Driven: the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo S on track

The Cayenne Turbo S has always been unrivaled in terms of performance and dynamics. The goal for the latest addition to the Cayenne range is to surpass previous levels of driving performance and to build the most impressive SUV ever to bear the Porsche Crest. Watch Gordon Robertson, Chief Driving Instructor testing the car on the track at its birthplace in Leipzig. More information on

Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5:
Cayenne models 11,5-7,2 l/100km; CO2 emission: 270-189 g/km

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  1. diffrent type of car the porsche is very porsche like its super dominante but the rr is very british

  2. I love this car

  3. lmao, are you on drugs? The jeep is NOT faster than the Cayenne Turbo, let alone the Turbo S.

  4. After a few years, this car will be around $50-60K hahaha

  5. global warming and peak oil. breathing smog

  6. oh yeh cus thats faster than a cayenne turbo s.! the only 4X4 faster is the bowler exr-s

  7. Can cayenne hybrid do off road.? Is it the same system as cayenne s? Please help..

  8. this is the definition of a sport utility vehicle

  9. Hey, he got my shirt! 🙂 Great car.

  10. Best performance SUV!

  11. Range Rovers were never really a performance match for the Cayennes.
    But choosing one of the two is not a matter of performance, but it is a decision. Sport vs. Luxury; conservativeness vs. contemporary; English vs. German; offroad vs. onroad.

  12. can’t wait to see it against BMW X6 M .. gonna be interesting

  13. Mr. Fabian Troll, i like this name! 😀

  14. Mr Fabian TROLL, Manager of Logistics Systems 😀 Haahahah

  15. çok iyi

  16. I love the way always compare a porsche with a porsche

  17. Pronounce like Kai enne. Not Ki enne!!

  18. you probably have to wait for the sport. the upcoming range rover sport will be a proper sports suv rather than the current below range rover placement.

  19. tu sarai solo mia perchè io avrò cura di te

  20. Like to know the difference between a toureag and a cayenne. Apparently their partly the same?

  21. what about a little off-road from time to time? is the gas pedal stiff in these conditions therefore making it difficult to control?

  22. Jeep SRT-8 is quicker

  23. 911 Attribute, Love Porsche:)

  24. are u serious..its just fantastic in dirt

  25. best SUV hands down

  26. Meilleur SUV du monde avec une réelle polyvalence.

  27. Porsche

  28. awesome love it

  29. not around the track

  30. for a 50hp upgrade I was looking forward to better numbers over the Turbo but in the end this suv is boss

  31. ‘high levels of state of the art technology’ I love how they showed a clock as he said that! 750 lb/ft of torque!!!! that is insane, goodbye tarmac

  32. looks amazing o_o

  33. The past couple Porsche Cayennes have been dubbed the best off-road SUVs, so I would assume this will follow suit.

  34. You will need better tires for the off road.

  35. no , it’s the Best Sport SUV in the World …

  36. BULLSHIT. that’s just a late motto of so-called ecologist, whenever a cow farts it’s like "oh my, global warming". what a bunch o’crap

  37. The narrators voice… I think they could have done a lot better

  38. Totally different class of vehicle.

  39. @KreKeriS911 Well, he has 21" sport tire… But the Cayenne S with M+S tire, off-road pack, air suspension, rear lock dif… is really very good off road!

  40. Brasil

  41. Porsche, I want one of these for my birthday! Thank you! 🙂

  42. a veri NICE

  43. 2:03-2:09 is orgasmic!

  44. Gordon Robertson : Brilliant Porsche Commercial !! Winning with Roberston ###

  45. Always been unrivalled? (0:18) What ever happened to the BMW X5M

  46. @krekeris911 If you wanna go on dirt, get a truck. Would you seriously pay money for this awesome piece of work to get it scratched up going off-road? Same w land rovers. Nice, but an off-road waste… hell, just buy a Hummer. Not an H2… a real one.

  47. Great performance i am sure ..but why so freakin ugly ?

  48. You know what will be earth-shatteringly mind-blowing? The acceleration numbers for the new 991 turbo S that should be here by 2014. I expect something like 2.5.s to 60mph from 0 and a top speed over 200.

  49. nice car

  50. Recently got one of these little rascals, what a blast to drive. And yea the quality is as claimed. Its 550 hp and 553 lbs ft of torque. They mention newton meters for the torque.

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