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  1. Trouble is the M3 would easily beat the Charger at every quantifiable activity, except for granted, the soundtrack.

  2. Mopar! 💪

  3. another thing that charger has is that car can be a good investment

  4. This is a great video demonstration. The firing order of a V8 with a flat-plane crankshaft (European) alternate odd-even-odd-even and so on. But all American V8s use a cross-plane crankshaft which requires 2 pistons on the same side to fire consecutively as in odd-even-even-odd-even-odd-odd-even. This in combination with dual exhaust gives the American V8 a unique rumble that so many truck and muscle car owners love.

  5. don’t see what’s the point, how stupid

  6. ??????????

  7. hahah omg

  8. Can’t wait to start my charger build.

  9. Bei dem Video fällt mir eigentlich nur eines ein…Der Dodge startet und…Noch Fragen?der BMW hört sich ja nicht schlecht an, aber der dodge eben wie ein V8 sein muss


  11. mit ein Dodge Charger 1969 kann kein auto der welt mit halten.Dodge Charger 1969 ist einfach das geilste auto mit dem geilsten sound der welt

  12. mopar or no car!!!!!! simple

  13. It a lot to do with the base mechanics of the older US V8s firing sequence, valve activation & fuelling/breathing.

  14. Bmw сосет)

  15. American Muscle!

  16. the charger sounds like it wants bite of my face.

  17. V8 4ever!!!

  18. The Charger might have to large a pipe in it’s exhaust system for the hp it has.

  19. i think the charger win 😏

  20. algum br nessa poha? hu3hu3

  21. 0:24 yes satan? American Muscle!!!

  22. sin duda alguna me quedo con el dodge☺

  23. BMW all the way

  24. Under BMW so.. okee ich roll jez ma heim 😀

  25. That Dodge sounds like it eats bones

  26. dodge charger <3

  27. dodche charger is beter

  28. It’s the original V8 sound, that only can come from an American muscle car.

  29. Lol ok here’s my input, this is a ridiculous comparison, you are comparing 2 COMPLETELY different cars from 2 COMPLETELY different generations, and people with completely different tastes in cars, they are both v8s yes but they were built during very different times and are of course going to sound drastically different, I personally prefer the BMW because to me I just like the look and sound of a small European coupe, and if you have a problem with that or call me a "sissy boy" for liking a different car than you then it is only embarrassing on your part, and I’m not saying that the dodge is stupid or that it’s terrible, its just not for me and I don’t care if anyone prefers it over the BMW

  30. The contest was over when that guy opened the door of that gorgeous Charcher.

  31. BMW probably has modern stock exhaust, the dodge probably has straight pipes. Really stupid comparison…

  32. nothings gonna beat a mopar

  33. American muscle. what else?

  34. this battle was over that niga opened the dodges door

  35. lol you can’t hear that shitty BMW after he turned on that Dodge… No chance to beat a REAL V8!

  36. The sound of a healthy MOPAR is music to my ears.

  37. American muscle

  38. charger

  39. вы все пидоры ебаные

  40. Who could give 362 dislikes to this ?! >:/ If Charger wouldn’t be so expensive, I would buy Charger, unfortunatly this big guy won’t be as my first car, I’ll have to stay happy with Ford Mustan 2003, anyway it will be a nice american car, after I’ll add some toys under hood 😉

  41. 😍😍😍😍😍

  42. idc if I was tone deaf, the Charger wins this just by that big beautiful phat assssss XD

  43. charger automatically wins. because america

  44. Not a single Rev was done that day.

  45. meh bmw e60 m5 , after rape on drag strip or street . your Dodge is mine to use for waking the neibours only.

  46. Dodge fucking rules the world

  47. 2 of my favorite cars!

  48. im german and german cars are very cool and practical…but the american V8 (no matter if its a mustang any dodge a camaro or anything that i havent named yet) is just a fucking beast that gives me chills every time i hear it! i love the sound of american V8 engines!

  49. Mismatch of the century.
    That Charger is amazing!

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