Chris Urmson: How a driverless car sees the road

Statistically, the least reliable part of the car is … the driver. Chris Urmson heads up Google’s driverless car program, one of several efforts to remove humans from the driver’s seat. He talks about where his program is right now, and shares fascinating footage that shows how the car sees the road and makes autonomous decisions about what to do next.

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  1. I was not able to see the full video, may someone explain to me how the car stays in lane and knows it’s not out of the lane or in the middle of two lanes? Thank you.

  2. Who is dealing with the shaping of the city as relate to self driving cars ?

  3. well I guess no more driving Mrs daisy. Mrs daisy’s driver has just been fired.

  4. imagine this algorithm at a busy chaotic junction in india, where no rules are followed. so how would it work if say 4 cars arrive at a junction at the same time? does the algorithm communicate with each other to say who will move first? what if the cars are from different companies eg tesla vs google, and dont share the same communication software? and even if they use the same software and share their info, how will they decide who gets to move through the junction first? the first one who arrives? this would seem to make sense, but if i were the 4th car to arrive, and in a hurry, and if the 1st car to arrive is not in a hurry, then obviously i would want to be the first one out of the junction (e.g. emergency life or death situation?). u might say this wont take much time, but imagine a situation in india where there are pedestrians, cyclists etc, and if the algorithm makes the car stay put whenever there’re ‘obstructions’, youll be there FOREVER literally. i dont think this is sophisticated enough yet to take into the multitudinous needs of not only drivers, but also all scenarios of non-drivers.

    this also brings in the question of safety, both from a security and non-security POV. who is liable if something does go wrong? what about the moral decision making in the algorithms? how do u code to turn left or right if there is a headon collision with unavoidable collateral? what about hackers hijacking cars (eg of presidents, diplomats, VIPs etc)?

  5. this is crazy. google hasnt produced a selfdriving car, yet tesla has come to market earlier with one that theyre confident enough will work?

  6. The police departments aren’t gonna be happy when one of their major sources of revenue goes away, traffic tickets.

  7. I would drive a car than a car driving me around.
    I would use driver’s assistance car instead than a stupid Self Driving Car.

  8. 11:36 LOL? btw, super curious to see the cam of the wheel chair chasing the duck

    super excited to see this take off, also curious to see how it’ll be priced

  9. will it stop for a hitchhiker?

  10. I wonder what happens if they put the car into an impossible situation. Where i cannot break in time for another car or cyclist, but it cannot avoid either. I assume there are safeguards like that. To preserve human life at all cost. But whos is more valuable the driver or the one you might hit. Or will the system simply freeze, lock up or blue screen.

    Because if you have the choice as a human driver to hit someone or drive into some empty cars. Its easy to choose..

  11. what happens if youre in detroit at night time and car stops at the red light?

  12. Anything to put people out of work huh fucknuts? Enjoy the massive spike in the crimerate.

  13. TED- Total Electronic/Enigmatic Delusion/Deception/Destruction

  14. It will stop accidents and increase insurance for businesses and Corporations!

  15. Fantastic -Go Google!

  16. c ars

  17. There is a massive problem with self driving cars and cars getting smaller.

    What about tuning and drifting cars? Miatas? 240SX’s? Silvias? Skylines?

    And if computers are connected to a car, like the brakes, steering, acceleration, isn’t there a massive chance of the cars being hackable?

    Driving will be less enjoyable, the car community will die, and it sucks all the fun out of vehicles.

  18. I cannot wait when the Google car comes out. I am legally blind, this will not only help me but other people in the future. I wish I could test drive it.

  19. I’d tickle the car & it’ll bring the girl to me!

  20. excellent presentation and helps allay some of the fears that people have of "a dumb, blind computer", as we can see the reality is that the technology is now so advanced it can make superior decisions over humans in almost all cases, and not only in realtime but also predictive. In ~100 of whatever (much less i guess) years people will look back "remember back when everyone drove cars and there were so many crashes and trafficjams!? so crazy!"

  21. 6:40 Claims motorists make a mistake every 100,000 miles in USA. Actually around 500,000 miles, at most
    6:50 Comparing number of driver mistakes to processing speed of computer. Why? Makes no sense.

    Using the above stats
    3.2 trillion miles travelled on US roads every year
    3 million people injured every year
    You have to travel 1 million miles to be injured on average
    Assuming you drive 20,000 miles a year
    1 injury every 50 years

    32,000 people killed in USA every year
    You have to drive for 100 million miles to be killed on average
    Assuming 20,000 miles per year, you have to drive for 5000 years to be die in a car accident in the USA

    I haven’t experienced a single piece of electronics that can operate without issue for 50 years, let alone 5000.

  22. I don’t know about anyone else . But if I see one of these cars in front of me , I’m going to give it a wide birth !

  23. And just recently he was proven right, a non-attentive Tesla driver dies over trusting the car.

  24. Tesla says they will have driverless cars in 2 years. But how can their flawed "autopilot" go through all the super complicated stuff like this!? This is amazing!

