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  1. Porsche pulled on the Cadillac. Cadillac jumped too. What type of sorcery is this? Lmao

  2. u guys dnt race in the rgv.??

  3. Where did the fellow with the caddy find a manual at thats rare as fuck

  4. what’s been done to the civic?

  5. I guarantee you the Porsche is flashed and the owner doesn’t know or he’s being dishonest about his upgrades. Especially after seeing how it pulls on the cts v

  6. I honestly thought the V was going to win top end. I was fooled. nice Honda btw

  7. my God the top end of that civic…b20 turbo? turbo gsr? turbo y8? Whats in that thing

  8. M5 owner probably crying right now

  9. No doubt Porsche is tuned. Good kill.

  10. The civic should try turning his headlights on

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