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  1. kamarád mi to auto nafotil a dost obdivuju majitele že tam ty lidi nešel vykopat za tu škodu co nastala na tom autě..

  2. No tak to je teda pořádnej STÝÝL mít tohle! fakt krásný!

  3. It should have had a bodykit installed before the gold and also bigger alloys. It looks very nice ill give it that its just the standard body doesn’t suit the gold.

  4. those rims… rest ok

  5. WOW i like that!!!!!

  6. Proletarier-Porsche

  7. +1

  8. looks amazing!!!

  9. Jakie Zajebiste .; O

  10. Por favor, decir cuánto cuesta y dónde puedo encontrar mi coche ORO???????Gracias

  11. رووووووعه

  12. The only thing that has to be done is bigger wheels. But very nice car!

  13. Wow, yeah! Very brutal!

  14. this is cool! where to buy this film? Does anyone know? I can not find anywhere.
    Thanks in advance!

  15. the price ?

  16. fast in furious 2 music xD

  17. Hm za 14 dni se sloupla to by take mela napsat tato firma.

  18. dear santa……:D

  19. Price?

  20. Looks Great, but I would have left it two-toned .. kinda like the Maybach

  21. Pięknie!
    I koła jak od matiza 🙂

  22. @safasalam at least someone shares my opinion! Ugliest Car Porsche ever made!

  23. unas llantitas porfabor

  24. don’t worry no one takes away your honda civic from you…

  25. Well for 14 days with He peeled it should thus write the company.

  26. visionalfilms best choise for your car films. add us to your supliers

  27. how much costs 1m^2 ?

  28. @Master1860 bahaha if u see that car in real life its fucking awesome and if u drive it u dont want to exit it biatch

  29. Super arată maşina, am văzut şi un Logan MCV, cred c-i lovit.

  30. Is this in Praha?

  31. можешь взорвать…

  32. Russia The Best!!

  33. ugly is ugly ,,, in black or Gold !!! does’t matter

  34. 2500€-5000€

  35. LOL at exklusiv =)))

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