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  1. One of the greatest film scenes that I can never forget. So powerful.

  2. they killed Maude

  3. From wiki…."the car ambush was shot in "six sections and at four different locations over one week and required five seamless digital transitions"

  4. Love that sound of the bike and the shot!

  5. this scene sequence is so powerful i nearly jumped off my pants watching this

  6. This scene is insane. I regret that I haven’t seen this.

  7. how come the bitch didn’t duck????

  8. Beautiful movie, still one of my favourites

  9. Still getting chills. Alfonso=Genius

  10. 1:30 maybe try drive around it? idk I probably would’ve and we’d all die lol

  11. I like Julianne moore………….
    god knows why have to she die in most of her films that I see.

  12. A lot of shit can happen in 4 minutes, huh.

  13. Not really potato quality, reddit

  14. when your trying to critique the shot and you forget your watching a movie

  15. That was all one take? I am shocked. That is the power of Emmanuel Lubezki for the people watching this.

  16. For anyone interested in how this shot was actually accomplished, google this: Bielik, Alain (27 December 2006). "Children of Men: Invisible VFX for a Future in Decay"

  17. Can someone explain why the guy shot the cops? I dot care for spoilers as I will never be able to watch the movie anyways…

  18. Damn this is amazing

  19. Why this movie was not a Best Picture Oscar nominee is still beyond me!!


  21. Why a=were they trying to attack them

  22. haven’t seen this movie, so why did the crowd want to attack them?

  23. The radio gave no fucks.

  24. What is the thing on the side of Julianne Moore’s neck before she gets shot?

  25. Fuck man what a master piece…… Inspiration for new cinematographers

  26. life and death situation and the driver backs up going 4mph

  27. Yup, all happened in 4 minutes…

  28. i first watched this back in 2006, it still has a lot of relevance on what is going on today

  29. Just read that this take of the scene was almost ruined because Alfonso Cuaron yelled "Cut!" when the fake blood splatters on the camera. No one heard him because of all the action going on and that fake blood splatter is one of the coolest parts of the scene.

  30. How I long for a future that will look identical to this.

  31. How can you survive that shit in a fiat multipla

  32. Does anyone know the background music ?

  33. they cut once they opened the door at the end and shot the cops. I know I have a degree in film. they shot it with a giant rig on top of the car for the camera to move around it cant vanish once u see the top of the car they cut. but yeah it was a very good long scene

  34. Does anyone know why exactly was Julian killed? I mean I know Luke wanted to keep key and the baby which Julian didn’t wanted. But why did then Luke want to keep key and the baby with him? What was Luke’s goal? And why was Luke referring to the baby as "him" later in the film only to know it’s a girl. I didn’t understand these parts of the film. Anyone with any explanations, please?

  35. Poor Julianne Moore

  36. Current state of Europe

  37. I’ve never seen anything to Julianne Moore acting ability she just seems like a modern day Julia Robert’s. We watch her cause we feel so bad for her acting lol

  38. fucking genius alfonso….

  39. The car doors in this movie are lethal

  40. 1:29 that’s what happens when you turn on the heater in a Vauxhall.

  41. Well done.


  43. Fantastic

  44. This scene is amazing, I adore it. But.. does anyone wonder why the dude on the bike shot Julianne, but not the driver? Either way it’s a great scene in a great film.

  45. look at her neck before she gets shot its the blood packet thingy

  46. Too bad she didn’t have a gun to put some suppression fire on that bike.

  47. AWESOME Movie. This really reminds me of The Last of Us

  48. My girlfriend had me watch this movie yesterday for the first time. Never heard of it before. I was completely blown away. From the very first scene in the cafe, I was engrossed. I was telling her, how come I never heard of this movie assuming it just came out this year. When she told me it came out 10 years ago, I was like " you gotta be fucking kidding me."

    The cinematography holds up and still blows away about 95% of the stuff today. And even that’s an understatement.

    10 out of 10. That long shot in the end….jeezzzz

  49. One of the best movies ever made, very underrated.

  50. kudos to the camera man

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