Eno • Hyde – Daddy’s Car

‘Daddy’s Car’ is the second song released from the ‘Someday World’ album and follows first track ‘The Satellites’.

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Brian Eno – Brass, Piano, Abayomi Synth, 2nd Voice, End Lyric, Backing Voice
Karl Hyde – 1st Voice, Main Lyric, Backing Voice, Guitar
Fred Gibson – Foundation, Drums, Brass, Backing Voice
Don E – Bass Synth
John Reynolds – Drums
Chris Vatalaro – Drums
Marianna Champion – Backing Voice

Produced by Brian Eno with Fred Gibson

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  1. Top tune!

  2. This song along with Witness (can someone post a video on youtube) draws you in!

  3. Great song, can’t stop playing it. Love the horn stamps.

  4. This is a great cruising song. I just have a tendency to drive too fast when I crank it. Gotta watch that…..

  5. How comes ‘witness’ ain’t on YT no more?

  6. I like this one

  7. I wanna play zelda ocarina of time with this Music

  8. This is great!

  9. If You want to discover other great tracks, check my playlists. Be curious !

  10. Yes and Crimson on other tracks on the album I mean…….

  11. real drummer? kinda cool transition at the start into the main song

  12. worlds better than "the satellites," but that’s not saying much. this reminds me of a sound design class i took when i was 15.

  13. Top track for fathers day 2015!

  14. not good.  like solo david byrne .

  15. Reminds me of an Underworld track..

  16. Looking for great new music desperately but this ain’t it.

  17. Grant !

  18. keeping in mind that i know very little about music outside of rock, this reminds me of Gary Numan. Or maybe it’s just the synth-y thing 😛

  19. funke

  20. To tell you the truth, this song is NOT a good song. In fact, I would give it a 2/10. It sounds too cheesy and too robotic. It is very minimalistic, which is not suggested when making music. Plus, the drums are pretty much on a loop. Plus the lyrics, just don’t make sense. I don’t know what Eno was thinking about when writing this song, but if I were his manager, I would tell him to scrap it, honestly, because this song just doesn’t have the heart and the emotion. It is very stale and flat. 

  21. Pioneer for ever

  22. Better live.Later with Mr holland.

  23. This sounds like they are making decisions based on "what is everybody else NOT doing".  So you get cheesy horns, etc. I like it better when you just create and be weird naturally, this seems  contrived to be "different".  Fortunately Eno is prolific and most of his records hold up for decades, timeless.

  24. Lovin’ it

  25. You people are very close minded

  26. Brilliant Pop song!!! Beowww yeoww ohhh ohhh

  27. I miss you? What’s that called?

  28. Such a bad album cover. 😐

  29. wish this was just an instrumental

  30. Love both Eno & Hyde/Underworld. However, I don’t get this at all. Poor, lazy songwriting that borders on cheesy, horrible synthetic production that is beyond treble-y and not one hook. Do. Not. Get. It

  31. Touch of jazz, touch of soul, touch of an unknown future…and a little salsa, without the hot sauce.

  32. cool like my dad

  33. The best part of this album is it is a move away from the trash that David Byrne composes and influences ENO with. I hope to god those 2 never make another album!

  34. This is everything I love about dance music rolled into one glorious track. It’s just so fucking beautiful and unique. And NUTS

  35. This song has a fantastic ending

  36. If I’m being honest, I would probably never listen to this on my own. I love Eno, though. This music just feels too "machinized", not enough natural sounds. It sounds like someone made this completely on a computer which is not what I’m used to from the guy who made "Another Green World". With that said, this is more interesting than anything on radio. I will give them that! 🙂

  37. such an uplifting track. Gentle and dreamlike, captivating.

  38. Yes, good listen. Eno . Hyde  I don’t promote, but I do enjoy. Thanks for your work. When I listened and closed my eyes. Mental pictures of a world of tomorrow could be envisioned. I say Good work guys. Create On.. 

  39. You’re listening to Generic Midi Demo Hour on Warp FM.  Coming up later… another shitty hipster 4-piece guitar band that makes you mourn the ‘good old days’ of Warp.

  40. me puso contento

  41. Bet Karl Hyde can’t believe his luck. A minor talent, I venture to suggest.

  42. Thought this was Dredg at first.

  43. I would love to hear an instrumental version of this song! love it still!

  44. Saw them on Jules Holland and love this song although it could be tighter in the beginning to get to the heart of the track……..my radio brain kicking in.

  45. Beautiful!!!!

  46. Im kinda feeling this new cinema sound song

  47. sounds like robbie williams )

  48. Does it for me!  Much love and respect to both of them

  49. Song for summer

  50. Pure genius. ..Love it. Album out next month

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