Drag Race: BMW M2 vs Mercedes A45 AMG

In the acceleration-obsessed world of drag racing, one aspect of a car’s setup is often crucial to victory: all-wheel drive. Sending power through all four wheels significantly aids traction and helps the car move quickly off the line in those all-important first few seconds of a quarter mile drag race.

Which makes our latest drag race very interesting; although these cars have similar levels of power and torque, the BMW is rear wheel drive while the plucky A45 AMG, now with even more power after a facelift, is all wheel drive.

With the odds stacked in the AMG’s favour, would the latest M car from BMW be able to claw back a victory in tough conditions?

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  1. despite a delayed reaction AMG still wins

  2. BMW The best. BMW tem sangue mais bravo e transmite mais esportividade.

  3. I have both of these cars.. the M2 feels faster
    A45 launches a bit harder in most conditions but Rolling M2 is quicker

  4. Mercedes Number ONE!

  5. Why just 1 run? Jesus learn to make up some fucking statistics

  6. تصميمي للازهار الحزينه


  7. The 4wd more powerful car struggled

  8. bmw 3.0 6 cilinder bi-turbo vs 2.0 4 cilinder turbo?? what a joke!!👏

  9. Do you consider reaction time???

  10. what ever the people say the merc did better so what it had more traction and more power the bmw was lighter and in stuff like this weight is one of the most important things and the bmw had a bigger engine so the bmw had the advantage but merc did extremely good

    and also think for if you buy one of these,what is cheaper and what is going to keep its value for longer the merc is just a better car

  11. There was another race on youtube with these 2 cars and a Audi, around a track dry conditions.
    The BMW won beating the Merc and the Audi.
    They brought up the fact that the BMW beat the Merc and the Merc was a all wheel drive and the BMW was a rear wheel drive.
    BMW always beats stupid lazy Merc, its always a unfair race when Merc wins.

  12. but i still think it’s fake because they have the same weight but the bmw have more hp than mercedes !so how the merceddes won?!

  13. why you dont compare it with the M1 Coupe? the bmw 1 is just like the A by mercedes or the 3 by audi

  14. wet road!!

  15. the track is not dry so it obviously favours a 4WD

  16. What is the point of these videos? Why is everything about drag race and tracks when most people will never drive on a track. Drag racing is as much about reaction time than car performance in this non conclusive scenario.

  17. STFU BMW cheap little Fan boys. Talk when you guys can afford a car not leasing a car cheap asss motherfuckers

  18. Try Best of 3 you might be surprised that its ,more about the driving !!!!

  19. another daylight robbery. Wet track works against the rear wheel bmw. But as usual the bmw performed way better than it was expected

  20. hmm i would say bmw engine is better for dayly drive, torque on low rpms = put gas down and he goes while marc cant go as well… waiting for later news ^^

  21. And the fuel economy business – Like you use to say: "Nobody cares" ehh..? lol 😉

  22. Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

  23. repeat on dry track!! proper review

  24. Benz forever

  25. ///// AMG

  26. Trap speeds?

  27. I think BMW still got the best performance i8

  28. is the m2 engine get hidden horsepower like its brother f10 m5? on paper bmw claims 560hp, but on dyno show more than 600hp ??

  29. BMW needs to start making all wheel drive M- cars, they just can’t put the power down on the rear wheels alone

  30. Ninjago

  31. bmw anyday 😎

  32. mercedes-benz is more expensive in South Africa than Australia.

  33. BMW/M2/THE BOSS!!!

  34. but that road is wet mos, put them on a dry road

  35. uglies this bmw ..all bmw are uglies car uglies interior a big money wtf ? …car only for fanboys
    a45 lower engine a is more better sound 4 cylinder than shit 6 cyl bmw omfg ! …

  36. Was launch control used on both cars?

  37. merceds is the best

  38. I like it

  39. Over a 800m the BMW would strech his legs like Usain Bolt.

  40. Did he even fucking used the launch control in the a45 because that launch was terible and with the launch control that thing is a fuckin spaceship

  41. Its evry time super close!!!!

  42. BMW saiu atrás e buscou. Ou seja, se tivesse mais reta ia passar

  43. wow m2 must be much faster in dry then

  44. 2.0l, 4cyl vs 3.0l, 6cyl. REALY?

  45. good race.. with the awd from merc you would think its gonna jump atleast half a car infront.. more power and not that much weight more on it.. bmw has got the bigger motor but still makes less kw then the merc.. ill say bmw takes this one on dry roads.. and with the merc pushing 1.6bar of boost i dont think that motor will hold 200 000km like most sports cars

  46. Benz

  47. Or BMW M2

  48. The thing is… BMW understates their power output. That M2 probably makes more than 272kW and more than the A45 on the wheels

  49. And then you get things like.. curves .. by by 4WD

  50. That M2 is no hatchback, its a coupe…Bring a hatch then you can talk

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