Convert Your Porsche Cayenne Air Suspension to Coil Springs

This video shows automotive repair professionals how to convert the Air Suspension on the 03-10 Porsche Cayenne, 04-10 Volkswagen Touareg and 07-10 Audi Q7 with Arnott’s C-2616 Coil Conversion Kit. https://www.arnottindustries.com/part_PORSCHE_yid22_pid163.html

Arnott’s new coil spring conversion kit for the Audi, Porsche and VW crossover SUVs converts all four air springs and shocks to a more reliable coil spring/strut combination. To maximize efficiency, Arnott’s coil spring struts are preassembled and ready for easy installation. For ride quality, the kit includes custom-valved shock absorbers and specially tuned steel springs. The coil spring kit includes aircraft quality CNC-machined aluminum seats, new rubber upper mounts and comes with Arnott’s patents-pending Electronic Bypass Module (EBM). This exclusive device, which installs quickly and easily, turns off dashboard suspension warning lights.

Custom-Valved Shock Absorbers
CNC-Machined Aluminum Seats
New Rubber Upper Mounts
Specially Tuned Powder-Coated Coil Springs
Pre-Assembled for Easy Installation
Exclusive EBM Turns Off Dash Warning Lights

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