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  1. Now smart vs scania.

  2. but you guys demand to be hated!

    don’t you know that italian icons had alot of fans?

    next time crash a german small car against the q7 problem solved.

  3. Just 1? no a million of mangle and the conspiracy of many auto gagazines who never mentionned the prduction and design errors.

    type in tsi engine failures and bearbox failure on VAG group

    cars that break into pieces
    the hampelmann is a meccanical engeneer from VAG,
    now go rub a duck

  4. we are not retards this is a subliminal message inside a crashtest, just to hurt italian cars and to sell your cold haerted fridges on wheels

  5. 1:11 The Audi looks like a Tank lol

  6. bearbox = gearbox typo*
    couldn’t send the websites from the complaining fora’s utube blocks my comment

  7. Marketing ….from VAG group…they should try the same test with Audi A1 or Vw up…

  8. yes you guys are the smartest the brightest and the ubermench.

    we all bow to you say hail to H

  9. Conspiracy theories aside, the fiat had its airbag tear during impact with the drivers head. How is that good? Go back and check, even the dummies head was severed. Not good, even if you are from Italy.

  10. Нафига этот таран нужен!! Берите фиат!

  11. The fiat had its airbag rip! How is that good!? The white power from airbags is like ACID!!

  12. suv´s born to be alive 🙂 Q7 because death should be your choice 😀

  13. the fiat 500 is an italian icon.
    why do I have to explain everything into details to you guys?
    don’t you have a brain to proces things out?

    or can your brain only proces numbers like a microcomputer in a colafridge.
    if you guys don’t bash our products on theyr wayto succes you don’t need to bail us out,
    we can do it on our own, but your companies are choking us.
    and if they can’t do it in the straight forward way, they do it in this mischievous subliminal way.

  14. now serious. did you knew that small cars are much more difficult to design than big cars?

    youknow that merdes faild miserably to design a small car while italians excell in dificult designs?
    did you knew that even VW is failing miserably latelly in reliability with theyr TSI and V6 TDI crap?
    and even the VW up is a fridge on wheels,

  15. Reasons to buy a High-end SUV.

  16. Iveco Stralis vs Vw Up!

  17. Wie kann man nur so nen Auto kaufen,,, unbegreiflich, ,,

  18. Why compare a low quality fiat with a high quality luxury beautiful Q7

  19. q7 swallowed the 500 whole and burped


  21. Ist bei dem Fiat 500 der Fahrerairbag defekt, der sollte doch eigentlich nicht aufreißen?

  22. this was NOT a mandatory crash test in any way.
    it was a SUBLIMAL COMMERCIAL SCAM against my country Italy

    if your brain doesn’t understand it I guess you have a slight form of autism.
    They could had used a polo for this type of test but they didn’t

  23. adac doesn’t hate. ( it’s not top gear from BBC that hates italians)
    It’s just business.
    The fiat 500 is outselling every a segment vag garbage on 4 wheels.

    And adac couldn’t let loose the face of a german contructor like VAG wouldn’t they?
    so let’s take the italian best seller in the worst case scenario instead of a volkscrap Polo
    If adac was serious they would had tested the 20% overlap om mercedes and BMW that have zero protection on the front sides

  24. Audi Q7 is Between 2200 kg and 2600 kg
    Fiat 500 is 865 kg and 980 kg…

    Enough said… A crash test like that is pointless because you already know the result before starting it !

  25. i mean 500 aint cheap for poor people either 😀 poor people wouldnt buy car this small for 13 000 euro 😀

  26. What concerns are there of having an audience watching such a crash test?

  27. If this is bad enough for the Fiat 500, imagine what will happen to the Italian if it is against a ute or a "full fledged" (low range diff. lock) SUV. I’ll take the Audi Q7 or Volvo XC90 any day.

  28. Fiat 500 as terrible as Ferrari F1

  29. i only drive suvs because they’re safer. i bought suvs for all my kids and my wife drives one as well. 
    yeah they get crap mpgs, they’re hard to drive or park in a city and they quite boring and noisy outside the city. but they are safer. 
    last december my daughter had a crash. some drunk idiots in an old bmw 3-series (e36 i believe) hit her pretty hard. the guys all died, she was ok with a minor cut on the arm and a broken finger. she had a bmw X5, but i don’t wanna think what might have happened if she was in a small town car like a citroen or fiat. 

  30. cooles video
    sieh dir das unbedingt mal an

  31. This is unfair . ADAC said after the test ,that it would be ideal that the crash bars in every car be at exactly the same height ,no matter how tall and heavy the cars are . That’s how protection comes ,said them .

  32. stupid AUDI OTEN JA.

  33. i hope you can decode the VV to W but i better mentionned it just to make shure, after all you germans are weak at decoding.

  34. It is just me or did the Fiat behaved pretty well. It seems that its interior was not badly affected

  35. Big SUV 4×4 drivers…One question…WHY do you need to drive a car that big. It does not prove anything and you will still have a small penis when you get out of your SUV. 

  36. Now Golf against a forehammer manipulated by a guy out for revenge 🙂

  37. There is no reason to hate us at all!
    We are 80 milion and we got the biggest export in the world, we could go balls out, but instead we help the world with money, be kind and we even pay back in lifes in afghanistan, so that the americans can get more oil!
    there is no more debt ot pay for our grandparents!

    and what are you talking about italian icons? your argumentation is shit, you cant say something without pointing out why!

  38. Next Scania vs Market

  39. seeing the thumbnail i was like… Q7.. a taxi?!?

  40. What? 13500 euro for a new fiat 500. Over 50k for a basic model audi Q7.

  41. If they were real people in that Fiat 500, looks they would have had broken necks.

  42. /watch?v=9AMwRF_szQo&feature=player_embedded#t=0
    here are other FACTS on how rubbish the new volkswagens and AUDIoten are.

    klakakakakaka vursprung durch technik

  43. I looked at the safety ratings on fiat and it was has good safety for a small car (talking about 2013 fiat, not this the 2008)

  44. SUV should be banned

  45. 500 aint cheap either 😀

  46. you guys asked for it, you still have that supremacist mentality so we put your noses on facts

  47. lol people that feel sad for fiat and say other cars will beat q7 But no Q7 is amazing and strong and big. Haters are just jealous idiots that will never get an Audi. They will just get a crappy fiat… Audi for life!

  48. Here are the facts of your DSG Volkscrappen
    vv vv

  49. Stupid audi

  50. I’d still rather have the Fiat, and just try my best to avoid hitting things.

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