Drag Race: BMW X6 M vs Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S Coupe

When it comes to tarmac devouring mammoth SUVs, two manufacturers reign supreme. BMW and Mercedes-Benz. There are a few other models on the periphery but these two are top of the pile when it comes to laying down huge numbers into an SUV and still getting it to turn a corner. As far as this drag race goes, the numbers are nearly identical everywhere you look.

Power and torque are slightly in the favour of the Mercedes-AMG with its 5.5-Litre biturbo V8 pushing out 430 kW and 760 Nm. The BMW is hardly an underdog though with its 4.4-Litre twin-turbo V8 capable of 423 kW and 750 Nm. Zero to 100kph is exactly the same at a claimed 4.2 seconds and both have to be electronically restrained at 250kph. The BMW has a slightly faster shifting gearbox but the margins in every department are minimal. The prices, while bordering or extortion are similar too. The BMW will set you back R1 757 659 and the Merc a little more at R1 876 111.
Both machines are coupe SUVS, a segment that BMW created with its first generation BMW X6. Mercedes-Benz is joining the fray with its version of a coupe SUV in hopes of stealing sales from its long-time rival.

As we sat on the start line, we expected this to be a close race. The two giants sat with their exhaust pipes banging away, louder than anything we have drag raced before. It really was a shouting match between two loud-mouthed heavyweight boxers going at each other pre fight.

Take a look at the video below to see who wins this mighty drag race, a title we don’t see being lifted from its shoulders any time soon.

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  1. who won

  2. Holy sht there’s a lot of bmw fanboys here

  3. BMW is a cheap, piece of worthless trash that should be thrown in a garbage heap. it shouldn’t of won. BMW sucks, Mercedes Benz is the best!!!

  4. in yo face mercedes fanboys….no offense

  5. moi je préfère la merco même ci il as perdu

  6. moi je préfère la merco même ci il as perdu

  7. change merc driver

  8. BMW is my favourite car brand…. but i have to say…that dosen t matter if the BMW is faster than Mercedes in this case…both of them are fucken awesome!!!

  9. for me the mercedes benz is the Best and the vmw its a big shit

  10. x6 of course, …

  11. UGLE 63 amg lol

  12. gle is the beast a really monster the mercedes-benz is a big monster

  13. samet go paha,mbenz kills bmw m any time,what statement you publish against M,lol suck time for you,7.22

  14. ///// AMG…!!!

  15. bmw 👍🏼

  16. Una caca

  17. Mercedes S vs BMW M ??? Why not equality ? AMG VS M ????

  18. BMW 4EVER😎💪

  19. I love cars. I love Audis, the design is just amazing! I love Mercedes, because of their built quality especially the S-Class and G63 AMG. I love Porsche 911 Turbo S! But the ultimate driver’s car is BMW. There is no competition. I had a chance to drive M4, and OMG, I never thought a car can be so much fun to drive.

  20. Blue Panda!

  21. The x6m is way better looking and faster

  22. forget the look am about the speed am so impatient

  23. This isn’t a sports car. Anyone drag racing an SUV is an idiot

  24. I think if this race was longer the Benz would’ve caught the bimmer.. the bimmer won because it’s lighter… the Benz would’ve caught up because it has longer legs#morepower

  25. Rip off

  26. BMW just have a good pickup

  27. do the race on dry road next time

  28. оба хуйна

  29. bien joué bmx

  30. bmw are the best

  31. BMW BMW BMW BMW))))))

  32. For a second I tought the m6 replica would win


  34. benz use a donkey engine beat it hard donkey

  35. ratqmaundabmw

  36. power mercedes yes

  37. Bmw M like a 💣..! The M 🏆 4 ever..! ✌️🏽

  38. x6 m the boss

  39. Why people dont use horsepower???

    Its just anoying to hear kilowatt shit.

  40. This is BMW x6 vs bad x6 copy, smrh

  41. 🙂 😉 😛

  42. GLE63S POWER …why BMW ? a this car is very uglies a shit all retards buy this car
    GLE is more better looking car luxury a quality

  43. Mercedes Benz Ova BMW

  44. Fuck the merc 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  45. BMW is BMW

  46. mercedes suv clone of x6

  47. BMW is the MONSTER 😉💪💨🔥🔥🔥👑👑

  48. BMW X6 The original beat a bad copy

  49. bien joué bmx

  50. bien joué bmx

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