CRASH! Porsche 911 Turbo loses control and slams the curb !!

This was actually the first time I recorded a supercar accident on the road. The driver of this black on black 911 Turbo (991) tried to accelerate at full speed during a local supercar event. But it seems the electronic traction control was tuned off. The Porsche starts sliding and at that point the driver lost control of the car.

I’m glad to say that no one was injured in this accident. Both the driver and the passenger are okay. There were also no pedestrians where the Porsche hit the curb.

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  1. obviously mother fucker!

  2. lol

  3. Bellend!

  4. Thank god this man doesn’t have a GT2 or 930 Turbo, he can’t even handle an AWD PDK car…

  5. Turbo lag be careful!!

  6. Correction; If you cannot drive a car under 30 MPH without electronics, you’d best leave it in daddy’s garage, or, better still, sell it to someone who can

  7. putain le boulet quoi !

  8. Hopefully the Marechausee will see this and will charge the driver with careless driving. Typical amateur – more money than ability.
    Would have been better if a shot of the "kerb" (let’s stick to English English) had been added at the end to see what damage was left behind.

  9. hi!! can i use this video in my compilation i will give you full credit in the description.? thxx

  10. It is supposed the turbo s is idiot prof.

  11. damn that 488 spooked me. nice sound though! is it stock?

  12. Jak zwykle dupcia wyprzedziła przodzik w Prośku !

  13. You got the cash but you aint got the skillz to handle it!

  14. that v-tec kicked in yo.

  15. We know what you’re in, just go to a track though or open area. City streets aren’t worth it especially if you can’t drive.

  16. Ongeloofelijk. Indruk proberen te maken en daardoor de controle kwijtraken en een gevaar voor iedereen in de buurt vormen. Ja goed bezig hoor !!
    Zielig voor de eigenaar ? Die mag zich ergens in een hoek gaan schamen wat mij betreft, in plaats van erom te lachen. Die mag zich gelukkig prijzen dat hij geen voetganger heeft aangereden !

  17. Doing that with cold tires is plain stupidity.

  18. lol to have lot of Hp means nothing, sometimes u need to have also brains

  19. LUL

  20. exactly that happens if you set off the DSC

  21. hahaha.

  22. Porsche kann halt nicht jeder

  23. It’s because he sets of accelerating at an angle.

  24. thank the PASM for that!! 😀

  25. Thats why i hate porshe

  26. how the fuck do u lose control of a turbo

  27. I’m pretty sure this guy had traction control off. Porsche’s traction management is very sensitive to wheelspin and will cut power immediately.

  28. A Mustang wouldn’t have crashed there. No crowd

  29. gewoon gas geven, komt wel goed.. net maximaal 2 martini gehad samen met roderick.. de boel nog volledig onder control so the speak

  30. I have wrecked 2 high horsepower cars by turning off the traction control..That would be my first move after starting the car, but had to learn the hard way…It stays on now unless I’m doing a burnout….oh and I know how to handle a car, just sometimes they get away from you with all this power they make now!!!

  31. what slam?

  32. cant even drive in a straight line 😂

  33. STUPID

  34. didn’t hit shit!!

  35. NICE that was a mustang move XD

  36. dat krijg je met achterwiel aandrijving, quattro for life : )

  37. forgot about turbo lag ffffffff ficheeeeeee!

  38. Those dislikes, though… Clickbait title? I don’t know. I think we can call this a ‘crash’ since the rims and tires were damaged.

  39. How can anyone be such a lousy driver to wreck a turbo?  What if the dolt had been behind the wheel of a pre-nanny supercar?

  40. we care for the car not for the stupid driver…

  41. He does not even counter-steer, what a waste of humanity, take advanced driving lessons you idiotic fool before you kill someone.


  43. Mustang Driver In 911

  44. Cold tires and painted lines was his/her problem. Second problem was lifting off the throttle when the car oversteered. It’s a knee jerk reaction (lack of experience) but in a rear wheel drive car it only exacerbates the oversteer because you unload the rear suspension and decrease the grip while simultaneously accelerating the oversteer. You have to modulate the throttle under oversteer and have quick hands. Especially in a rear-engine car. Just lack of driving skills coupled with cold tires.

  45. Many people say mustang drivers can’t drive but really it’s just any rear wheel drive car with a lot of horsepower with inexperienced drivers that crash

  46. his other car is a mustang

  47. That DS 4 was amazing!

  48. pay all you want….you cant buy driving skills, son!!!

  49. hahahahahah

  50. Verdorie, heb je nog meer views dan mij 😛

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