CNET on Cars: Mercedes F 015: Car of the future, Ep. 62
Mercedes asks: what will we do when driving ends? Plus, we go through the safety tech that should be on your new-car shopping list, and the Top 5 affordable cars according to CNET ratings.

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  1. I wonder how this technology would affect jobs like car mechanic or taxi driver

  2. These inventors need stop wasting time on self driving cars. Instead they should be working on an alternative fuel source for cars. Not this passive shtt

  3. EMP bomb

  4. Film consider empty broadcast hour magnitude math arm.

  5. the design like a hotel lobby

  6. روحو

  7. i hope this will never come. This mercedes is way more ugly than a fiat multipla

  8. nice car

  9. Woooooow

  10. how beautiful this looks!!

  11. German needs to start a space program

  12. Okubo olx nova lima olx

  13. if this can make it to production it’ll be extremely interesting. (not in a gud way)

  14. stupende auto

  15. Everyone there’s no need to worry. You know how gm came up with future cars from the 50s but they never happened?

  16. don’t want to drive….take a bus.

  17. imagine hotboxing with the fams in this thing? just getting hella stone in a circle like "that 70’s show" lmao

  18. Watch someone hack this car.

  19. Guys Calm down because you can drive the car yourself if you choose to , because im pretty sure the cameras and sensors will break .

  20. It’s ugly. It’s boring. And I would much rather drive myself. A computer can surely complete the basic task of "driving", but it cannot judge as well and make common sense decisions like a human can. I seem like I’m not the only one who thinks this, as polls show a massive majority do not want any self-driving features (not including simple driver assists).

  21. ON

  22. Mercedes F 015…Go back and forth … ?

  23. "The Best or Nothing"? We have tested auto and truck. Exclusively AMG. 50% R/R @USDOT labs. The Tire Industry is not happy. Vacuum Wheels…Inflation install, relieve air. Introduce vacuum pressure for millisecond response time. Redundant Safety.

  24. His ignorance is shown in the big block small block article. The answer is simple. Once upon a time GM, Ford and Crysler had 2 V8’s each, a big block and a mall block. Different castings. Generally the small blocks were under 6 liters and the big blocks started in the high 5’s. The aftermarket has got engines like the ford windsor up to 427 and beyond but the factory only went to 351. My mother in law bought her second diesel golf this year. The first one was pretty awful but the new car is a total POS. 4000 kilometers and it’s been back to the dealer 3 times. Awful cars. Don’t buy anything european if you want reliability.

  25. Why buy a car if you can’t drive it. I would rather just uber to where I need to go.

  26. is there ac its look so small

  27. The future will make everyone lazy and retarded

  28. What kind of UGLY piece of CRAP-UFO is that? One should be mentally ill to call "this" a car of the future!!

  29. oh yeah the Audi from iRobot that was cool

  30. It is illegal the windows are not clear enough for a police officer to see through here in America you could not drive that

  31. germany is best.not

  32. When Police officer stop this car ..who’s gonna get speeding ticket..!? 🙂

  33. nice car

  34. This is going to kill us all

  35. The future will be soooooo boring

  36. Am I the only one who love the look of it?

  37. i think the future energy will be solar stations same as gas stations ,
    with solar stations we can charge our car battery or we can fill air
    into our air tanks to run cars or by using electrolysis to separate
    oxygen and hydrogen and use hydrogen as a fuel. the solar stations will
    be big buildings with solar panels on it to reduce the land space and
    car go into solar station to get refilled with current in batteries or
    air in tanks. yeah but solar panels have some disadvantages like cannot
    work where there is no light and expensive to produce.

  38. I drive everyday. I dont ever wanna give up driving

  39. WOOOOOW!!!

  40. do that take gas

  41. That car is insane

  42. vacation car you would not need a driver’s license lol

  43. Cool!

  44. Imagine going to mcdonalds drive thru with this car

  45. predict indigenous succeed cbyiu.

  46. Unbelievable beauty Masha ALLAH

  47. But someone’s gonna blow off your door driving by if it opens like that

  48. tech advancement is nice but some of us want to drive and enjoys it.

  49. the best car that i ever see

  50. UGLY cars

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