Compilation of Ridiculous Car Crash and Slip and Slide Winter Weather – Part 1

Compilation edit of ridiculous Car Crash and winter weather “Slip and Slide” on the roads by Professional Videographer, Doug Kiesling

Footage of numerous car crashes, spin outs, stuck cars, and even some guy falling on his ass on Nicollet Mall.

As far as we know, nobody was killed in any of the accidents in the crashes in this video. But A LOT of ego’s were probably bruised 🙂

All footage shot while working freelance for various television news networks.

*** Update *** We have posted Part 2 of this video on line at https://youtu.be/XavVVS1IYyY

Contact StormChasingVideo.com to license the clips in this video.

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  1. 2:20

    cop hands you six tickets. explains to you how lucky you are to have survived. walks to the back of your car "thats another one, you are in a *No Parking* zone…"

  2. that second one HAHAHA

  3. 0:30 lol

  4. Use studded tires like we do in Sweden, that helps a lot! Many cars in this video is probably using summer tires.

  5. Hmmm is all you guys do is stand around waiting for accidents to happen? you guys sure know all the spots,so you just watch more and more people come knowing they are gonna lose control? why not warn people? oh but you can’t make money off helping to stop these accidents can you? i thought the watermark was funny,you don’t want people to steal your not very professional vids so they can make money? i don;t know who’s worse here,but it’s all for profit and recognition,pretty noble cause guys lol.

  6. Burnsville PD. Of course this is Minnesota.

  7. I’ve noticed that people were accelerating while in a slippery corner. It seems preventable by accelerating in a straight, then corner with no gas, and when it’s straight again, give it little gas. Go right on through after. That’s RWD. FWD and AWD should be fine though FWD WILL slip when accelerating! Hope it helps and I know it’s too late. Have a great day! :]

  8. I feel so naughty for laughing!

  9. 8:04 if that chain snaps and flies back towards that guy…yeah.

  10. 8:04 is that 169 southbound near Shakopee, circa dec 2012?

  11. get AWD assholes

  12. Don’t people know you can get special tires for snow?

  13. this is why, even though i love that part of the world, id never live in that part of the world. had enough of that shite growing up in scotland

  14. I feel bad for those truckers, wish I could have helped them.

  15. If you live in a place where it snows get an AWD or learn to drive. And change your tires more often than every ten years.

  16. Maybe you should wear your pants up to your waist homeboy and you would not slip 0:25

  17. 7:20, must be a new tow truck driver… who the hell does this?

  18. two words… WINTER TIRES

  19. I love people who drive their clumsy 2x4s with no experience in driving in snow at all. Where I live, we got a lot more snow than expected. People were going very fast for the near blizzard like conditions. I was amused when this big hummer speeds past us. A few minutes later, we see the car in a ditch. geez people! Just don’t drive in bad weather if you don’t know how!

  20. The jeep at 2:44 impressive.

  21. Made by Initial D

  22. 0:43 lmao

  23. The dude in the second video did everything wrong. He cut his wheels all the way and gave it gas, which caused his front wheels to retain the loss of traction. He should have broken traction to the back wheels using the handbrake to face where he needed to go.

  24. I’d pay to see an american driving an european car on the same conditions.

  25. Subaru = No Problem !
    Land Rover = No Problem !

  26. 8:21 a "lolver" roll lover

  27. 0:34 ; glorious!

  28. Like 95% of the comments are about either the guy lighting a cigarette or about winter/all year tires.

  29. I takie filmy lubię zimowe

  30. After only watching a few minutes of this video i can easily tell most of these are probably all season tires (I could see them being lots of traveler from warmer weather during Christmas or other holidays) with a hint of stupid and ill-preparedness of the ones who should have winter tires

  31. да каняшнп

  32. slip n slide on this banana peal

  33. 0:45 He lights a cigarette after crashing like wtf

  34. الله ي الدنيا احنى نغرز بالرمل وهم بالثلج 🙂💔

  35. I’m on my way said if you don’t think you can make the turn on the icy roads take the ditch it’s better to be safe than sorry

  36. 2:43 is exactly why i own a Jeep Cherokee

  37. E

  38. I guess, all americans never use winter tires… Hello from Russia again.

  39. All the fragments removed in the States where it rarely snow, drivers not quite ready for that road conditions, not have the skills for winter management, winter tyres no salvation in the winter, in the winter you need experience, and I think the driver… Good luck on the roads! and remember – we are waiting for homes.

  40. Demo video not for broadcast watermark through whole video. What’s up with that?

  41. 2:14

  42. I don’t get out in that stuff.. F work

  43. At 5:42 does that driver not know how differentials work? Clearly he used the diff lock by the fact that the rear axle is spinning, but you also have to use the brakes to force power to the tires with traction. How ironic that I know this and I grew up in the south.

  44. and that’s the way it should be so many people on YouTube get paid thousands and millions of dollars to post things that aren’t even there’s.

  45. Almost all of these are in Minneapolis

  46. Michigan be like.

  47. I have never driven a car at this situation before, I would like to try, it’s awesome to lose control of the car , 🚶🌚

  48. So instea of just standing there filming it, why dont you try to warn people instead of waiting for a crash to happen. Do you like seeing people in danger???

  49. Idiot, a nother idiot, more Idiots … oh and A moron!

  50. This is why I don’t understand the lack of a winter driving school here in Canada and the US where we have severe winter conditions!

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