Eliica Electric Car Vs Porsche 911 Turbo

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Eliica Electric Car Vs Porsche 911 Turbo. 8 Wheel drive, 60Kw (80 Hp)per wheel motor, 470Kw (640Hp) TOTAL, 2400 kg (5291 lbs),
Li-Ion Battery pack, Top Speed 370 km/h (230 mph)

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  1. nobody gives a SHIT about some eliica no matter how it goes. fuckin asian stop doing shitty cars and compare them to perfect ones

  2. I know this is weird, but I kinda like the look of it for some reason.

  3. It’s retarded to compare an electric engine to a gas engine and a 8×8 car to a 2×4 or 4×4 car, get over yourself.

  4. LOL, when we rely on entirely submerged electrics water pump in our infrastructure today. You would guess splashes on a electric would be no problem. The lack of logic of your question was a case of foot in mouth disease.

  5. He is also overlooking the ability to make more powerful turns, not just by applying the brake to the inboard wheel, but you can actually go reverse on that inboard wheel to increase the traction. It would require some sophisticated ECM programming built upon a database acquire through research.

  6. what are you talking about its making my pussy all wet

  7. I have to agree with the "who cares" and "not a pussy magnet" comments. This is one car I wouldn’t take if it was free. It hasn’t set a land speed record yet, and when it does it will simply define a new class of non-four-wheeled vehicle records. It’s the four-wheel records that are important. And trying to get laid in that monstrosity is akin to trying to get laid in a Citroen DS.

  8. Wrong! …….. He said "Horse Shit" … related to the emblem of Porsche 🙂

  9. Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background?

  10. Elica is 640 hp vs. Porsche 911 w/ 3.8L engine 400hp!
    Porsche GT1 is 700 Hp, 3.3sec in 0-60, top speed 235 mph.

  11. It is NOW time to start with official electric cars racing(s). That will finish with F1 forever!

  12. not fair 8wheel drive vs 2wheel drive

  13. That Sir would by a pussy repellent.

  14. Electric is the future…

  15. The profile looks like the old DS Citroën

  16. Since it’s desirable to save battery power and reduce heat and wgt on this car, how about an optical ECM with fiberoptic wiring and laser sensors and actuators (ie speed sensor, position sensor,…)? It would definitely mean faster response times.

  17. @tedpenlee It’s not a tank. Steering using opposed rotation would generate friction and be less efficient than using a steering mechanism because the wheels are pointed forward. For this to work you’d have to have wheels that rotate in two axes, which would add twice as much ‘engine’ to the car. And who says a steering mechanism needs to be metal and weigh a hundred pounds? It could be constructed out of high-impact plastics and composites and have next to negligible impact on the performance.

  18. The electricity coming from the batteries will go to the ground and will make the world turning faster, making you feeling as you are going faster.

  19. Rimac Concept One 1088hp Electric ??

  20. Also, zero turns radius already exist in lawn mowers and wheel chairs to a lesser extent. Because mowers uses an ICE engine and tranny, it has to go through a power splitter so it brake the inbound wheel and allow the outbound wheel to rotate. Not nearly as sweet as an ECM controlled oppositional-directional wheel steering (ODWS) which can theoretical make turns at high chassis torque.

  21. @neojhun Nothing you said makes any sense in English. Stop using Google Translate. Those weren’t even complete sentences.

  22. Glad somebody gets it. He has the right idea about ODWS needs 2 b heavier 4 traditional ICE vehicles and they aren’t nearly as efficient in the turning department. You’ll only find them n off road vehicle like ATV’s & heavy duty contruction vehicles. Lot of that is attributed to the both wgt & limitations of the transmission, differential & power-splitter which is no longer a consideration when you have electric quad driven motors. An ECM controlled quad motors works independently of each other.

  23. They are not mutually exclusive. A combination of brake steer with normal power assisted steering can add a completely new software tune-able element to high performance vehicle dynamic control.

  24. @szaki You’ve missed a few numbers mate!

    Road Legal GT1 = 537 hp – 1150 kg – 0-60 = 3.9 sec That’s 460 hp/ton

    2012 – 911 Turbo has 318 hp/ton while the Ellica has only 266 hp/ton.

