Drag Race! Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 vs Porsche 911 Turbo

Watch the Ultimate Vette – the mighty Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 – take on the venerable Porsche 911 Turbo in this white knuckled blast down the drag strip…

Read the full story here:

Shot by: Mike Suggett & Gordon Green
Edited by: Gordon Green

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  1. The corvette sucks

  2. Like most super cars today, they incorporate a little thing called "Carbon Fiber" as most of them are made out of it now. It’s lighter, stronger, but more expensive than fiber glass. However, if you took plastic out of the car equation then we wouldn’t have much to look at as most cars, including the GT-R, ZR1, 911, and all the others out there wouldn’t have much to build off of anymore. Cars would be 4000lbs or more like they were back in the 50’s & 60’s.

  3. europe no 1 in everything sorry americans 

  4. So you pay like $65k extra just to go 0.3 seconds faster than a corvette

  5. throw AWD in the vette and it will be unstopable  hands down

  6. Porsche 911 turbo all the way … what a classy iconic car it is !!!

  7. Porsche, Proven and Capable , nuff said ! The Daddy of them all !

  8. and i thought that the chevy corvette ZR1 would win because its the american cars 

  9. are you kidding me corvettes were made for racing

  10. Which videos?

  11. The interior of the ZR1 is mostly plastic, but most of the body panels are aluminum. If you still think that cars are made out of plastic you should check those facts on the web.

  12. 911s look like smashed VW beetles…… Corvette = sexy 

  13. Haha what a launch Porsche, bravo!

  14. It’s a simple matter of traction and driver error if it was a roll race the Vette would have won what most of you guys don’t understand is that Ls engines make a crazy amount of torque low in the rev rang add a root supercharger to that and there’s even more low end torque so getting that to hook up on street tires from a dig is next to impossible as in the Porsche it’s a tiny engine plus awd and turbo lag so of course it will win in a drag race the driver doesn’t have to do anything both are great cars

  15. Why do they keep comparing a supercar with a GM piece of shit?

  16. Porsche is just a better car all in all.  VW power!

  17. Put some down force on that Vette and it will be a real race

  18. 911’s and GTR’s can only go fast in straight lines. ZR1 rips them around a track.

  19. All-wheel drive always wins.

  20. 500 German HP is enough for 600+ American HP

  21. Bottom line you get More Pussy in a Vette. Porsche looks like a VW Bug

  22. Looks wise,  i like the vette.  Performance wise, the 911.    I own a Porsche so im a little biased

  23. damn right aye

  24. Porsche 911 turbo can beat a Corvette Zr1 in a quarter mile run but when it comes to a half a mile run Corvette Zr1 wins.

  25. Did anybody really expected a different outcome?

  26. I like both cars.. What’s interesting though is that a guy at work has a 2012 911 GTS (lucky bastard) and he takes his car to the track. I asked him what the most common car was at the track. I thought it would be Corvettes due to the bang for the buck. Without hesitation, he said 911 GT3’s. I asked why, as the Corvette is indeed quick around a lap. He stated that the Corvette is quick around ONE lap, but can’t take the pounding lap after lap after lap.

    I see people saying that the Corvette is faster on the track, but I just wonder if anyone has seen it in action vs 911 in real races.. not just one lap. No, I’m not hating on Corvettes, I have three friends that own Z06’s and ZR1’s and they love them. I’m just curious as to what people have seen in real life in a real multi lap race.

  27. 650hp vs 530hp germani car the best

  28. why should i fuck my self wild cat? just because i said corvette is better than a fucking porsche? i drive a zr1 and raced every fucking porsche. do you drive a stupid porsche? i drive a
    corvette. the only thing porsche can do is to be expensive, and nothing else.

  29. It won because you guys can’t drive…… lol

  30. Porsche

  31. porsche is bull shit not the corvette…unly fucking 6 cylinders of crap.And that not a supercar at all……only a fucking flat beetle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. german cars > american cars

  33. VW is king of super and Hyper car’s, Porsche’s are some of the best performance car’s on the planet the turbo S, just shited on the Corvette ZR1, i luv it……..#realdeal

  34. As a ZR1 owner, this is pretty much exactly what I expected to see.   The ZR1 is severely traction limited.  At my local track, the ZR1 and Z06 routinely run the same times in the 1/4 mile.  Once you get past 550hp or so, any more hp is unusable anywhere except for top speed runs.  My ZR1 has an addition 100hp added to it and it’s completely unusable.  The car is a beast to drive and must be seriously respected or you’re going to end up wrapped around a pole.  I can hammer the gas at the top of 2nd gear at 90mph and get the rear end loose.  I wish every single day that my ZR1 had all wheel drive like the Porsche.

  35. Times have changed… Now European cars win on drag strip, but lose on track.

  36. ok. Why drag race 1/4 mile? lets see 1/2 or 1 mile drag race. 1/4 mile can not reach a sports car true power.

  37. I don’t think there are any car manufactures that make a whole car out of plastic; and you’re trying to make me believe that cars are made out of plastic?! :0

  38. Proven by what?

  39. c6 lol z06 vs this 911 be closer competition

  40. 1:35- Compare that hellish sound
    with that produced at 1:40.

  41. Porsche wins on that Awd launch if you race from a roll like 40 or 60 or just give the vette a full mile it passes the 911, but both cars are sick would love to have either one.

  42. the funny thing is if u watch the other test they do the vette wins everything else..1/4 drag dont mean a whole lot wen that’s the only thing the 911 can win n loses on the track…breaks..fig 8..etc

  43. My ZR on any freeway run will walk most porsches. Just like this ZR trapped higher. I never race from the light its always highways and thats where vettes dominate.

  44. Both cars are sick. Any one who hates on any of these cars is just a stupid fan boy.

  45. The 911 is a timeless masterpiece. It retained its beautiful curvature since it was first introduced over fifty years ago and has preserved firmly its well-deserved label as the benchmark of all sports cars.

  46. AWD FTW

  47. This would have been even more interesting in a state with a real autumn, meaning some rain and leaves here and there and then racing of a traffic light. In sunny California and on track rear wheel is more fun, in most 4 real seasons countries throughout the world I pick 4WD anytime, especially in the Alpes…..a pity the turbo is so expensive.

  48. Look at all these butt hurt American sissies!!

  49. ha. not even the turbo s! I couldnt imagine that slaughter off the line.

  50. I don’t know why you think it’s plastic. The tires are rubber, the rims are alloys and the engine is definitely not plastic.

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