Elephant Attack: Circus Animal Lifts Car Off The Ground

Elephant Attack: Circus Animal Lifts Car Off The Ground
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A RAMPAGING circus elephant smashes a car and terrifies holidaymakers after appearing to be beaten by a handler. Filmed in Danish beach town Karrebaeksminde, this shocking footage was captured by tourist Oddmar Nygard, 48, last weekend. The video begins when three elephants become agitated after being bathed in the sea in front of a large crowd. As the circus workers start to lose control, the huge beasts veer dangerously close to onlookers, including babies in prams and an elderly man in a mobility scooter – who had to be lifted off the road to safety. One of the colossal animals looks increasingly distressed and flies into a rage after it is apparently struck with a metal crowbar by one of the keepers.

Videographer / Director: Oddmar Nygard
Producer: Mark Hodge, Chloe Browne
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. Shocked how dumb those people are..

  2. people are so stupid

  3. Filthy white scum stop harming those animals.

  4. no circus

  5. pardeep sarwa

  6. I hate animals exploitation in circus

  7. Stupid people below animal intelligence…. Why do you so many at close to elephants? Babies and children? Do you never seen an animal who are very dangerous? "Oh it’s ok I will put babies very very close to elephants" there are some very dumb blondes in this clip that deserves to be in Guinness World Record in stupidity.

  8. 45 seconds in . wtf those people are dick heads

  9. gajah naik minyak tu baik hampa lari cepat…

  10. the elephant lifted the car like it’s nothing

  11. Those stupid bitches should have there kids taken from them . yeah right women are the best parents . idiots

  12. Even elephants know that a Skoda Fabia is a piece of rubbish….worst car we ever owned

  13. Škoda Fabia Combi is far from 1,5 ton.

  14. Elephant: stupid Humans

  15. That would be fun to explain to the insurance company about the car. "uhhh, yeah, so my shit got attacked by an elephant".

  16. The elephants don’t want to be in your STUPID CIRCUS YOU JERKS!

  17. Poor animals let them free.

  18. That last clip could have gone wrong really bad quick, they were so lucky the ellephants didn’t go beserk on these ppl… Some ppl so stupid sure them with them babies could have been killed bcz of their stupid parents …

  19. I would have punched that guy out in the black jacket for hitting the elephant.

  20. Škoda Fabia Combi weights 1100kg, not 1500kg. Make sure you know what you talk about and don’t mislead.

  21. Animals have no place in a circus, this is animal abuse. I felt bad seeing the 3 guys sticking together surrounded by hordes of humans, they must have gotten scared. Return them home.

  22. bunch of retards just letting 3 grown elephants walk freely near a full crowd of people? what did they think was gonna happen? must be part of that awkward Scandinavian mentality, weirdos

  23. why the elephant don’t kill them

  24. Shows how much they just want money
    "Should we preform today I mean these elephants almost killed a crowd of tourists?"

    "Yeah it will be fine"

  25. It is called: Karma

  26. I wonder if the car owner had elephant coverage with his/her insurance. 🙂 🙂

  27. Poor elephants.

  28. Mad they’re in captivity.

  29. They shouldn’t even be in a Circus in the first place! bann that damn things!

  30. Kids in prams right next to them? Get a fucking brain people before you and your babies become a statistic! Crazy cunts.

  31. That idiotic parent with the kiddy wagon should be taken away from its child


  33. lol the kid goes HAHA when the elefant charges the worker

  34. They have been mistreated for years.

  35. I own a fabia estate it only weighs 1100kg but that elephant still moves it even with the handbrake on with ease

  36. 0:35 0:44 old dude in the chair is like. Wait I Wana watch

  37. We all know how they are tortured in circuses, babies torn from mothers and punished in front of them.
    Animals should never ever be in circuses, just google circus elephants and you will find all the horror.

  38. Stupid old fart in the scooter nearby, shouldn’t be anywhere near them with that thing

  39. Stupid Danes…they don’t have the 3000 years of experience of south east asia 😉

  40. 🙁 this is so sad

  41. It’s a shame those elephants didn’t kill everyone there.

  42. unbelievable. baby strollers mixed up in an elephant  fracas. WTF kind of parents  do they have in Holland?

  43. .

  44. if this were asian elephants, all those dumb fucks would be dead by now…

  45. the women with the baby carriages… are you fucking retarded?

  46. leave the fucking elephants alone

  47. Sunny tadvi

  48. Holey crap the strength he was like God dang metal chairs always in my way.

  49. sa lui apprendra à l’autre con aussi

  50. stupid white people who think animals are like in a disney movie

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