  25. My Japanese friend’s daughter named Elica because originally was decided Erica and she kept on pronouncing it Elica so they decided on Elica but then she pronounced it Erica!

    Anyway, whatever happened to Japan’s H2O car made by Genepax? No more! Killed!
    The water car could run on water only at one liter per hour steady 50km/h speed. Why kill it?

  26. Car body designers should not use drugs while designing car bodies… Other than that, thumbs up for japs, i’am looking forward to a future without internal combustion vehicles…

  27. the only problem is how much does the Eliica cost

  28. You are go ignorant, Japanese cars are one of the best cars in the WORLD. They have higher technology which makes them to be unique, fast and better quality. You don´t know anything so i tell you nobody cares about your shitty ignorant comment, if you don´t like it, go and watch cartoons.

  29. I beg to differ! I’d get made pussy in one of those.

  30. Even though it has an unorthodox design, it looks good to me. With 8 separate motors controlled by the ECM, not only could you improve traction control similar to a differential by allowing the outside wheels to turn faster than the inner ones. But you can also ramp up the traction control even further by allowing the inner wheels to go in reverse like a track vehicle.

  31. Depending on ECM which would option between drive mode & neutral drive mode engagements of the locations of the motors, you can have zero turns radius w/either the front or rear inbound wheel as the pivot pt of origin. You could also have zero turns w/the middle of the car as the pivot point w/all 4 wheels in the drive mode. If fact u can have that zero turns radius pivot pt anywhere along the entire length of the car as the pivot origin depending on the directional torque ratio of each motor.

  32. It is a pussy magnet. Ever see what happens when you put two magnets with the same pole together? They repel.

  33. money….a few guys in the states invented a water fueled motor 1 died in 80’s under mysteries circumstances and the other used it to power a blow torch. Supposedly he’s working on a military water motor car for the U.S. I wish they’d kill the EV instead of the H2O car

  34. Big difference: a car weighs at least ten times as much as a lawnmower or powerchair and requires more than ten times the torque to turn it. Braking the inbound wheels is not nearly as efficient as a steering mechanism, nor is it lighter. In an electric car, efficiency is everything because a battery is FAR more limited in energy storage compared to a gas tank, so a friction-generating steering mechanism would never win out over a traditional steering mechanism, even if it were lighter (its not)

  35. Go to the fuck fossil fuel! XD

  36. They really cannot produce it in 2×2? That looks just weird.

  37. Why electric cars is so ugly?

  38. Il motore elettrico ormai è superiore in tutto,amanti dei pistoni arrendetevi perchè a parte il discorso del rombo per il resto non ci sono paragoni.

  39. @cheungw2 The design is not taking advantage of something which is inherent having separate motors and that is zero turns radius. Why bother with steer gearing, steering control arms, drag links, tie rod connectors when all you need do is reverse the direction of the inboard wheels? Less headaches with front wheel steering alignments. Less overall wgt. More suitable for tire exchange rotation.

  40. This car spits all over Tesla.

  41. What a looker

  42. Year electric rules I’m glad it won fuck petrol/diesel

  43. it’s an alien magnet

  44. 0:02
    Hory shit

  45. fake and ugly

  46. That has to be the highest word-to-valid-arguments ratio I’ve ever seen in a YouTube comment. There must be a world record for that.

  47. Dude, you should follow up on the background info of this car. This car doesn’t have an internal combustion engine, a transmission, or a driveline. It has 8 electric motors (which if they were to incorporate a steer-by-wire, oppositional-directional wheel steering system, I think it would be better to go to a quad motor setup) with 8 separate axles. You are completely missing the point.

  48. anyone know the song in the background?

  49. Read my reply to tsport100 for first part of my retort.

    Here is my reply to your last sentence: How can the car not be lighter if the steering mechanicsm was ODWS? You are removing components, not adding to. The components you would be removing would be dual rack-&-pinion crosstubes, steering linkages, and steering knuckles. The only thing you would be adding would be software to the ECM.

  50. Haha nice

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