Dangerous Khiladi (Julai)

The movie begins with Bittu planning with the local MLA Varadarajulu to rob 1500 crores from the Vizag Co-operative Bank. Ravindra Narayan is a brainy individual who believes in earning quick money rather than toiling like his father Narayana for every month’s salary. He gets into a dispute with his father about his attitude and challenges him that he would convert 10,000 into 1 lakh in quick time. He happens to meet Bittu on his way, who drops him at his destination. Ravi inadvertently reveals his plan of making quick money by betting on an IPL match and also the location of betting to Bittu and his companions on the way. However his plans turn upside down when police raid the location and is caught red-handed. During interrogation, Ravi guesstimates that Bittu could have diverted the Police, and that he is about to commit a robbery at the Vizag Cooperative Bank. He convinces Raja Manikyam that Bittu is planning to rob the bank and both go to catch him. Bittu successfully robs the bank and his brother Laala takes the money to the city’s dumping yard, as per Bittu’s instructions, as the Police follow them. However Police catch Lala, who resists them only to be killed by Ravi. Police try to trace the money but in vain. Meanwhile Bittu gets arrested, but is rescued in transit by his sidekick Devayani. They go to the dumping yard to collect the money but Bittu is shocked as the dumping yard is burnt to ashes. Having his brother dead and the money burnt, Bittu decides to kill Ravi. Raja Manikyam sends Ravi to Hyderabad from Vizag under Witness Protection Program and makes him to stay at his friend ACP Sitaram’s house. ACP Sitaram is a cowardly cop who is afraid of using his gun. One day, Ravi happens to see Madhu, a middle class girl who works with travel agent ‘Travel’ Murthy, an associate of Bittu. He prepares fake passports for Bittu’s gang to help them escape from India. Ravi befriends Madhu and both fall in love with each other. Ravi steals Madhu’s identity card which leads Sitaram and him to know all the details regarding the escape plan of Bittu, in which Madhu would be tricked to pose as Bittu’s wife, suffering from Vertigo to help him escape easily. Ravi & Sitaram go after Bittu, with Sitaram of the impression that Bittu would go to airport. However, Bittu plays a trick on them and escapes through other route. Ravi, however, outwits Bittu and forces Sitaram to go in the route taken by Bittu. Ravi & Bittu confront each other and Bittu threatens to kill Madhu. However, Devayani forces Bittu to abandon Madhu as Bittu is surrounded and they escape. Bittu vows to exact revenge on Ravi by targeting his family. He decides to kidnap Ravi’s family, but before he could, Ravi shifts his family to Hyderabad. Frustrated, Bittu seeks the help of Varadarajulu to help him escape to abroad. But Varadarajulu tells him that he is helpless in this matter. Enraged, Bittu kills him. But before dying Varadarajulu tells the truth that he and Raja Manikyam had the custody of the loot. Bittu makes a deal with Raja Manikyam and traps Ravi in a car blast with Manikyam faking his death. Ravi gets arrested but is released on bail by Sitaram. Ravi realizes the foul play and also that Manikyam too is involved in the robbery. Meanwhile, Ravi’s family is kidnapped by ‘Travel’ Murthy. Ravi manages to save his family but not before ‘Travel’ Murthy shot his father. Narayan Murthy is shifted to ICU where he prods Ravi to restore the 1500 Cr to the Bank. Meanwhile, Ravi’s sister is kidnapped by Devayani & Bittu shifts her to Vizag. Ravi gets to know the location of his sister through ‘Travel’ Murthy and he leaves for Vizag with Sitaram. Ravi finds that the whole money is being transported in 1 of 3 containers by Bittu to the sea port. He finds out the right container and the driver of the container. He uses his sharp wit to divert the container and makes it stop before the very bank from which the money was stolen. Bittu is confronted by Ravi & Sitaram and a fight arises between Ravi and Bittu. Sitaram shoots Bittu while he tries to kill Ravi and by their last conversation, Ravi comes to know the location of his sister and Devayani and saves his Sister while Sitaram apprehends Devayani. The film ends with Sitaram transforming into a tough cop and Ravi having a change of mind and starting to believe in hard work.

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  1. l love south movies

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  4. Since they had the crane and wrecking ball, they didn’t need those extra nine men and those tools. Silly plot line.

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    wa g wa kya movie hai really nice movie

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  14. when brahmanandam escapes jaile before he change the keys to inspector the lock is already open before he gets key lol editor guys

  15. I love the scene at 41:45, That police inspector had no Idea what happened. LOL 🙂

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  41. the whole bank robbery scene is copied from the dark knight

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