Desert Shootout! 2011 Cadillac CTS-V vs 2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo vs 2011 BMW X6 M

Senior Editor Jonny Lieberman kicks up some dust with three mutant ninjas – the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V, the 2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo and the 2011 BMW X6 M.

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Shot by: Mike Suggett & Duane Sempson
Edited by: Mike Suggett

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  1. you will never outshift a auto trans so just stop trying

  2. Can only find the history of BMW CARS if i type in Google WWII + BMW. So please stop to mark Comments of other people with YOUR accounts as "spam".

  3. the CTS-V looks like shit..with a quality to match

  4. And how would you know anything about the quality? Do you own one? Of course not. For less than half the price of the porsche, the CTS-V is faster and handles better. That’s hilarious. And the X6M is both slow and overpriced.

  5. The CTS-V is MADE by GM. Why don’t you know that already? Buicks are not performance cars, so I don’t know what kind of point you’re trying to make. I’ve never heard of anybody losing control in one going in a straight line though, so your friend did something wrong.

    JD Power data comes from actual owners, so "other sites" are irrelevant. JD Power’s data is sourced from hundreds of real world reports, other sites just have one long term test car, which is far less accurate.

  6. If Cadillac is so good, so why do you made several accounts on YouTube? Very poor.

  7. This video is about the CTS-V. Seriously, pay attention. And you’re not objective because you "hate GM". And the reason you hate GM is because your friend drove a terrible Buick too fast. That’s not objective, that’s the opposite of objective. You made it personal, which is not objective.

    I didn’t say Audi sucks, I said they have terrible reliability (because they do) and they’re too expensive (because they are). Those are FACTS. That’s how you know I’m objective.

  8. Cts v is the beast, x6m is the most practical, panamera is the most prestige

  9. x6 looks like a tortoise

  10. Wow, cadillac is ugly as fuck, makes my eyes bleed.

  11. You are correct 100%!

  12. But anywhere outside the US, the CTS-V is incredibly embarressing. You won’t get any posh party invites. It’s too crude.

  13. was that Carlos driving at the end?

  14. haha! I’m the dumbass? Apparently you can’t read so you must be a full on retard by your standards. Would you care to notice that in my comment I said absolutely zero about handling? You are quite the moron…

  15. Get a therapy, disased motherfucker.

  16. First: BMW early is not BMW today. In every bmw factory you can’t find any slave. And if you are intelligent, in the Nazi era, EVERY brand (of all industries) must do what Hitler wanted. OTHERWISE, Hitler came with some tanks and BMW would not exist TODAY. So please think before you talk. If Cadillac would be in Germany, Cadillac has the same problem in the Nazi era. Accept that.

  17. you can buy the cts-v, a motorcycle, and a commuter car for the price of the panamera turbo

  18. Ranked by JD Power, which uses actual owner data. These are reports that come in from the people that own the cars. It has nothing to do with what country it’s in. And seriously, why would I be jealous of Audi? Their cars cost way too much and their reliability is absolute crap. Give me one reason to be jealous of that.

    And yes, I know you hate GM. That’s why you’re not being objective, that’s kind of the entire point. You don’t want to admit that Audi makes shit cars despite the evidence.

  19. i love panamera

  20. Vernon Price, cadrolls, Veeman, zunt222… why?

  21. Wait, you guys really never made a CTS-V wagon vs. E63s Wagon? That seems like a no-brainer, could have even thrown in a panamera for shits

  22. Haha, nice try – just a fake story. My next video will be: In every Cadillac you see a BUSH, who killed over 3.000 people and more in his time, lol.

  23. Cadillac again wins.
    Does it get anymore embarrassing for the competition?

  24. "And don t be that aggressive. It s unnecessary". Do you remember saying that? You see why I can never take you seriously? It’s because you contradict yourself constantly.

  25. Just FYI… "" AND what "Merc,BMW,especially Audi and Jag" has to do with Porsche other than being German (and Jag is British…)?

  26. I hate this guy so much

  27. I actually wanna buy a bmw x6m

  28. I "don’t get it" because I shut your argument down? Okay.

  29. And Cadillac looks thousands and thousands dollars cheaper!!!

  30. Veeman477 is Wayne Johnson. A 39 year old unemployed trucker from connicticut. He jas 25 you tube accounts. He is a lunatic super troll.

