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  1. So the other day I went to the NME site and checked out their ten best songs of 2015. Not one of them, with the possible exception of Grimes Kill or Maim, comes even close to this cracker from 20 years back. Is music today really THAT bad, or am I just an old fucker?

  2. justine, we should carpool sometime

  3. great song and video…….also, i like the car…and costumes/clothes…………..4.5.2016

  4. Damn never seen Justine in a skirt!!

  5. Their best video!

  6. I like this group, them, great stuff

  7. Damon Albarn wrote this album.

  8. Wtf i always thought this song was about them making fun of girls infatuated with cars. Turns out its about them chasing a ghost in Tokyo in the future.

  9. Now that’s what I call a music video..
    Gotta love the 90s, when it wasn’t just all about scantily clad people writhing around to the unimaginative, commercial bullshit falling out of Cowell’s gaping anus.

  10. Those "guns" were really old car-phone antennae long before the video was made. Dumpster diving for the win!

  11. Reminds me of the movie Push… not bad…

  12. Donna mattews looks beautiful as blonde

  13. such a sexy song 

  14. It’s quite evident that this Justine Frischmann is a dirty little girl. I think I like her a lot.

  15. costumes were provided by designer anna sui back when she was still pretty good. i still remember when they accompanied her show for that MTV special "fashionably loud" in 96. those were the days….this album was my soundtrack for the vast majority of those two years. 

  16. What the fuck does this video have to do with a chicks sensual attraction to cars? I love this song, this band never got all the exposure and credit it deserved.

  17. Justine should have stuck with architecture – this is RUBBISH!!!!!

  18. Great song. Horrible video. Hope the director is no longer employed.

  19. Ghostbusters – Tokyo Drift

  20. Song rules. 

  21. every shining bonnet makes me think of my back on it!! lol amazeballs lyrics

  22. im here because of gilmore girl

  23. Dont remember hearing this song before, but video freakin rocks. Japan is the best.

  24. That monster is fake. Just sayin’.

  25. I wonder if this album will get re released as a 2 disc? 1 of the best debut albums ever.

  26. A cover version of Driving In My Car by Madness.

  27. "Every shining bonnet, makes me think of my back on it" what a line(for those uninitiated in Brit-speak, the bonnet is the hood of the car)

  28. Yes, but vevo is just shit as well.

  29. Love the song, love the Citroen CX!

  30. 5年以上探して、今日やっと見つけた。うれし!!!!!!!

  31. Since when is Elastica a 3 peace ?

  32. Worst video of the coolest song.

  33. This car can drive me back to the 90s.

  34. Nice views in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
    Bring back memories of Brit pop .

  35. I wanted to fuck the British Jew broad so bad then!!!!!

  36. Where’s the bass player?

  37. This song is about vehicles going vroom when Gwen Stefani’s hollaback girl theme when it goes haunted.

  38. shoving headaches and this up someone’s arse REALLY. LEAVE ME ALONE!
    nope, is "james agee curse" on a loop, can we make IT hit the terrorists instead?

  39. This video is the Jackie Chan Asian racing team from ‘Canonball Run 2’ meets ‘Ghostbusters’.

  40. I miss the weird and random 90’s music videos.

  41. Always had a lesbian crush on Justine!!! Hottest girl the indie scene ever!!!

  42. hot

  43. this songs mix, arrangement, riffs and vocals wouldn’t sound out of place on Blur’s The Universal

  44. where is the bass player?

  45. I’m in ma mums car, vroom vroom

  46. Great video and song Elastica!

  47. That CX <3 <3 <3

  48. Didn’t even realise this was Spike Jonze…..

  49. The video is great, and much more family-friendly than the lyrical imagery here …

  50. Oh my God!  You killed Godzilla.  You bastards!!!

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