Crash Test: 2008 Smart Car ForTwo

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In recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests, the 2008 Smart Fortwo, the smallest car for sale in the US market, earned the top rating of good for front and side crash protection. Its seat/head restraints earned the second highest rating of acceptable for protection against whiplash in rear impacts. Smart Fortwo is classified a microcar, meaning it’s smaller even than minicars. Weighing about 1,800 pounds, the Smart is more than 3 feet shorter and almost 700 pounds lighter than a Mini Cooper.

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  2. "this car isnt safe, dont drive it". Well i guess you hate motorcycles then.

  3. did well im impressed

  4. This car is better than I thought I used to think if a car hits this small car you’re dead.

  5. I feel safer in a f150 the a micro car.

  6. I was amazed when I realized how tough the itty bitty Smart Car is by putting the passengers in a hard "shell".  That said, if you don’t have enough "car" out in front of the passenger compartment there is no way to absorb the horrendous G-Forces of a collision.  Kind of like riding a Moped on the Freeway while wearing a suit of armor.

  7. This car is actually pretty damn strong compared to other cars

  8. Plastic Fantastic

  9. the prius and camry had poor frontal results for the 2012 models. the prius wheel went into the cabin and the roof went down resulting in major body damage.

  10. because the smart is so rigid the energy dissipates suddenly and is not absorbed. good for the car, bad for the occupants.

  11. idgaf how unsafe it is, I want a coffin on wheels, they’re so fucking cute~ <3

  12. I’d still take an f150 any day.

  13. Looks a lot safer than most pickups are.

  14. its made for local driving, you taking a chance when you get onto the Interstate with any car. Because no matter how big your SUV or pickup truck is, you are no match for a semi truck and trailer.

  15. My Moms Nissan Versa saved her life cuz she got in an accident!

    Btw her car Is totaled…

  16. Oh wow. Terrifying just watching this.

  17. This test failed, BUT, they sold it anyway! F**K THEM! THE SMART CAR IS A PIECE OF S**T!
    If you’re smart, don’t buy this car, as it is too small, and if you crash, you will be really unsafe. There will be a load of damage.

  18. It’s so expensive and overvalued!

  19. Incredible but my dad survived in a truch car accident, a big 15 ton truck  crashed in his small 3-4 ton truck because of break failure. My dad flew like 10 meters in the air with the truck and hit a big tree. They say he survived in an impossible situation… the force was lethat, the big truck was driving with 100 and he with  60 and they crossed ways. The truck cabin got smashed in a small piece and he survived in a barely 1 cubic meter of space. He got alive in a situation that the chance was 1/1.000.000 or more. What i mean is if you are gonna die you can die from a car toy or hit by a 15 ton truck… if u gonna die u gonna die and nowone knows how and when. There is people that arent suposed to die in accidents like my father. (more than 30 points without anestesia in the head) and no broken bones.

  20. 1.41 I love the boxing comparison 🙂

  21. At the average American highway speed of 80mph, your internal organs can not take those kinds of impact. So the Smart car might be the safest in its class, but even if you were in a full ladder frame Lincoln Town Car I doubt you would walk out of a crash unharmed.

  22. Buy a Prius, you suggest? I’d rather walk – even if both my legs are broken!

  23. check out that front cavity and plastic panelling. that’s part of the reason the tridion safety cell held up perfectly in the overlap. this car was built to take on cities and suburbs and does so perfectly. I’ve seen minivans that are a lot more unsafe, and a lot of older cars too. plus, do you really want to drive a larger car in an urban area? I tried an impala, and it was entirely too cumbersome. especially in the parallel. this car is a godsend for anyone who’s in the city more than half the week. I’ll take it over anything else. oh, and the fuel economy is just an added bonus

  24. هلا

  25. Well, I’ll take my chances. I like how the car looks, I’m guessing parking is a breeze, and I’d die to an 18 wheeler anyways.

  26. Seems like the problem is too many larger trucks and not that the smart car is small. Large trucks affect all cars on the road. Reduce/eliminate those and everybody wins.

  27. Americans sound so scared judging by the comments.
    Maybe you just drive really shitty or something, cuz’ you are making it sound like getting hit by a truck is an mundane affair, an event only survivable with your ford pickup.

  28. I would like to see the smart take on the new small overlap crash test

  29. The smart looks safer than the Prius to me

  30. I like the part where he says "Although the dummy’s head hit the steering wheel hard, through the airbag, overall we think the smart does a good job protecting the occupant…". That’s like saying, "Although we poisoned your drink, this beverage has so many nutrients to provide for a healthy body!"

    I’m not disagreeing that the car does a remarkable job holding it’s form.  But as a driver in the car I don’t want to have my body mangled beyond recognition in an accident

  31. It does so well because it just gets tossed around. Instead of the car’s frame absorbing the kinetic energy, the Smart car itself goes into motion and dissipates the energy through friction. More like a shove than a crash.

  32. auto crashes can be avoided with this APP ( in case of bad visibiliy, rain, snow, etc ):

  33. That’s not a very smart car.

  34. well I’m "smart" enough to not get this car.

  35. thumbs down for that tag bullshit that u cant click x out of

  36. Can u really fit one of these cars in a truck bed?

  37. I have had two of these bad boys and both times I was struck by some muttonhead SUV driver. First time I got rear ended and walked out unscathed while the other driver broke a leg in his Yukon. Second time a lady in her Honda Pilot hit me head on and her car caught the worst part of the impact I only had whiplash

  38. Where possible buy a car Smart for Two

  39. boooo well kinda good

  40. This car is actually pretty damn strong compared to other cars……HooooPAPA

  41. American cars> This death trap "smart" car.

  42. in tunes => RealNavi

  43. why not you make airbag at car’s exterior surface?

  44. Its a death trap- that front end test pits its own mass against its structure
    so what if it passed- you will be safe if you hit another smart!! lets see what happens if hits my 2000 Bonneville- 4700 lbs- Newton says f=mass x acc= you is dead!!!!

  45. Better than Indian tata nano

  46. If your "Smart" you should buy a bigger car. Don’t see how it’s going to survive a hit from a truck at all, not enough room to give way for a crumple zone or absorb the impact.

  47. ffddm hqadke,hkqjk H

  48. filmed with a fucking potato

  49. Yhm… I siła uderzenia powstała w wypadku rozrywa nam bebechy 😀 Bo nie ma gdzie się wytracić 🙂 Co z tego, że nogi całe, że kabina kierowcy niezgniecona jeżeli nam wnętrzności porozrywa 😀

  50. THE ARM broke off

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