  31. Did you even watch the video? he plainly said "The CTS-V’s problem is the Panamera. It’s the best car here" The Porsche destroyed the Cadillac on the 0-60 and figure 8 scores as well. Considering Cadillac has an engine 10% more powerful than the Panamera, does it get any more embarrassing for Cadillac?

  32. Would you like to quote the part where I talk about handling? I’m very interested in that.
    I feel like anyone using hashtags to call someone else a dumb ass is either actually retarded or just a troll.
    So please, show me where I talked about handling? I’d love to see it,

  33. that caddy looks like an f22

  34. And yet somehow still higher than BMW Audi and VW. Hmm.

  35. This guys needs to stop making outlandish general statement. Its annoying.

  36. Sure. For example the new S-Class has so much new technic not one american car ever seen. And the most german cars have much more quality in their interiors (SLS vs Mustang cheap plastic, Chevrolet Camaro plastic vs Audi R8)… All in all german cars still have the better quality. AMERICAN Cars, not only Cadillac…

  37. The Panamera Turbo S is slightly quicker – but not faster – than the CTS-V. And by slightly, I mean by maybe 1 tenth of a second. The Turbo S traps at 118 MPH, the CTS-V does it between 118 and 119. And people have gotten 11.9 stock ETs in it, vs. the Turbo S’s 11.8. And of course the only difference there is traction, the Panamera is AWD and the CTS-V isn’t.

    The Turbo S is a very close competitor to the CTS-V, almost neck and neck, with one major difference: $194,000 vs. $64,000.

  38. ur the stupid one, not me 🙂 do u wanna tell me things about german cars ?? wtf ? i only drive german cars, and i did it since i was 18, btw: the panamera is the best seller porshe in the USA, so u know that now

  39. "The Cadillac’s problem is the Porsche Panamera Turbo"
    Now available in Turbo S trim!

  40. CTS v for the win you can buy one an drop the rest of the money you would spend on the Porsche. On a bunch of parts an make the CTS your personal rocket ship. Only need 20k to make the CTS v a ridiculous fast car. I mean stupid fast. Like hang with modded gtr fast. Shit only need a pully, intake and a tune 3000$ an you will smoke the Porsche.

  41. And BTW it is a lie: "70% of ALL new Cadillac sales are coming form former German car owners" > "70% of Cadillac ATS buyers are purchasing their very first Cadillac" (true story)… sort your "facts".

  42. "don t be that aggressive. It s unnecessary"

    You see how you fail to take your own advice? If it’s unnecessary, why are you doing it? The fact that you can’t see that this is how you’re contradicting yourself is why I can’t take you seriously.

    Remember, don’t be that aggressive. It’s unnecessary. Sound familiar?

  43. Because you think you get party invites based on what car you drive, you are now disqualified from commenting, for reasons of excessive stupidity.

  44. You can’t say you hate GM, say they’re shitty, and then claim you’re objective. it doesn’t work that way. You’re also using ONE example of a BUICK – not even a Cadillac, much less a CTS-V – as your entire reasoning for hating GM and being so biased against them. That makes you an idiot. If you cannot separate ONE INCIDENT from the entire corporation across all their brands, then you are beyond help.

    Buicks are not drivers’ cars, CTS-Vs are. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE.

  45. Really, that’s the best you can do? Pathetic. Audi is crap, and you know it. If it weren’t, it would be higher on the list. But it’s not even higher than Cadillac, which you think is terrible. So if Cadillac is terrible and it’s higher than Audi, what does that make Audi? Super terrible? Extra terrible?

    It’s bad enough that Audis are so immensely overpriced, but the fact that they’re so unreliable at the same time is completely fucking appalling. Audi should be ashamed of themselves.

  46. He is a idiot! I love motor trend but this guys pissed me off so damn much!

  47. I love "Cadillac v" !!!

  48. Right

  49. shut up cadrolls! Get a life.

  50. Considering the fact that the CTS-V existed before the Panamera did, I’d say you’re wrong. Also, the CTS-V is both faster and handles better. And costs half as much.

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