Cuban Gynecologist: Local Car Commercial

This TDM Auto ad was produced as part of our I Love Local Commercials Series sponsored by MicroBilt ( )

Nominate your favorite local business for a FREE local commercial at: Watch all of our RhettandLinKommercials and see who’s been nominated!

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Thanks to Rudy “The Cuban Gynecologist” and the rest of the guys at TDM for being such great sports. Help the guys at TDM out by referring a friend in the High Point NC area, or drop by the lot yourself and meet Rudy!

Be sure to watch the “Making Of” video:

Thanks to Chris Daniel ( for running camera and Dan Settembrini ( for assisting in production!

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  1. we have car

  2. Obviously the best local commercial they made. I could watch this 1 million times and still laugh.

  3. Yes! Cuban gynaecologist can check your car and your va jay jay at the same time, save you going to the doctors!Examinations whilst people play trumpets and dance 😀 I think they should offer this service at my doctors, it would make smear tests more fun!

  4. How have I never been here? LOVE THIS!! I want to help liberate the car!

  5. That’ll work

  6. Question Rhet,
    Link? Does he get a lot of business now?

  7. Possibly best commercial Ever.!

  8. Hope they went back to Cuba

  9. Dan TDM Auto Sales!!

  10. "Its not there"

  11. Dan! This was you!

  12. Bleh

  13. This one is probably my new 2nd favorite. My 1st favorite is still the one where the lady sternly tells you to get a doughnut, not a divorce.

  14. "we had guard dog, but someone stole it."

  15. Wow it’s been 6 years already.

  16. what happened to his business after this video? I saw on google maps it closed 🙁

  17. As a Cuban let me say I almost pissed myself laughing…

  18. we haf e guard daag, buah sohboy stole ih

    sno ther

  19. Link’s killing it with the trumpet!

  20. WE HAVE CAR.

  21. Best video ending ever

  22. Hahahaha somebody stole "Niko" the guard dog

  23. "People with bad credit driving everywhere"


  24. This is just what I would expect to see on a local TV station.

  25. Hey Rudy, I have to go High Point NC to meet and greet you sir…great great commercial.

  26. I’d like to liberate an Impala

  27. I would most definitely buy a car from this man. Sounds like a cool dude

  28. I came here to hear their guard dog being stolen 😄

  29. Is this a real commercial?

  30. TDM: TheDiamondMinecart

  31. *Supernatural fans comment about buying the impala*

  32. This is disturbing and hilarious at the same time

  33. R&L with handlebar mustaches… Omg haha

  34. wait does rett actually smoke

  35. When he was at the dog house he should’ve been like "Say hello to my little fren." Then he looks in the dog house and says "Oh no! Where my little fren?"

  36. "Im a Cuban Gynecologist and an American AutoSEXman! KILLED ME! hahah

  37. LOL!

  38. Auto-SEX-Man

  39. I wonder if they got any customers because of this.


  41. me estoy cagando de risa pero a la vez me hace pensar que los gringos nos discriminan :v

  42. Single greatest car ad ever made! LOL

  43. Okay, for the those who watched the George Lopez Show, doesn’t he remind you guys of Vic with the accent?

  44. Can he please be my gynecology

  45. Rhett really got into the character xD

  46. we need updates with all the companies that link and Rhett make commercial s

  47. well…. well then o-o …..

  48. i couldnt fully enjoy this, because of the retarted preus cop commercial…

  49. "We have a guard dog… but somebody stole it. It’s not there"

  50. I’m half cuban de parte de mi padre…. seeing this had me crying "people wiff bad credit drive everywhere" 😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

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