Elon Musk Demos Tesla Beating Audi in Refueling Contest

June 21 (Bloomberg) — Tesla founder Elon Musk demonstrated at a company event how the battery on his electric car can be swapped out in far less time than it takes to pump gas for an Audi. (Source: Bloomberg)
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  1. Impressive demonstration. One strong step towards an electric future.

  2. Nice hardcore gangbang party music !

  3. But the question that comes to my mind immediatly is: why shouldnt someone with a old battery drive up and just change it to whatever is in that storage?
    People will exploit this and its gonne be pretty expensive for elon or for the customer.

  4. what a coincidence that they chose that audi quattro with one of the biggest tanks in road vehicles and what a shitty gas station… it does’nt take more than a minute, maybe one and a half minutes if it is really slow, to tank.

  5. I have lived in France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium and no way does it take less than one minute to completely fill a tank in those countries. And that’s on my relatively small 40-45L tank. I have not noticed any difference in "filling speed" in other countries I visit like the Netherlands, Spain, Austria or Italy.

  6. I admire this guy,but not the cars. Tesla cars are a bit ugly and too cheap. When you look at the interior,classic america car,rough and cheap. maybe everyone acts like green this days(rich people only)

  7. How much fuel is that car on the left taking.

  8. american bullshit. no one here in europe believes that. don´t tell me a tesla is completely rechargeed within a minute. but he audi IS refilled completely. and ist is not for 300-400 km but for 600 or 700….. and a gas station ist still around every corner. and the charging is not free: does anyone except americans believe elon musk gives it to you for free?? do they think he is an idiot? you have paid that with the price of the car.
    We here laugh aout such promotions, we find it ridiculous (same with iphones or windows promotion)

  9. you can use the superchargers for free because they run on solar power, and Elon wants them to be free

  10. thumbs up if you watched this vid while refueling your car

  11. I had thought – with a station for trucks it is faster. The fuel nozzle normally not fit into the openings of passenger cars and the flow rate is much higher. So it is at least at our service stations. Actually I wanted to write at the end of the comment – unless you have a truck. What I did not. But OK. Then it’s true what you say.

  12. fast or free….     my two favorite words…

  13. Well, I think it is realistic. But, I know that Tesla’s reach on a full battery is wildly overrated. I live in Europe and the number of Tesla’s on the streets are rising. I allways wonder why this beatyfull car is in the inner and slow lane on the motorway?
    The owners that I spoke to, told me that if you go at the speed of 160 km pr. Hour – there is only approx 100 – 120 km. in the battery!!
    Even in our tiny country, that is asolutely useless.
    I am NOT a hater. I think Tesla is one of the most important companys.
    I hope that Tesla comes up with better battery-tech, because Tesla is an awesome company that makes VERY nice cars.

    Respect goes to Elon Musk. We need more innovaters like him 👍

  14. Rip free supercharging

  15. How is refueling free? Does anyone know?

  16. In 2017, how many Tesla station with this kind of battery swap ?
    How much does it cost ?

  17. 30 gallon tank?

  18. I dunno.. I like this, but how do we know they were fully discharged, and then fully charged afterwards? The software can be tinkered with, to show 0 – 100%. Also, I believe the A8 is equipped with the huge (optional) gas tank which goes a lot of miles.

    Anyways, it’s an incredible thing to be able to do with an electric car, Musk improves on the electric design and engineering that is so much needed. I’ll buy some stock I guess. 🙂

  19. Soon Tesla will has quad fast charging like mobile phone 😂😂😂.. i love it.

  20. I would have filled my scooby 2 times to full from empty in UK. Remind me if I’m ever in us not to fill up rental car.

  21. Tesla Station and free.. wow.. he’s focus on Tesla out put. not the electric price.. he’s smart and i love him.

  22. ahahahahaaha super funny lolz Elon Musk is a legend 🙂

  23. The fuck kind of car takes this long to fuel. Lol. Tesla is like the apple of cars.

  24. So the power for a tesla is free at the supercharger stations, or they can pay to have the battery swapped. But at home like in the garage they still have to pay for the recharges right? Even though it is a very minimal cost

  25. By by every standard, this is the longest time you could ever spend filling up your tank. I use to drive an Audi A5 and it takes 61 litres to fill it full and it never took me over a minute. What kind of filling stations do you have in the US?!!! Is it giving 2 drops per sec or what? But I agree with most of you when it comes to pushing those kind of vehicles into the market and expand the adequate infrastructures that will support it.

  26. I’m a big fan of Tesla, but this looked like a magicians show ,where you cant see what is being done on the Tesla. there was a camera man on that side filming something,butcouldnt see anything.

  27. Supercharger stations belong to Tesla. When you buy a Tesla, you also get free lifetime recharge at Supercharger stations. This is similar to the "gas credits" some dealerships give out to new customers, except, since electricity is much cheaper than oil, Tesla can afford to just make recharging free.

  28. the guy with his Audi is doing a 100% refuel

    i htink has a big tank ( reservoir )

  29. But how is

  30. well… my 17 y.o. car does take less than 30 seconds to fill up almost 13 gallon (45~50L) tank in the truck diesel refill pump and it goes for more than 700 miles (1100~1200Km) without the need to fill up again. Though one takes more time to pay than to refill.
    Still, it is quite nice to see an electrical car recharge support infrastructure to be built, if only the electric cars became cheaper …. oh well… give it time.

  31. Elon is a genius!…what people don’t realize his point here it’s not the extra min ‘n half to fuel the Audi, we need to brake the gasoline routine here, get use to the idea of electricity for our vehicles. Still, there is a strong opposition for electric vehicle because of poor performance and no charge infrastructure. Tesla prove the performance part very well, so far unbeatable.

  32. I have a 23 gallon tank in my vehicle. This is about right it usually takes me about 4 min. I usually just lock the pump on auto and clean my windshield.

  33. SWEEET!
    to be rembered for eons!

  34. Tesla = more coal emissions. gas and diesel is still safer and better for the world.

  35. real life stark

  36. Does anyone know cost or expected cost of what the battery exchange is? I love the idea of having the option of waiting to recharge (if time permits) or swap if I’m in a rush. Thanks in advance for any info that you can provide


  38. funny Elon refers to the gas station the thing

  39. But after that Audi can run 1000km…..

  40. i hope that this is going to be the future of cars and in case i got those 70k, id spent them on this car !

  41. it didn’t matter what the charge was, they switched battery packs, NOT charged it

  42. People’s comments on here are amazing! They fill their gas tanks in 30 seconds to one minute! and their names are incredible!
    It has been an honor listening to infantile diatribes against US filling stations, Tesla, bad Muzak, and especially Apple.

  43. So…a public admission of guilt that EV’s take too f**king long to charge?

  44. can any1 plz make me understand

  45. It free

  46. It’s even worse when you need to go pay in the store and Indian guy asks you what pump you are on, and you have to run outside to check.. lol


  48. Why doesn’t he want to continue this program?

  49. US pumps are very slow.

  50. LOL …& GREAT!
    however, what might VW say that Elon didn’t choose BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Fiat….
    not that they claim to be picked on purpose…
    anyways thanks for sharing

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