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  1. I paused that video with the orange camaro an it saysGTS which is only 390 hp and a turbo s is 552 hp, i wish I knew someone with a camaro who would race my 09 turbo s to upload a video,I will upload a video of a solo walk around soon.

  2. my CAYENNE S, runs 13s..that is the GTS..the turbo is much faster

  3. My friend that is not a Turbo s that is a GTS

  4. ha ha! slow.

  5. i

  6. Oh too comments from people in today’s system…13.8 is slow from a 5000lb suv from a small bore na v-8 with more creature comforts than my house gotta love YouTube and people that haven’t been too a local drag strip;)

  7. Yeah sorry that’s definitely a GTS… A solid marking is the exhaust pipes. turbos come with bright chrome or polished aluminum exhaust tips and GTS come with round black exhaust pipes ( clearly shown here) It’s a shame they’d try to put down a cayenne turbo like that. Porsches are really a marvel in engineering.

  8. You should change the title to GTS (Not Turbo S) so people aren’t misinformed.

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