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  1. 4wd is good from stand still but from the roll race there is lack of power…

  2. I see someone is so misinformed also attacking someone when there wrong im going to stand up, because you a not a good quality person and you have no idea what your talking about and you can state your opinion not fact because honestly you have probably never been able to drive these cars so when someone actually owns these cars and knows what there talking about and claim there wrong and insult your never going to win because at the end of the day you are still acting like a biased boy.

  3. haha at the end of the video u can see its a Panamera GTS not Turbo S. theres no way M5 is faster than a Turbo S. This is fake

  4. A real car does not have turbo.
    Thats a poor mans choice when the engines are not up to it.

  5. Porsche(sportcar) vs BMW(grand turismo). where is the logic

  6. лети беха лети _)

  7. best m5 power!!!

  8. this is a stupid video 0-60 not a rolling start

  9. And the King of sedans(M5) always win!

  10. I would like to see more videos from the M6 F13 Coupe,it’s more of a sport car,the M5 is more of a family car…

  11. Its a turbo not a turbo s

  12. За рулем BMW M5 F10 сидел Михаил Марьин!?

  13. Any doubts? 😉

  14. Эта Панамера и выглядит плохо, и едет медленней, чем м5, и стоит дороже в два раза,нежели эмка. Так в чем смысл?

  15. Its an Automatic. You just put your foot down anyone can do it. The M5 won the drag but lost on the launch.

  16. Looks and sounds like a GTS, not a Turbo S. BMW is my choice though.

  17. M5 is the pretiest car, Panamera ugliest

  18. ale sciema z tym porsche

  19. Panamera the best!!!!

  20. I think the  driver of the Panamera  sucks

  21. panamera turbo is faster then panamera turbo S

  22. The BMW M5 really really fast for a saloon i was thinking the Porsche Turbo S where the fastest saloon but i was wrong

  23. 2nd race showed it all. Porsche eats bmw alive from a standing start and its only a lil bit slower from rolling start. Those turbo s panameras are awesome so stop sayin bs bmw fanboys.

  24. I am not convinced that these cars are stock nor Am I convinced that an M5 would beat a Turbo S.

  25. BMW M5 would beat Audi RS7, Panamera Turbo S, RS6, E63AMG, Jag XKR-S in rolling start. If this is Competition package with 575hp, it would be the quickest beast

  26. m5 takes off

  27. Different outcome from a standing start.

  28. both car are awesome, but it looks if you give more real state to the panamera, it might catch it, but still m5 can do close to 170 miles, they need more space, they are autobahn cars, not drag racers

  29. BMW! All the way. Still, Porsche is damn good also. Both are my favorite, If I were able to have both a BMW ///M and not the panamera but the iconic flagship of Porsche the 911. Belive me, i would sleep in those cars, i would eat in those cars, i would do everything in those cars. I love both, Germany makes perfection, and these two, are what defines this word.

  30. BMW M

  31. For ppl saying the driver sucks… he has nothing to do. Just full throttle and wait.
    Also, the performances announced by car manufactures are often optimistic.

  32. Its not a GTS! This one is too quiet. Its def a Turbo S

  33. m5 always win in sedan car racing

  34. Most tracks, then? I suppose the M5’ll be faster at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

  35. BMW in front!!!! 😛

  36. The M6 and M5 share chassis, with common knowledge that coupe are stiffer than sedans. If the M6 handles like crap at the limit, so will the M5.
    As for driving experience, you ought to be mad if you think a BMW can give a better driving experience than a Porsche…

  37. BMW the best ! BMW 4Ever !

  38. BMW h’es the best "Mmotorsport or Mpower"

  39. i would always chose Panamera over any BMW.

  40. The Panamera turbo s is double the price of the M5.

  41. The BMW M5 really really fast for a saloon i was thinking the Porsche Turbo S where the fastest saloon but i was wrong

  42. ¡¡¡QUE BESTIA!!!

  43. bmw m5 and as a rectangle tin with four wheels, with a great engine, what’s the point? do not buy it even if it had 1000hp, has a line that is crap!

  44. Also youare wrong again mercedes ismaking this yearthe c63 507 finaledition whichmeans 507 bhp afterthe new c63 amg withthe all new4.0 twinturbo amg v8 willcome out tocompete too.BMW only makeone model anda mid cyclerefresher to enhancethe appearance bmws changeevery 6-8 years.Also Imsorry youfeel that way maybe oneday youcan tryto drivethese carsfor yourself,because iknow I own a lot of them currentlyand before and Idrive alot of othersas well, be carefulnext timeyou call someone uninformed.

  45. porsche panamera cannot win lol its got less power at the wheels cause of the 4 wheel drive and is heavier also m5 is autobahn cruiser so rolling start is its thing;)

  46. I love bmw m5 the best

  47. Porsche fans be like, but but but…. Mpower move away bitch

  48. AWD vs RWD from a roll, anyone surprised by this? Try it from a stop and see what the results are. Both cars are awesome for sure, I haven’t had the pleasure of driving an F10 M5 but have driven plenty of Panamera Turbo. 

  49. astonishing result.

  50. Search this channel for M5 vs GTR!

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