Drop-top duel – Porsche 911 Turbo S versus Aston Martin V12 Vantage S

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The Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster is the convertible version of the British manufacturer’s best and most desirable model. But does it compare favourably to the brilliantly resolved Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet? Steve Sutcliffe finds out

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  1. DB11 Roadster vs 991.2 Turbo Cabriolet, PLEASE!!!!!

  2. this is a decision i would love to have to make.

  3. people have to fight over something all the time, it’s so annoying. 

  4. Knowing that the Aston’s engine is made from two Ford Duratec V6s and is still made by Ford in Germany somehow spoils the car for me.

  5. we need to keep cars like the aston and ditch these boring ass iphones for the road like the porsche.

  6. The Porsche interior is disgusting.

  7. the V12 does absolutely jack shit. gets it arse whiped by a flat 6!!

  8. between these 2 I wouldn’t take anything!i prefer the f-type which is so fucking sexy , has an agressive look and it is half the price of both cars !Apart from that jaguar has the best v8 sound on the market !

  9. why don’t they fix the rev meter or is that an extra option to correct it

  10. why doesn’t doesn’t AM put another gearbox in their cars, that just ruins their cars a bit. but it has a sound an exterior to die for

  11. PORSCHE > Aston Martin

  12. 0:15
    Damn, didn’t think the Aston was that small.

  13. Laughing at all you idiots arguing about two cars you’ll NEVER own or even sit in. haha


  15. Can you imagine if Porsche was British. I wonder if all comments in the section would change

  16. I actually do own a 997 techart turbo and a Aston Martin DB9 V12, and vantage V8 the thing the a lot of you guys not all but most don’t seem to realize is that each of the cars are made for different scenarios of life you need to look at a car as a personality the Porsche when you get in you don’t want to cruise you look for twisty roads and open straights to let it go in the Aston you want to get dressed up and park it in front somewhere while taking the long way home just to go for that long cruise at the end of the day no mater how hard they try when you actualy get into it Porsche is a real everyday race car absoloutley stunning in every aspect of the word driving while Aston is a beautiful relaxing drive which makes you feel like a million bucks regardless if you have it these are completely different cars this shouldn’t even be a review lol

  17. The Aston would appeal to the Middle aged business Man & the Porsche to a young professional. It’s as simple as that!

  18. For me, the sound and the feeling of luxury comes AFTER performance.
    When the Carrera GT came out with its V10, it’s sound was on top of it all.

  19. mute the video and listen to all night by camo & krooked

  20. I love Aston Martins but the Porsche is miles better!

  21. Engineering perfection vs EGO. Your choice. Me.. The best one. 911 Turbo S. Perfection.

  22. For £150,000 you get an OLD interior and a car which dynamically worse than the Porsche. I feel that porches nowadays give more performance and better quality compared to some of these British company’s. But then Astons do look good. It’s a strange choice.

  23. porche is simply flawles…………..

  24. To make the story short, the Porsche is the better car, but buy the Aston bec engine noise is better…geez…

  25. Porsches PDK is more of a technical achievement than the entire Aston Car.

  26. obviously the British guy in the video will always glorify Aston Martin but Porsche is the best.

  27. the other thing is, turbo s is porsche’s top dog, but vantage is still entry level aston… and i just don’t think any man can resist the godly powerful acceleration of the turbo s, so I’ll vote for the the turbo s

  28. Love Aston’s, wish they had the option to have a Manual Vantage S

  29. Porsche !!!, best car

  30. With the heart; Aston.. With the brain; Turbo S

  31. Considering they cost the same, apart from American dentists, who in their right mind would take the 911 over the Vantage?! It’s a V12!!!

  32. I never really liked the 911 "ALL" Models front end, but compared to this PARTICULAR Aston Martin, I like it more…The A.M., is kinda silly looking, w/ that curved Grill…Just Saying IMHO…Nice Car of Course :):)

  33. As if it matters that the convertible isnt as good as the coupe!

  34. That Aston is so beautiful!

  35. Porsche = Jetfighter!! auuu

  36. Why do all the cars that I think would be brilliant to drive apparently suck? Every time!

  37. pure heaven

  38. The Aston Martin is the better looking car by far. Hands down, it is one of the most beautifully crafted cars ever made. That is enough for me any day.

  39. The V12 Vantage S Roadster is an incredible car – We recently reviewed it – check out what we thought of it here: http://bit.ly/1BU1QVA

  40. "There’s something about the slower,heavier,not as efficient,nowhere near as technically brilliant aston" Its British!

  41. This Aston Martin is my absolute favorite tho.

  42. Porsche, there is No substitute.

  43. For an Aston Martin…its not that attractive….its not ugly…but its kind of plain looking/ The one seven seven is a beautiful car. The older Vanquish is beautiful…but this one looks like an aero dynamic ford fusion….sorry. Maybe they just picked the most god awful color scheme for it. That grey is ugly, black wheels are ugly. no chrome accents on the grill….nothing.

  44. Love the Vantage S but the Turbo S is my choice ..

  45. The worst part of the aston is the navigation system. how old it looks.

  46. Astons are sexy no doubt . however with all its racing heritage etc they blow like most british cars. Overpriced and underperforming like most things made in England. Because its put together by hand so what. Its supposed to be a supercar but consistently without fail gets its ass handed to it by other cars. A+ for style c- for performance and F for price and retaining value.

  47. 6:25 One can tell that its another driver who drifted the car and not Steve.

  48. Is this Longcross in Surrey?

  49. Porsche for stammtisch smalltalkers, AM 4 gentlemen

  50. The Aston is slow, way overpriced and outdated in every aspect. Porsche for me.

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