Comparative Road Test: Audi S3 vs Subaru WRX

What is the definitive four-wheel driven sports sedan in the market? CAR Editor Steve Smith and journalist Kyle Kock compares the new Audi S3 Sedan with the latest Subaru WRX. Which is better… the Teutonic executive, or the rally-bred street machine. We find out…
Read more about the WRX in the June issue of CAR – on sale NOW! http://bit.ly/1mqsjlu

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  1. It’s a matter of preference. Some guys would have a sweet nice girl and some would have a tattooed rock girl, totally dependent on the person. Anywho I’ll have the subaru because is love the mechanical feel and the way a person feels one with the car, Audis are great, don’t get me wrong and I would probably hazard a guess that the new s3 saloon would be quicker than the sti but I’d still have the sti.

  2. Love the S3! 

  3. holy accents….

  4. Wrx is leccker bru! buya danke!

  5. How about an updated review after the Subaru has 15-20k worth of mods to bring it in the price range of the Audi. No, the electronics and sophistication of the interior wouldn’t be improved, but performance and handling would completely blow away the S3. This isn’t even a choice once you look at the value for the money. Love the Audi look though…very sexy styling.

  6. souufff affrica

  7. am i the only one who doesnt understand any single word, when the "bad boy" guy talks?

  8. Hmmm…. Spend $100,000(Audi)
    Or buy the WRX for $40,000+ then upgrade it $40,000 and it’s faster than a corvette. I’ve seen it done. So don’t argue.

  9. all performance issues aside, id rather be seen in the audi than the sti. SPECIFICALLY that new body style. On top of that, the subies interior is just plain crap compared to the audi. 

  10. rs3 coming soon

  11. Btw I test drove an S3 a couple of weeks ago here in Canada Nice car, but the handling of the WRX IS BETTER and the WRX comes in manual. My fully loaded 2015 WRX came in at 38,000 before tax. The AUDI S3 without NAV and the bare min you would want on it cam in at 56,000 before tax… Was too much for such a small car

  12. Audi always, subaru is made for those who cant afford a german, then go for the asian copy!!

  13. quatro is the x-factor of audi. the audi and vw has alot of problems with their gear box. amazing cars
    ,i would take sub because of the price and reliabe.

  14. the funny thing is the s3 also bested the 2015 golf r however the distance between the wrx and s3 isnt much given the track lenght/ tested distance. other test reveal that the sti is a whole second quicker 0-60 and to the quarter mile.

    either numbers or results are being played up.. coz in other utube vids. the golf r bested the sti by 2 car lenghts and the s3 bested the golf r but other vids also show that the sti kills thr wrx in drag which shld result in a neck to neck with thr s3.

    i suggest discount 20% of what reviews put the viewers thru and take a test ride for urself

  15. This is the wackest video i have ever watched. and i don’t know why you guys don’t compare cars that are in the same price range? The difference between the guy in the s3 and the guy in the wrx is that the guy in the s3 had about 20k more to spend on a car. its just not a fair comparison.

  16. the banter is so poor

  17. S3 has crappy Haldex 4WD system with its front wheel drive bias… even the a4 has the true full time Torsen AWD! helllloooooo????

  18. The Subaru WRX is $26,295.
    The Subaru STI is $34,495, and $38,495 for the Limited. 

    The Audi S3 is $41,100. 

    Only the STI or STI Limited should be compared to the S3. 

    0-60 is the same on both STI and S3 @ 4.7 secs, but there is not enough track time data on the S3 to make a full comparison. I suspect the S3 should be more on the comfort side and will do worse on a track.     I am a Subaru fan, but if I really had this kind of money, I might go for the S3 as a road car for the dual clutch and other refinements, even if the S3 is a few tenths of a second slower at the track than the STI. Really who wants to get 23 mpg on the STI vs 32 mpg for the S3 when on the road they are both going to be pretty fast.   

    I don’t think I will like the diff setup on the S3 in the snow though. hmm… 

    I am however glad they are comparing these kinds of cars. People get so caught up in class, why compare an A45 AMG against a Subaru??? Well because they are the same layout!

  19. 6:40 your welcome

  20. Awesome review 🙂

  21. S3 Over $40K  WRX Around $26K…I’ll take the WRX put in a couple of mods=boom just as fast as S3

  22. OMG… the language tho… (facepalm)

  23. my 2017 s3 smokes everything on the road! loving it!

  24. This guy’s accent is really annoying. I can’t tell if he is speaking with a British, Indian, Scottish or American accent. Seems like a mix of a them all.

  25. That nigga accent is so weird

  26. this review is for babys……the drag test is a straight one, obviously the S3 has the advantage……how about lappin some curves ?

  27. The new WRX is no longer a beast. 🙁

  28. S3 is so much better in all

  29. Look at car and driver. 2015 Wrx vs 2010 audi s4. Numbers are almost identical….

  30. i cannot understand the badboy presenter accent.

  31. those accents.

  32. can u add subtitles? This is America and we speak English not broken English..

  33. Wow,this review sucked…..you told me absolutely nothing about the cars that someone else hasn’t already said about these two cars…..
    The subaru guy seems like a dick, watch his face as he is being left by the audi, not a smile or anything coming out of his mush mouth talking about how a WRX stick shift helps the driver "heal toe the gas&brake",please! Heal toe is notorious for drifting and drifters are notoriously bad circuit drivers.
    Subaru guy-"I like the hood scoop,duhhhhh
    Subaru guy-"I like stick shift" duhhhhh"
    Subaru guy " heal toe the gas& brake peddles" Duh this is why you should buy da car"

    Audi guy seems like a smart-ass and has a face you just want to punch; his mumbling review was terrible along with his empty list of why he thinks you should buy the audi
    Audi guy-"it’s nice on da inside" duuhhhhh"
    Audi guy-"it has more HP and it goes faster" duhhhhh"

    Here is my review
    Subaru: it’s light and goes fast, but it’s not a luxury car.
    Audi. : it’s heavy and goes fast, plus its a luxury car.

    If you are poor you get a subaru
    If you are rich you get a audi

  34. They sounds like they have peanut butter on the roof of their mouth… Can’t understand half of what they say… Smh

  35. Buy the WRX, buy the wife/gf something nice or get a nice bike or something. The S3 isn’t appealing at all especially not at the price.

  36. Audi > Subaru

  37. S3! It just looks cleaner and it’s definitely a better car.

  38. So S3 is faster by a little bit in a straight line, however around a hill the WRX would beat the S3, too much grip bro!

  39. S3 = WRX + 20$k 
    Which of those two fools is gonna give me 20$k? Fool A or Fool B? …yeah I thought so! ROFL!

  40. Nice Vid

  41. Cape colored voice… Hmmmm… Tsek

  42. i cant seem to understand a word that the guy in the black jacket is saying. what accent is that? its quite irritating

  43. wtf/ audi were the first to bring all wheel drive to racing and proved it worthy . smoked everything that stood in the way.

  44. german cars are over priced garbage.
    take a sti and put the price difference into bolt on and it will merk anything that comes out of audi.

  45. You Said Nothing assholes. What a waste

  46. Audi should’ve gone with the 5cyl for the S3 :/

  47. What a boring review

  48. The "Bad Boy" jacket makes you look like a Douche

  49. This is WRX,not STI

  50. In car and dived or road and track, S3 posted quarter mile at 12.9 with 108 mph trap…. There is noo way a 296hp engine on a 3300 pound car is posting 108 trap… S3 is likely closer to 330hp

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