Drag race: BMW X5 M50d versus Range Rover Sport Supercharged V8

In a clash that just ten years ago would have seemed impossible or just downright silly, we lined up BMW’s most powerful diesel SUV against the new Range Rover Sport, which uses an engine shared with the Jaguar F-Type to develop an incredible 375kW (502hp).

Both manufacturers claim their cars accelerate from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in the same time, so we honestly had no idea which car would win over the quarter mile drag race.

What we did know is that one of these cars would have a bit more fuel in the tank at the end of the day.

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Car specs

BMW X5 M50d
Price: R1 113 148
Engine: 3.0 Inline-6 Tripleturbo diesel
Power: 280kW and 740Nm
Ave fuel: 6.7 litres/100km

Range Rover Supercharged HSE V8
Price: R1 365 023
Engine: 5.0 litre V8 petrol
Power: 375kW and 625Nm
Ave fuel: 13.8 litres/100km

Written, Directed and Presented by Ciro De Siena
Director of Photography – Warrick Le Sueuer
Edited by JJ Jordaan
Camera Assistants – Melrie Theunissen and Liam Drake
Drivers – Dave Taylor and Gino Lange

Flex Vector – Pocket Zombie
Koona – Starkey

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  1. Good try bmw

  2. M division did not produce this car, this car is sort of M-line, which means it has a sporty feel, like the 235M. The only real M cars are the M1, M3, M4…

  3. Hey dummies m50d is slow try 50i see what happens or better yet x5m that will destroys

  4. Ok let me see how your Range Rover does around a track against either an Audi S3 or a Golf R!! lol The RR will roll over around the corner guaranteed

  5. Buyers who cannot afford a Range Rover SVR buy a BMW X5!

  6. yeah ok try that with the x5///M

  7. go and try X5M vs RR SVR

  8. WTF is kilo watt !!!

  9. use the effing bmw x5m

  10. Diesel engine does respond faster

  11. i wish these guy would just use hp instead of kilo wats .

  12. any Indian car rase

  13. range rover hi range level suv in the world

  14. I hate range rover

  15. lol how much did Range rover pay for this advert?

  16. hahaha never buy a diesel engine if u wanna race…….

  17. Олени.Разные машины сравнивают.

  18. Sorry Nazis! You lost the game again.

  19. is this a joke? why would you compare a diesel X5 with a v8 supercharged RRS?! a 50i belongs there

  20. Netx time use x5m

  21. love to see them go up with a 1994 overfinch v8 discovery 1 on
    are one has a 6.2 v8

  22. you comparing between v8 and v6 stupids? bmw is 100 times better because of intelligence. when you seat in a land rover you can feel the cheap ford bone in that car. compare it with porsche cayenne turbo s which is near price and look at the picture.

  23. Hi

  24. m power is great fast

  25. That was BS, the BMW X5 M will destroy that big goofy looking Range Rover. Why didn’t he used the M version in the race, I know why because the Brits didn’t want to get their asses handed to them by the Ultimate Driving Machine!!

  26. diesel never win… never buy a diesel engine suv……..

  27. This video is fucking pointless. You’re putting a x5 m50d which is a 380+ bhp diesel against a 500+ Supercharged PETROL. obviously the RR is going to win. Do it properly and use the actual fucking X5 M.

  28. I would challenge those two cars with my uncle’s golf 7

  29. how much did they pay you to lose to the RR on purpose?

  30. this is a 3 liter diesel in bmw lol, use the fucking v8 petrol x5 m u dumb cunt. lol. range rover payed and bought for, this is the only way the indian range rover shitfest can win any test. by paying the tester. clinton like. lol

  31. That the main purpose of buying a luxury SUV – drag racing!

  32. See what happens when, L.R. puts Ford Engines in their vehicles?? (y) (y)

  33. It’s a supercharged V8 what do you expect. idiots that’s like having a Porsche GT vs Corsa 1.2

  34. franc

  35. Вы далбоны икс5 дизель,а рендж бензиновый

  36. Range rover is super fast

  37. wow

  38. diesel vs petrol? are you kidding me?

  39. diesel vs gasoline -.-

  40. RR exterior too ugly, they’ve tried to overdue it, looks like the type of car ford or kia would sell

  41. yes I m agree with u toller

  42. Bmw x5 is best

  43. why the hell doesnt the "50" in 50d no longer mean 5liters?

  44. The BMW just looks better, is more than likely a superior drive on the road, feels tighter because it is a BMW and is cheaper.

    Go figure.

    Range Rover Sport has to be the most overrated and overpriced SUV’s in the World.

    Only a chav would buy one.

    Now go and try the X5M vs the cumbersome and overpriced RR 5.0V8. You can not really compare a diesel with a 5.0V8, a bit unfair.

    So X5M Vs Range Rover Sport 5.0V8.

  45. This is the most stupid comparison I’ve ever seen, how can you compare a V8 Supercharged with a diesel, go compare it with real M- Power, and I ‘m sure this man in this video will not be surprised anymore

  46. Spasst hol doch x6 m

  47. Das ist eine Ungerechtigkeit. BMW X5 M ist besser, schneller, sodass RR schwach ist

  48. MX5 would beat that RR shit , even the 3 liter diesel almost did that !!

  49. I have an X5 M50d and to get max performance you have to change manually on the paddles ! By just planting your foot it revs too high & comes out of its max torque! Get someone who knows the X5 M50d to do the drag race & I bet the outcome would be different

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