ! It would completely dominate the a2 licence uk market !

  24. Sooo… Slovakia…. starting date? Showrooms? Test rides?

  25. sir, im waiting for a very long time now. may i please know at what time period will g350r will launch in India. I’m a fan of BMW. please do let me know😄

  26. What is the actual date of launching bmw g310r in maharashtra? How and when to book for this bike? There are different prices of this bike on different auto sites, so what will be approximately price?

  27. why u shifted the release date , stretched to april. Many people even my friends changed their mind to buy this bike. many of them have bought KTM bikes. Your fans are decreasing due to a long way releasing date. Finally u are going to release it when there are no many fans as u expected already taken by KTM and Benelli. Great job.

  28. when is the India lunching ? am waiting here

  29. i wish, i could see a little more about bike. Ad disappointed.

  30. Looks awesome… Since manufactured in india hope its a value for money!!

  31. We want g310r to beat Duke390

  32. Taking a bus to office these days.Can’t wait any longer Please update the Launch date in India.

  33. Beautiful film, bravo production team

  34. india launch date ??? too eager to know

  35. Well BMW…. you should send me one so I could test drive it for 5 years, doing day-by-day reviews. Thanks in advance. Ask on priv for address. Your new test driver/brand ambassador. 😉

  36. worst ad ever…

  37. Dear Mohammad, the launch is not far. It is planned in the first half of 2017.
    Best regards,
    Joerg of the BMW Motorrad Team

  38. Waiting in India.

  39. Is bike coming to the US in December? The website just says it comes out in December.

  40. I have lost my patience…you guys are fooling its april going to end…I’m going to book ktm duke …….

  41. Quando chega ao Brasil?? Estamos esperando!!!

  42. Scores of indians waiting ..hope price brand blw 2-2.5L..bcos bmw will face lot of competition @300cc range….

  43. Waiting to buy. Am from India hoping the launch by October but a small disappointment as it postponed. Really sad because I can’t take my BMW for my upcoming 4k ride. Please provide the advance booking link for India and am working in Bangalore nearest city from your manufacturing plant.

  44. Hi it’s the GS Helmet Carbon in matt black. Please ask your local BMW Motorrad dealer, if this helmet is available in your market.
    All the best
    Joerg of the BMW Motorrad dealer

  45. Wr can v book D bike in BMW r TVS

  46. Philippine release?

  47. Vídeo gravado aqui no Brasil! <3
    Bom sinal! Parabéns BMW Motorrad, que ela venha com um preço justo (abaixo de R$ 17 mil).

  48. Hi BMW, any updates on the lunch time of this bike in India?? please let me know

  49. I’ve signed up for the news letter, but i haven’t received anything so far.

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