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  1. There is just something about BMW when you sit down to your car and look at the bmw logo you immediately feel like a dick (in positive way 😀 ) and the king of the road, and you don’t get that on any other car brand. Great cars when they work well and are driven as they should be

  2. I dont like bmw. I LOVE BMW

  3. ///M

  4. I laugh out loud at all those ads on TV trying to make buyers believe their product is better than BMW when all they’re just knock offs. No way are they as good or better than a Bimmer. NIssan-Lexus-? Yech! That’s embarrassing they have such gall. To those drivers out there considering what these dudes are claiming, I say- DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!! Not for one minute! They are false prophets. There is NO substitute. Either you have a BMW or you don’t. If you’re gonna go, go first class with the original.

  5. Суперская работа! Бэхи лав ю)

  6. YES I DO!!!! 😀

  7. Yes and excellent job

    I will forever own some BMW(‘s) from ’95 and earlier

  8. I’m think of a e90 m3 sedan or bmw e46 coupe what should i get?

  9. buying a new car isn’t cool, keeping old one in top zustand, say 20+ years, is ART…

  10. car at 1.07 any one know the halo lights ?/ i want them

  11. Yes I like BMW <3

  12. Not any more

  13. remind

  14. I hate it. <3

  15. my dream is to own one, one day :-))) and drift it like a mother fucker ;-D

  16. The car at 0:52 PLZsomebody im in love with it !!!!

  17. I love so much BMW!
    Is my Favoritite car!

  18. e46 m3, e92 m3, e60 m5

  19. BMW=puissance, force, noblesse, beauté, royauté, fierté, pour moi, la marque n°1 mondiale de voiture

  20. Great video. Ya gotta own one to really appreciate that Bimmer’s are the best cars in the world.

  21. nope

  22. yes

  23. die hard BMW fan since i was 2

  24. I have lost my ball marker’s here in the states. Where in New Zealand can I order replacements? No one here in the U.S. has returned them.

  25. The ultimate driving machine. My 01 5 series has 350K on it, still goin strong.

  26. M-power

  27. music choice was right ))) 80% of viewers will never get an M. including me :))))))

  28. Anything is the same?

  29. Really nice video,congratulaitons to owner 🙂


  31. igen….. yessss….

  32. Some of em Bulgarian clips LEL BULGARIA FTW.Good video mate

  33. Yes and excellent job

    I will forever own some BMW(‘s) from ’95 and earlier

  34. Yes i do. I love BMW. But most of the new generations put me off.

    Especially the new X1, the 3GT, 5GT, i8, i3 and 2 Granny and Awful Tourer. and the FWD 3 cylidner ones! And i hate the downsizing shit and all the schizophrneic digital gismo stuff, plus the horrid looking iPad screens.

    THe X6 is still a badass mofo! Luckily many of the BMWs in this video are the ones of pre 2008, the PROPER Bimmer.

  35. klassssssssssssssssssssssssss

  36. Yeahhh this shit is freaking me out!!! BMW ///M4 ever. ((d-_-b))

  37. Really people I would really like to reorder the kiwi golf markers. Thanks for your time.

  38. i have a bmw

  39. I like BMW very much

  40. i came for tits, i left dissapointed

  41. This was fucking golden


  43. I love BMW <3!!!!

  44. найс…

  45. (ILOVEBMW) Guy:Do You Like BMW??? Other Guy:No I Do Not I LIke AMG. Guy:Well Go F&%# Your Self B!tc

  46. bmw not hobby, bmw the love, the boss of cars, the power of vehicle’s thats a lifestyle <3 ///M

  47. I just jizzed in my pants

  48. this video so beautifull

  49. no tits ? sad. and left

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