Driving Debut: Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Porsche recently presented the Panamera Sport Turismo concept car to show how amazingly intelligent and efficient drive technology might look in the design language of tomorrow. Learn more about the designer’s point of view behind the car in this video.

More information:

Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5:
Panamera models 12,5-6,5 l/100km; CO2 emission: 293-167 g/km

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  1. It looks like an Alfa Romeo Brera or something

  2. Porsche, get this car in production already, or you are making a huge mistake.

  3. Put that v8 4.2 turbo in there

  4. Dream car 🙁

  5. I lke Porsche

  6. amazing is all i can say

  7. زي ددسنا

  8. Is this really a production car or a concept please be in dealerships 😍✊🏻💯

  9. amazing why dont we have it yet cause

  10. song plz

  11. I love PORSCHES

  12. Man hört dass sie deutsch sind

  13. Finally , Panamera looks like a car ! Very nice.

  14. the dashboard is super cool.

  15. 後燈改的太小氣!不好看,失望!

  16. wow amazing can’t believe this is from 2012


  18. 1:10. Wunderbar. Alles.

  19. Its ugly looks like an lowered suv . Original much better looks very sporty .

  20. wow, really amazing video, nice work, bro! I really loved your clip

  21. How much is this car?

  22. where is this car how come its not in the production already

  23. This is truly amazing. Cant wait to see the next Panamera to utilize this design language.

  24. removing the side mirrors feels like a missing piece of the car

  25. Please bring back the Grand Turismo, a 2dr that will compete with the F12 Berlinetta!

  26. very good supercar im russian and i dont very correct

  27. Why it is looks like a Ferrari? Especially the front part…

  28. This is how it should have looked from the beginning. Put in production you idiots!

  29. new interieur looks awesome.
    but wtf you did to the back of the car ?????
    it looks like you removed the well trained back of a bodybuilder.
    I mean the current panamera occurs so mighty …. the next gen looks like "the ugly little brother" (from behind) !!

  30. dear porsche you need to make a 3 door version of the Panamera


  32. wow, great GT! i love that there are no mirrors and the way they are put on the dashboard! very likable for me! 🙂

  33. This is the new design for the Porsche 2017

  34. 0:10 where was that philosophy when you were designing the original Panamera?

  35. Stunning

  36. I prefer this car instead of the new Porsche Panamera which will be appeared in 2016. When I saw its spyshots , I thought it’s too big and uglier than the older version. This line is definitely awesome.

  37. Not only it’s looks like a lower macan, it’s also have some hybrid bullshit in it. I’m so happy it’s not in production.

  38. This needs to be in Production, next generation of Porsche Panamera

  39. definitely needs to go into production, brilliant design

  40. what music is on background?? who knows?

  41. To good to be true. Me and my daughter would love this. Perfect color combo and only thing left is the wheels but that is personal preference.

  42. Бомба, я возьму, бесплатно…

  43. keşke bu kadar arabalarınızı Türkiye de satışa sunmasaydınız türkiyede vergiler yüksek olduğu için porsche ye ancak rüyalarımda binenilirim .

  44. just put the fucking car on dealers lots
    so i can buy it

  45. I prefer the original Panamera…don’t like this new look

  46. 918 was put to production but never this? Why? Huge mistake.

  47. don’t even have my new Macan yet and want this instead.

  48. Finally they’ve fixed their design language

  49. Coming in 2018 for sure.

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