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  1. What is a difference between swb and lwb?

  2. Beckhams  911 is far better . the wheels on this look shit. too many wires hanging down etc 

  3. Nice 911, but I went off him and his Take That mates when they were revealed as tax dodgers. He’s building a nice car collection while the NHS is going under…

  4. Pre 65?  They weren’t produced until 1964, that last year for the 356C.

  5. Both classic and modern 911 is my favourite cars ^0^

  6. If I had a classic race car (hopefully someday) Chris is the guy I would want driving it on race day

  7. That Stilo CF helmet is bad ass.

  8. LOL, I wouldn’t be too worried about Take That’s ‘heavy mob’. Nice motah!

  9. Lost me at 180hp.

  10. this "Take That" guy looks very boring and NOT passionate AT ALL 🙁

  11. letting someone else race your car is like letting someone else screw your girlfriend or wife.

  12. brilliant sound!

  13. Anyone else bothered by the couple of stray wires hanging out from under the dash? Tuck that back up there!!!

  14. Beautiful swb 911. The only thing I would change in that car would be the seats. Those modern Sparco buckets clash a bit with the classic theme of the car. A pair of vintage Scheel buckets would be more appropriate in my honest opinion.

  15. some minus points for those all blacked out fuchs rims. Apart from that it’s a nice car.

  16. What a beautiful car.

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