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  1. luar biasaa

  2. what a great idea, all cars should have this!

  3. The only practical use I see for this gimmick is someone who is extremely large and people regularly park too close to you or your handicapped. Other than that it’s an indulgence that’s too expensive.



  6. I would love to have that car. But It’s all good til your battery becomes week or dies.
    Or what if your door freezes in a cooled, cooled day or night. Push the button and the door struggles to open.

  7. On the rain weather the water will get easy on inside of the car, i think?!

  8. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are they not here!!!!!!!

  9. can I drive with my doors down?

  10. NOPE

  11. missing feature: adjustable seats 90 degree turning to exit door. then will be prefect.

  12. I owned one of these cars. Too bad it didn’t have doors like this!

  13. it requires significant ground clearance to operate, great concept but won’t work. they can put that on the SUV now a day but still have serious safety issues

  14. and if it rains?

  15. how tf do I get my car like this

  16. Rain/snow will ruin the interior. Unruly kids and pets will escape. Thieves have direct access to you and anything on the inside.
    Too Posh for profit.

  17. I want! First I need to learn to drive. Then I want. 😅

  18. To expensive and too dificullt to bult strong doors for side impact protection that at the same time can slide away like that.

    Not many people is going to be willing to pay the actual cost.

  19. This seems to me to be a much more streamlined and practical approach than Tesla’s current model-X doors, which delayed production of the car for more than a year and are still prone to get in the way. Tesla must’ve known about this design, but either couldn’t incorporate it because of the battery pack underneath the car, or because of patenting rights.

  20. This video was made 8 years ago!! And no responses from them on this page. Project must be abandoned 🙁 now I have some ideas for my car upgrades. Too bad they won’t answer us as this would bring good customers to them!!

  21. This cars are not good for women’s with skirts

  22. what a shit

  23. What the fuck is this car??

  24. Seriously ugly car…

  25. What year is this car?

  26. Is it strong for a crash on the side

  27. coolest door ever designed for a ca8

  28. the bmw z1 had such a door in the 80s

  29. What a great commercial featuring both the new Lincoln Mark VIII and including the Fox Theatre right on Woodward Avenue in Downtown Detroit…my Motor City!!!! Its neat that a prototype Mark VIII was used for this style here.

  30. why isnt this on cars today

  31. Disappearing Car Door COMPANY. RIP

  32. This video is a scam, this technology was a failed concept by the manufacturer in the early 90s.

  33. This is a good idea.

  34. And where are my brothers.

  35. More Lincoln garbage.

  36. Can you just imagine pulling up to a club with those doors lmao

  37. Honestly surprised no luxury car maker has used this gimmick on one of their cars lol

  38. they made more money from YouTube from people watching this than they could make on the door. 17 million views is a good paycheck.

  39. wow my mark 8 would look good if it had those ! Way cool !👍

  40. I have only seen one Lincoln coupe in my life

    Idk why but I do not see many

  41. How about rainy days?

  42. The major problem I se with this design is structural rigidity. The A and C pillars would have to be reinforced to give the car rollover protection. This would probably reduce visibility. Plus with the B pillar missing, the car frame probably suffers from frame flex.

  43. Minivan, Sliding door

  44. this is awesome…why don’t all cars have this already?

  45. That settles it. I’m moving back to the 80’s.

  46. thats pretty cool man bet it lets a lot of heat out tho when you let a passenger out in the winter

  47. AH WANT ONE!

  48. Not much fun if it is pouring down with rain – let’s all get soaking wet – so no good in Manchester !!!

  49. They may have inspired from BMW z1

  50. What if I have a cup of coffee or a soda can in the cup holders?

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