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  1. Obama had some fuckin class man gotta have respect for him on a human level

  2. i wish Jerry was a russian spy

  3. There are an awful lot of SJW’s and a lot of people who have no knowledge in these comments😂

  4. How do you know you’re a legend?  When the First TV Show you make gets you to meet one of best presidents of all time

  5. Hey guys, if you want to be 2 cool 4 skool all you have to do is say the magic words: "Trump is going to start World War Three"!

  6. 13:21 you hit that gash

  7. I live in Canada, so… NO PRESIDENT FOR ME! But if I was in America, I would’ve LOVED "Ex-president, Mr. Obama.." To bad you people in America have to deal with DONALD DUMP XD

  8. tax payer dollars paying for this?

  9. I miss him

  10. This is why obama was a horrible president. Spending time on trying to look cool for kids rather than run the country.

  11. 8 years of falsehood thanks God he’s gone for good!!

  12. I miss my President ☹️

  13. why are the others not surprised when they saw obama?

  14. I can not believe you wasted your time with that race-baiting liar ! Still a great show , just not this one !! GO TRUMP !!!!

  15. Barry, is that you?

  16. Even though politically & morally I don’t like Obama at all… On a personal level it’s hard not to like him, he’s a funny guy… but when the camera’s are off…who know’s he may be a scumbag

  17. 2 irrelevant people.

  18. That 1963 Corvette is one sweet looking automobile.

  19. Really glad Barrack did this video. Because of his pandering to Islamists, even on American soil, his decisions seem to go against Western Freedoms – the press, such as CNN tend to distort the reality, with Liberal, Leftist, Socialist pandering too. And so, with this video, we see Barrack as basically a good guy, with perhaps some questionable policy decisions…such as letting Muslim Brotherhood supporters advise him on Middle East policies, such as ‘throwing Israel under the bus’.

  20. So glad to see this kenyan socialist piece of garbage out of the white house.

  21. I didn’t vote for Obama. I’m not a fan of his policies. But he’s a very cool down to earth dude.

  22. Js is so stupid and overestimate.

  23. idk, im pretty sure ive heard something about jerry not being a fan of corvettes lol.

  24. I loved Jerry, but Lost any respect for him when he brought Obummer along for the ride.

  25. Jerry motherfucking seinfeld straight up looked the president of the usa in the eye and told him he makes more money than him

  26. Fuck Obama!!! The worst president the United States has ever suffered! He has done more damage to the United States then anyone else ever! I hope he takes his self and his butt ugly wife and commits suicide!! Fuck you obummer you waste of 8 years I hope you get fucked in your ass until you puke a nut! 🖕🏻

  27. Yeah, Obama didn’t use sheat-beld.


  29. We truly miss you sir

  30. He was a cool president… I miss him 🙁

  31. "Larry David with globs of sunscreen on his ears" lmao

  32. Some people just DO NOT do the research…the man was a crook. At current time (4-19-17) Oblama is hiding on a French Polinician island where there is no extradition to the U.S.

  33. its a show about nothing. #SeinfeldJerryNBC

  34. Now let TheDonald drive it and then nuke the thing from orbit…It is the only way to be sure

  35. I hope they dont do this with Trump

  36. Obama keeping up the act of being cool for 8 years, that’s gotta be in the Guinness Record for "longest uninterrupted acting"

  37. 8:36 who are those chicks, why are they eating in the white house

  38. look at the nose look at the tail look at this dude. hahaggagagagagaglol

  39. Waiting for the Donald Trump one. Two new yorkas out havin a coofee.

  40. tax payer dollars paying for this?

  41. I want Obama to mentor me.

  42. America’s coolest president ever!!!

  43. Teddy Roosevelt is cool as well. Obama is amazing, i admit I didn’t like his foreign policy but the man in General is a great president.

  44. Goddaammmm…. That coffee looks cheaps as fuck!

  45. Made coffee in the White House with a $16 Walmart Mr Coffee machine

  46. How can a guy with the most stressful job be THIS cool?

  47. Damn! Jerry asked more questions then the press did in 8 years.

  48. "anonymity is not something you think about as being valuable" is this show made before snowden scandal or he is playing just fuckin stupid

  49. I had heard that Obama knew the names of all the people working around the White House and treated them as equals.  The Secret Service said he treated everyone with the upmost consideration unlike the Presidents before and now after him.

  50. "you cant be doing the ten and two thing, no man thats not cool" barrack obama

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