Drag Race: BMW M135i vs Audi S3 Sedan

The hot-hatch game has moved on significantly over the past few years and to be a real contender, you need to packing at least 200kW. This battle pits the executive warrior against the brash and brawny hooligan. It’s the Audi S3 sedan taking on the recently facelifted BMW M135i.

Both are packing over 200kW, but there are many key differences between the two. The Audi S3 makes do with a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder motor packing 206kW and 380Nm. The BMW M135i packs an almighty 240kW and 450Nm from its 3.0-litre turbocharged straight six. Not only is it powerful, but it also makes a lovely noise at full power. On paper at least, the Audi S3 sedan looks to be substantially outgunned, but it has one additional weapon at its disposal: quattro all-wheel drive. Traction has proved to be a serious issue on the slippery tarmac of Killarney Raceway in Cape Town, South Africa and many races have been surprise upsets due to this.

Both cars have launch control, but it’ll be a test of how each car best puts down its power. Can the Audi S3 sedan use its quattro advantage to build enough of a lead, or will the BMW M135i pull away right from the get go?

Watch the video below to see who wins this battle of the premium brands. Regardless of who wins, we can guarantee there will be another title challenger soon enough.

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  1. and by a Mercedes https://youtu.be/SetQBRzpxzs

  2. awd advantage,we all know that a front wheel drive audi has failed all its years in the past

  3. These BMW Fans man damn ! no offence but every time a bmw lose to another car a big amont of rage come after with so much drama and tears !!

  4. why are you asking your self that question coz that s3 use all its power well and bmw does not so stop being useless

  5. cry bmw fangays.

  6. shit race…i own a m135i 2014 and a friend of mine owns a s3 sedan. We did drag race at least 7-8 times and my BMW is always ahead after 10 meters

  7. Yes, and now let’s see xdrive 135i vs FWD audi?

  8. Can you PLEASE PLEASE have a review of the S3 SEDAN

  9. Not Quattro

  10. Quattro is Quattro….Audi is Audi. Period.

  11. o controle de tração da BM Tava ligado

  12. I Think BMW has still the sportier cars, I mean it is easy to drive an AWD and be fast, but the real thing is rear wheel drive.

  13. And again………


  14. pls do a race between bmw 235i vs golf 7r

  15. hi can you please compare cars thats really compete with each other like the golf gti vs bmw 125i dont just do special models we want all models so please get your hands on more cars and show us what they can do

  16. fake and gay

  17. I like BMW more

  18. LOVE AUDI forever ♥

  19. It also depends on the driver.

  20. this shouldn’t surprise anyone Audi was originally race car but has shifted more towards luxury executive business car

  21. AWD vs RWD is not just in drag race.

  22. Jesus that BMW is ugly as fuck !

  23. They’ve put RS 3 wheels on the S3.

  24. 6 CYLINDRES, 320 HP 2 turbos VS 4 cylindres , 300 hp = AUDI .

  25. i dont know why BMW fans rage this two are STOCK versions…..And however Audi make faster cars fr drag race overall…

  26. you have not made ​​the real comparison .we had to take the BMW 135i m xdrive with s3 quattro .BMW is more powerful reliable finest.

  27. I bought a 2017 S3 this weekend. To be honest, I don’t really care which cars it can beat in a race. I just care about how fun it is to drive, and i was blown away by the S3 in the test drive. It’s a mean little car.

    Is it the fastest thing on the road? Of course not. Not even close. You’d have to buy something a hell of a lot more expensive than one of these to accomplish that feat, and even still there’s probably a custom built sleeper out there waiting to dethrone you, but the S3 is a hell of a lot of fun to drive. I can testify to that.

    The BMW is a great car too though. No doubt about it. I’d say if you’re trying to decide between the two, you’re going to have a great time either way you go. Never mind the people out there that shout "BMW’s suck!" or "Audis suck!". They’re obviously both great manufacturers and are extremely similar from a performance standpoint from model to model. One doesn’t have to suck for the other to be appreciated.

    If you have one, you should feel lucky that you’re doing well enough to have such choices. That’s my feeling at least. The day I stop appreciating it, is the day I know I’ve lost my humility and need to rethink some things. At that point, I’ll know I’m one of those assholes out there that don’t deserve to drive a car like a Beamer or Audi, and should just hand the keys over to a kid that would appreciate driving a car like that. Machines this nice deserve to be appreciated.

    Ze Germans sure can build a car though. High strudel intake must promote vehicular genius or something.

  28. before the video starts i was thinking that it was an un fair match against the audi and you have to do the dran against an RS3 but the result just blow my mind

  29. that S3 is a press car and they have the power amped up. In other races, the M135i destroya the S3

  30. why not a flying start?

  31. whats the difference in weight between these two in kg?

  32. m140i vs new spec s3? ?

  33. u r rite bare dira bashishi

  34. very good!

  35. S3 is equivalent On Series 2

  36. Now its time to have a race against all VW Golf 7…The Clubsport S and R…That would be a great race to watch and see how they all perform on the 1/4 mile.Please make it happen.Thanks

  37. traction advantage thats why jaquar beat rs6

  38. Quick…NOT fast. Learn the difference

  39. BMW would kill the Audi on a track…

  40. Roads arent straight, only strips are

  41. Are you really joking dude how many money you got to make this video to let audi win like this?

  42. Cry more BMW fans, Audi with a V4 and 2.0 tfsi engine destroyed your massive 3.0 turbo l6

  43. Please do a drag race with the audi tts. Thank you.

  44. Why not against a BMW 135i xdrive instead?! Then we’ll see who wins!

  45. it’s not the car, it’s the driver

  46. From a rolling start, m135i will smoke the S3 by a big margine…for every day driving, i would go for the beemer as it feels more smother with L6 comparing to the buzzy s3 engine

  47. Everybody knows Audi engines are underrated. It’s prolly pushing closer to 330 hp

  48. Audi and Mercedes are always raping BMW.

  49. With a rolling start the BMW is faster without a doubt

  50. You can also have the bmw with xdrive you idiots… Thats not fair. M135i has the better engine and sound.

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