evo Diaries- Porsche Panamera 3.0lt V6 Diesel review

evo magazine’s editorial director and founder, Harry Metcalfe, reviews the 2012 Porsche Panamera diesel.

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  1. This car is stunning! Period!
    Hump, what hump? Problem with design? None at all.

  2. Thank you.

  3. I saw one in person the other day, it looks WAY better in real life, it is sweet looking!

  4. ok.. so does any one own this car and like it?..

  5. I wish Porsche would just get on and build the Sport Turismo, which is what the Panamera should have looked like from the very start.

    Ditch that HORRENDOUS body, chop 25cm out of the wheel base, Slap a 2+2 coupe body on it, add a big rear hatch, recess the rear lights slightly, bolt a V10, or a turbo V8 into it and call it a 929!

  6. Not everybody is 6 foot or 7 foot….

  7. pleease more evo diaries Harry! their as good as Chris Harris videos

  8. Apparently you’re blind. Many people say "Oh, it’s much better looking in the flesh". They are wrong, and stupid, and are invariably trying to see you one!

  9. Great review.

  10. Are they not available in the U.S.? Or are they just not available in the U.S. yet? The diesel varient is which I am refering to.

  11. Harry is great, but that Porsche is a heinous and despicable creation. Kill it.

  12. who the fuck would like a diesel porsche????,wtf???,the world is going wrong

  13. Like this guy.

  14. Harry Metcalfe should have his own TV programme!!!!!

  15. Nice low budget car.

  16. There is a Panamera 4.

  17. seen these and driven one in the flesh…its beautiful…like a 21 year old with tight shorts and tanktop and you get an instant boner beautiful

  18. It is not about affording the fuel costs. It is about the convenience of a long range. It is annoying to have to stop constantly at petrol stations. Plus if you do not go to the track (which is unlikely even in a Panamera) you do not need a petrol engine. Plus the whole car is a lot cheaper than the 4S and Turbo/S versions. I would rather buy a diesel Panamera and a Boxter/Cayman for the price of a Panamera Turbo.

  19. You know I totally agree with that and makes total sense, but if it was me I would buy a BMW diesel of a similar size and a Porsche Boxter, still don’t see the point in making a diesel Porsche when there are so many other probably better diesels out there. If it wasn’t for the customer depand and higher MPG no-one would buy or produce diesel cars. That’s just my opinion.

  20. Just import it dude…

  21. Hi guys..
    Does this V6 3.0 l, with 259 hk have a spoiler too? Can you choose to have it manually? Or will it automatically go on and off while driving?

  22. Panamera 4 is a PETROL V6, diesel only comes with RWD.

  23. Too little space in the back …. complaints. Too much space in the back …. complaints. Sometimes Harry acts like a proper little shit.

  24. 5:13 tire squeel?

  25. As soon as you got in and started you attempted to put it into 3rd haha

  26. Harry and Chris Harris have the whole internet car review thing sewn up. So much class, so much polish, and really great info. Thank you both.

  27. Working on it :I

  28. the car looks fantastic all around! great car period inside and out!!

  29. You can say it’s a disappointment but I’d say it’d be a dream to own it

  30. Great review. LOVE THE DIARIES

  31. If you want a 4 seater Porsche just get a Porsche Cayenne Turbo 😀

  32. lol hilarious, but dr. wiedeking was 6 foot 2. quite a big difference from 6 foot 8.

  33. n they call it puppy love

  34. The Panamera Diesel will be available in the US as a 2013 model.

  35. Panamera diesel is available only with RWD, isn’t it? Maybe sb knows are Porsche planning to introduce the AWD version?

  36. I love the look of the exterior of the car. Some don’t but I picture this flying past someone in the night on the highway and have them wonder in awe.

    the interior is perfect too

  37. You know life’s good when your economy car is a Porsche Panamera….

  38. I miss Harry… I really don’t like what EVO made of their youtube channel..

  39. I love your comment.

  40. It will automatically appear while driving and can stay in 3 different positions depending on your speed. You can also put it up manual in any stage through a button.

  41. Evo Diaries are easily the perfect reviews. Love the hands on, the real opinions and the real usage shots.

  42. Nice DIESEL chrome sticker.
    Porsche design this space for more sexiest car look.
    Not stand for the chrome sticker. 
    And Porsche do not produce any Diesel Engine.
    They are very famous with V6 engine turbo.
    That engine for Porsche 911 (the only v6 car in world can challenge with v12 ferrari, v10 lamborghi and v12 mercedes mc laren in former). Many years nearly, Porsche produce v8 engine, the other can catch v12 alredy or W16 from Bugatti.
    But with Porsche, this is the super car everyday. Porsche produce turbo v6 or v8 engine with 2 high-pressure cylinder (cost around 6k/high pressure cylinder). The other make more power by supercharged system.

  43. I’m starting to love diesls O_O The punch it can give, the real world power and the unmatched fuel economy. This diesel, the 3.0 diesel of BMW. When i grow up, i’ll buy something luxurious and surprise everyone by my running costs 😀

  44. This is a love it or hate it design. I will admit that I didn’t like it when it first came out. The new Panamera has grown on me and I now think it looks great. The addition of the diesel just makes it that much more appealing to smart people who do lots of highway driving. Don’t forget you can run any diesel on used vegetable oil. Check it out if you don’t believe me. Thanks.

  45. The car looks horrible.

  46. I think Harry is obsessed with height factor….

  47. Urk ! A diesel in a Porsche…
    Nice car though

  48. Sport plus on a diesel

  49. you want to marry him..?

  50. For God-Sake please make it available in USA!

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