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  1. How do you say clobbered? 

  2. I still call bullshit on porche.

  3. Tuned Porsche is tuned

  4. Alright fine thats it Porsche won move on. God people dont see that the Porsche is an incredible car, everyones blaimng it on stupid excuses like ‘oh its a woman driving’ so what? women can drive just as well as men end of.  

  5. The Lambo is so sweet when you se him on this race with the German Kings

  6. SLS *.*

  7. Porsche is small and so much lighter then rest of 2cars

  8. Очень Круто!

  9. Thats why i own a porsche! Best sportscar in the world… but 2 b honest! The sls is one of the most beautiful cars ever! Respect

  10. Ah ulannn

  11. porsche 911 Sssssssssss

  12. for all n00bs posting here without any knowledge whatsoever about these cars: 0-100, Gallardo 3.7s  911 TurboS 3.1s

    and for those who said it looks like a retarded Beetle and so on just check this out you clearly have no sense of aestethics

  13. because the driver is a woman :p

  14. porsche started like a rocket

  15. Mercedes sls amg. It will never lose it’s beautiful classy look and it’s not made for posers like Lamborghini and Ferrari. When people see you in it, they will straight away think " classy gentleman " when they look at ferrari " douche bag country club rich kid " when they look at lamborghini " bad boy ". 24 years old, recently bought a house and now ready for this car :).

  16. Incroyable et légendaire Porsche 911, mettre une telle claque à une Lamborghini gallardo et à une Mercedes sls amg à qui ils ne restent plus que la belle carrosserie à polisher, putain la claque que la Porsche 911 leur met.

  17. Sembra la scena del film, il bello il brutto e il cattivo, la Mercedes è il brutto XD 

  18. Hi, I am married to a porche man (GT3,)  I just want to say I was driving behind a mercedes SLS AMG and that car looked so HOT I wanted to get out and lick it!

  19. mercedes is BEST WORLD CAR

  20. The 911 won? O_o, im going to buy a 2014 one

  21. porsche 911 turbo S 💪👌👍

  22. lambo and porshce are AWD and mercedes no, is that fiar drag race?

  23. Hehehehehehe

  24. The blonde guy in the Lambo has a high voice.

  25. For fair comparison the trust mode of SLS and gallardo must have been used or not used and the 911 should have not used its launch control or fair comparison and obviously the Gallardo should have won this short sprint drag.

  26. lol the turbo s is in auto mode what a chick who drive this porsche !!

  27. Porsche is king . Forever 😉

  28. The difference is the 911 could run this drag 50 times and win every fucking time.

  29. Porsche light car,every get match.

  30. O my porche my favorite car

  31. 911

  32. 2:31 what?! 1-millisecond behind and windows open? Not fair!! 

  33. 911 = ugly fast
    sls = sexy ass

  34. weak launch of the porsche driver, the woman in the lamb started way better…

  35. Porsche beats Lamborghini all day. Porsche has more class as well.

  36. what an awesome chick look how much fun she is having

  37. The lambo pulled away from the SLS because of the 4WD, but you can see the SLS is pulling on it and by the end it’s more or less neck and neck. If this was a 1/2 mile race or even a rolling start the SLS would come 2nd

  38. Lamborghini dusted both these cars in other videos. dude does not know how to drive!

  39. where is the fiat abarth? it would rip all these cars a new fourth brake light

  40. Bizim bi osman amcada vardi sls kullandim 4 gunlugune fazla gitmiyor ama olsun

  41. The lady in the Lamborghini ( Marta I think her name is ) looks quite funny…I mean good-humoured! Only one who’s having some fun   Porsche driver looks a bit eccentric to say the least!!

  42. No contesto.

  43. Put an Agera R into the race and it’ll leave the others in the dust.

  44. Turbo S is 1 division ahead

  45. I don’t see why people keep making this argument. Can you hear yourself? If this is driving, you would take the bus? Then go take the bus. I like getting to work without having to wait for a bus and getting stabbed by homeless people. I rather cars be easy to drive on the road so people aren’t spinning out whenever it’s damp out. You’re effing crazy to think all cars should have no ABS, or traction control. Take that shit to the track.

  46. why not launch control in lambo?

  47. Maybe the SLS was the heaviest, that’s why it lost.

  48. I want to see this race again, but this time with the Mercades turboed.

  49. that chick who drives gallardo hot af. anyone know the name?

  50. amg проиграл=(((

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