Delivering Donuts to COPS in TOY CAR!

Protect and Serve… And EAT DONUTS! Hope you enjoy the video! BE SURE TO THUMS UP and SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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behind the scenes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl2tjIiCaX8

CAMERA PEOPLE- Mark Mosier, Brandon Osborne, Odero Amaju, Sami Mortimor, Wayne Juekowics, and Luke Sawicki



snapchat- CHEEKS1996

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  1. songg in intro?

  2. tiny car or not that officer in the beginning hot af

  3. A little bit more time than a lot of work and I can’t even use the same app for me because it has to have the same

  4. This is funny

  5. 1:33 *Sup Betch*

  6. lol

  7. I’m glad to see they have a sense of humor but cops are schmucks.

  8. Try doing this when you’re Black.

  9. lol… chocolate donuts matter too!

  10. Its so ironic that in America , when you call the police,you need to type out 911.

    Sounds familiar.
    *Coughs* 9/11

  11. I bet the lady at Dunkin Donuts thought you were autistic or such lol

  12. i see the police nice police right there and i dead after see him ride that toy car!!

  13. why does he sound so depressed

  14. lol

  15. Seatbelt sir?
    10-4 we got a victim
    (static) over

  16. if he was black he wouldve been shot

  17. 4:00-4:04. LIZA KOSHY REFERENCE! 😅😅😅

  18. you really think that these cops would accept food from stranger? they are not stupid. could be poisoned or drugged.

  19. thanks for the laughter…I needed it!!!

  20. Man got to say that was cool 😎

  21. Chocolate Donuts
    Matter Too!!

  22. 1:18 he’s got competition

  23. love it lol

  24. they should lock his ass up for being gayyy

  25. I see that car’s not road legal

  26. Chocolate Donuts matter too. LMAO.

  27. Do "Toy Car In The Hood"

  28. Guys I never got the promotion… But I did eat the donuts!

  29. when he said chocolate doughnuts. matter to i laugh

  30. hahahahahahaha I AM CRYING

  31. P

  32. You talk too fuckin slowly like stupid turtle

  33. I dont like it at al ! I I give you a thumbsdouwn!

  34. That was boring lol

  35. she is like what the fu.k

  36. Choo Choo

    I’m Thomas the Dank Engine, let’s go on an adventure!!

  37. If he offer me donuts, I’ll gladly accept them.

  38. He sounds poor to me

  39. lol to funny

  40. Legit when I heard the siren, a police cars siren went on near my house

  41. 3:10 is where the video starts.

  42. Mmmmmmwerrrrrrrrjuuuu

  43. the first cop i ever heard say the dont "do" donuts.😂😂😂😂

  44. "I guess chocolate doughnuts matter too." Oh, Lordy, no… 😂

  45. Is He Drunk?

  46. This man is so damn funny!

  47. Thomas the tank dank train

  48. Theres something about people in those toy cars that i love

  49. for real

  50. These people are pushing it in my opinion. Just slightly pushing it

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