  25. 3:05 maybe you can jump off a skyscraper

  26. He did not address screwed no matter what situations.
    So everyone knows those driving situation where if someone moves over or a car comes out of a side street you are screwed no matter what you do. Here an experience driver picks the lesser of two evils, crash here, or crash really badly there. I do not see that in any of the programming.

  27. I disagree 100%. In my personal opinion, I think the auto makers will definitely try to make cars fully driver-less and make driving illegal, although try sitting in one of these next to a tractor-trailer and a "sensor" goes bad. I think there are too many risks for this. I think auto makers should continue to update/refresh/redesign the vehicles and we keep driving ourselves. The people who don’t want to deal with the traffic or don’t want to drive, should take a bus or train. Some people LOVE to drive, like traffic, like being in control. I happen to be one. I also just see this as a way for the government to control the people. Not saying anyone is wrong.

  28. Somehow I think this car will only work in some places, like the US where the road is square-shaped and every sign, lights, street lights, and other infrastructures are good. Imagine this one in my country, where there are tons of motorcycle, lots of people not following the rule, where the traffic jam is 100 times worse than LA rush hour. I know that it has survived 3 million miles, but try this in Jakarta, Indonesia, let’s see if it can survive just several hundred miles in the city without any damage to the car.

  29. at the end he said said "driver-assisted car systems like Tesla are a dead-end because they can only improve it so much". That’s a bit out of date. Tesla is making cars with fully autonomous software.

  30. There is a warrant out for you for back child support, so your government approved self driving car, locks you in and delivers you to the police. I can’t imagine anything going wrong. Now that cars will never speed, or fail to yield, or so an unsafe lane change, police cannot pull a vehicle over for a chat with the "driver", who is also smuggling a half ton of coke.

  31. We live in exciting times.

  32. 7:49

  33. Wonder how the state and local authorities feel about having autonomous cars? Better engineer a way for the civilian cars to be automatically shut down when they are in pursuit, or have a warrant out against them. Citations will be autonomous as well, mailed to your friendly local engineer!! Also, this will solve all speeding or liability violations on the road! I can’t wait for my children to be looked after by the hands of engineers! They will grow up to be upstanding robots just like the cars and the engineers that create them! Waking up at 6am and ready to have their car shuffle them to their "job" under its own AI and under its ownwill, awesome!! Maybe I will be able to sleep on my way to work, or maybe even fit in some quality time with my teddy bear! When I get to work I will just have the engineered robots do my job so I can eat a 12 sack of donuts and stick my thumb up my…oh wait there are children here. Just kidding, we are ALL children! Children of the sweet loving technology that cares so well for us. Im actually an engineer, so Im going to engineer more ways for AI to take over our daily lives, routines, and yours too! But dont worry, your safety and best interest is in mind! I love where the world is going, goodbye Democracy, liberty, and freedom! This is just the start of things to come, but it is so awesome!!!! I know all of you love it too, it’s and exciting new era for the human kind! Just think where we we will be 100 years from now. Hopefully these autonomous vehicles figure out a way to deal with population control as well! Then we all win, engineered inanimate objects far exceed us humans!!! Yeahhhh!! GO ROBOTS!! At least engineers have a future!!

  34. let’s face it, how come they say driving is bad and want driverless car. Even motorcycle is bad to. NOT FAIR!

  35. 50 years from now ..having a steering wheel will be illegal!and there will be hackers who hacks just to drive again like once in the past.

  36. Increase the smartness of a car, increase in stupidity in the humans.

  37. the irobot age is finally underway!! who thought it would take so little time..

  38. DMV NEED TELL Corporations FOLLOW THE RULES OF DRIVING AND WHAT ABOUT TRAINS? TRAINS are powerful and it hard stop.

  39. I am curious about how they will deal with bad weather, snow, mud etcetera.
    Will it be able to drive or will it just stop until it the radar and camera systems are clear of signal noise due to particles in the air and on the surface of the instrument?

    Anyway, I am really looking forward to seeing these being enforced within large cities, replacing cars with bad drivers stressing out and looking at their screens when they really should be paying attention to the traffic situation.

  40. This video is all about how the car handles traffic. But another large if not even larger complex subject is how the system would detect and handle bad road, weather and car conditions. How would you ever detect slippery roads (black ice, snow, even rain) or worn out tires.

  41. not good for states, No more traffic tickets?. Lose money the governments? Who controls were you go? It can take you home or to the m?

  42. 엄청나군요

  43. what will be its reaction when it sees a pot hole. imagine on a main road their are two parallel potholes, and the car cannot go through the normal road
    A) Will it go down the pot hole.
    B) It will go on pedestrian side walk(which is illegal to drive on)
    C) In the event if it proceeds with A, and unfortunately gets struck in pothole, will it continue to burn fuel
    D) it will reverse and take another route.

  44. What if you are a car guy and you don’t want to have a computer take over something you love

  45. at 11:55 The google car was showing red in front, because of the car that turns right, not because of the car on left that turns right at last second. That was not expected and HE cant say they succeed in that situation. If there was no car on front in first place, google car would crash.

  46. But does a self-driving car need a driver license?

  47. direct to the point its an implementation of AI

  48. I am glad I read the comments, there are real concerns from several points of view that have to be considered.

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