EVOMS GT700 Porsche Cayenne 957 TFSI – EVOMSit Intelligent Tuning Process with Zuccone!

[View in HD] The “intelligent tuning” of the EVOMS GT700 Porsche Cayenne 957 TFSI at the Evolution MotorSports facility in Tempe, Arizona.

This video offers a glimpse of the “intelligent” process behind EVOMSit “intelligent tuning”. Watch EVOMS Founder and head of R&D Todd Zuccone as he fine tunes horsepower and overall drivability.

With the intelligent tuning of EVOMSit the Cayenne 957 TFSI with the EVOMS GT700 Performance System will generate ~ 710 HP and 730 ft./lb TQ.

Put EYEBALLS to EVOMS.com to find more performance for Porsche, Gumpert, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, and VW or give a call in Arizona 1.480.317.9911 or send an email: [email protected]

Learn about “intelligent tuning” at EVOMSit.com Evolution MotorSports

Special thanks to J. Paul for the original soundtrack “On the Track” and “Stamina”. J. Paul in Scottsdale, Arizona can be found at: myspace.com/jpaulnoise.

Evolution MotorSports Research & Development Center 1625 E. Weber Dr. Tempe, Arizona – USA 480.317.9911 Phone EVOMS.com

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  1. I got one in silver. I do like the black but not this styling. You need silver trim on the windows and door handles
    on a black cayenne.

  2. my favourite suv

  3. who needs american V8 suvs when u can get the german V8

  4. I see you using a PIWIS one on the dyno, do you data log and monitor with that? Developer mode was PIWIS 2 so you aren’t tuning are you?

  5. i have a red 2009 turbo s. This color is very har to find.

  6. onyl suv i would ever drive man everytime i see one i drool lol

  7. If I was driving this car, the sound of that engine would make me lose control and I would be breaking the speed limit every chance I got.

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